74: Always On The Run

Budapest was a fine city. Located in the heart of Hungary, it was the Capital of Hungary and a business hub for the neighbouring countries.

The airport security was just like i was told by Zuby when i called him the day before. He was still in Nigeria but he managed to know much about European countries. He had told me that Eastern European countries didn’t bother much when someone arrived from Central Europe. The problem was always when someone tried to go to the more developed Western Europe from the East.
I was not stopped at the airport for questioning. I had just grabbed by bag and headed for the immigration checkpoint where i was stamped and told to go; with a smile.

Outside the airport, i switched on my phone and called the man i was supposed to meet in Budapest. The bastard said he was out of the city and that i could wait for him somewhere until he return.
That wasn’t part of the plan, i was supposed to deliver the goods without delay. Drugs were never meant to stay in the open for long and as a result, i took a cab and found a hotel in the city center.
The good news was that most businesses accepted Euros in Budapest.

I paid for the hotel in Euro and waited while i called Basil with the report. I didn’t know how much drugs i was carrying and i used the opportunity to ask Basil.

In the drug carrying business, quantity determined pricing.
Basil said it was just two Kilogram but i doubted it. I wasn’t an expert in weight guessing but i knew from experience what a kilogram felt like.

More than three hours after i arrived in Budapest, Solomon called and said he was back. He asked me to take a cab to an area where i was supposed to meet with him. Every effort i made to lure him to the hotel didn’t work. I had no option than to do what he asked me to do.

I removed my things from the luggage, walked outside and picked up a cab along the road. The language was a difficult barrier but the taxi driver managed to know and understand where i told him to take me.

When i met with Mr. Solomon, he didn’t touch the bag, he just asked me to carry it and follow him. He seemed to be scared of the drugs because he knew what was inside.
I even got scared at a stage because sweat was running down his face as if he had seen a ghost.

We eventually settled in his apartment where he lived with his only son. According to him, he said the mother of the boy left long ago and never asked of the boy.
Since he wanted to talk about the boy and his mother to deflate the tension on his body, i decided to probe more.

“Where is his mother?” I asked.

Mr. Solomon said the mother of the boy left for Amsterdam long time ago. He went on to say that she was one of the prostitutes in Red Light District of Amsterdam.

Prostitution was something i never felt comfortable discussing with the self-righteous folks, therefore i changed the topic and told the man that i would be returning to my hotel room immediately.

He saw me off.
Back in the hotel room, i called Basil and told him that i have left the place. I also told him how jittery Mr. Solomon was.

“He could throw that thing away if care is not taken” I had joked.
We laughed over it before Basil told me that it was the first time Solomon was actually seeing such drugs.

It seemed that Mr. Solomon had gone to a night club where a white man approached him for the business deal.
According to Basil, the fewer the blacks in each European city, the better for them when it comes to making drug contacts.

White men depended a lot on blacks for petty drug trading. The blacks in a bid to survive, depended only on drug trading too. They didn’t joint the business out of fun or in a bid to make money quick, lack of opportunities was the major reason.

I slept in the hotel room alone that night. I didn’t want to venture into the city since the language was very difficult to understand. Unlike in France or Portugal or Spain where one could remotely understand the languages a bit due to close similarities with Italian, Hungarian Language was leaning more towards the east.
Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the other Russian satellite states shared the same way of life.

The night was boring, the TV in the room showed no other thing except Hungarian programmes. The cold filtered into the room from the outside and required that i covered myself with blanket before i could sleep.
As i lay under the blanket, i prayed for the day to break sooner than later.
According to Basil, i was supposed to wait for a day or two to get money from Mr. Solomon, but the way he behaved back in his place when i gave him the drug luggage, i doubted he would give me any money in one year.

While on the bed, i called my boyfriend in Nigeria. He said he was already working on returning to Europe but was being delayed by one embassy. He told me to be careful in Amsterdam as some men would like to take advantage of me to traffic drugs for them.

I woke up in the morning and grabbed my phone which was ringing. My heart beat increased as i saw ‘Solomon Hungary’ on the screen.

“Good morning” I said.

“Can you return to my place immediately?” He shouted.

“To do what Sir?” I fired back at him.

“Just come now” He said and cut the call.

Danger alert!
I wasn’t going anywhere near his place. He could have been captured by the Police and wanted to show them who brought the drugs for him.
In fact, it was time to sneak out of Hungary entirely but since my flight ticket was only valid for the next day, i needed to use the Eurolines Bus to Amsterdam. According to Zuby, he told me that Eurolines buses traveled all over Europe and that their major stations were always near the central train station.

I quickly took my bath, put on my clothes and grabbed the nylon bag where i stuffed my shoe and make-up kit.

Outside the hotel, i stopped a cab.

“Eurolines Station” I said to him.
He nodded as i opened the passenger door and lowered myself on to the seat. It was time to run.

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