73: Warning Nummer Eins

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I spent the Saturday in Tony,s house but early on Sunday Morning, we drove to the entrance near the Estate gate where Mr Baffoe resided.
We packed 100 meters away from the gate and opened our bonnet. We sat inside the car and talked. We waited there until an hour later when we saw his Toyota Camry 1996 model drove out of the Estate, then we put down our bonnet and slowly followed him.
Fifteen minutes later, he packed outside a Church Building and went inside. We slowly packed behind his Camry. Tony watched while I bent down and leaked his two back tyres. After the leakage, we drove out of the Church area and went to the Accra mall. It had not opened yet but there were some smaller shops that were open. We bought a bottle of Hennessy and took it back to Tony’s place.

We called Ansah who said he had left town for an errand but would come as soon as he returned. It seemed the Ghanaian boys had found a fast paced guy in me and wanted to join the train. Somehow I felt that Ansah knew I had been out of Africa. He was so sure I was not clever and that I couldn’t think for myself. He also thought that I was going to be a burden to him but after the event of the past day, he changed hostel.9 stance about me. To him, I had became the boss and that was what he called me.
”Every other African country should never under estimate Nigerians”

I called Chike my uncle who did not approve the life I was living in Ghana. I expected that and it was the reason why I declined sleeping in his place. I needed no babysitter. I knew we were in Africa but I had managed to be on my own since I left for Europe.

Tony had invited her girlfriend who was cooking rice in the kitchen. The dark skinned fat bottomed girl didn’t like the Hennessy we were taking. She wanted malt or mineral which I gave her money to buy.

Chike my cousin was going to Nigeria the next day to buy goods from Alaba. I told him I would see him before he left. I wanted to give him a cheque to get some money for me from Nigeria. I wanted to spend more time in Ghana since the only thing that I was missing in Nigeria was Daisy, Who had somehow managed to fix a pending meeting with her father. It was a kind of meeting I was not eager to attend but I still needed to show some respect to her.

At 12 pm, I called Mr Baffoe.

” Have you found a vulcnizer to pump air into your two tyres sir?” I asked.

”So it was you who leaked my vehicle tyres” he asked.

”That is warning number one. I will know as soon as you go to Police. I have people following you. You have until the end of the day to bring my money back. If I don’t get it by the end of today, I will send the second warning” I said and checked how many minutes that had passed on the call.

It was still a minute and 20 seconds. I wanted to make sure it didn’t get to 3 minutes. That was the time window when a call was possible to be tapped or monitored, Atleast in Europe.
I had a feeling that he could have contacted the police which was the reason why I was going to get a new phone and simcard the next day but until then, Baffoe will be shocked at how invisible I could be when I didn’t want to be captured.

”Food is ready” Tony’s girl announced.
I wondered if it was going to be the same kind of stew with enough oil to power a generator for an hour, the type I had eaten in a Ghanaian restaurant. But when she brought the food, it was good. Not too much oil but better still, some vegetables to go with it.
She had brought two cups of water. One Plastic and one stainless. The plastic was placed in front of Tony while she had given me the stainless cup. She must have done it as a mark of respect for the visitor.
However for security reasons, I took the plastic cup in front of Tony and gave him the stainless.
”I don’t like metal cups” I had lied.

These people could have decided to sedate or even poison me. I didn’t think Tony could do that since he had taken so much liking for me but he knew I had some dollars with me.
Money was the biggest recipe for temptation and I didn’t want to repeat the carelessness that befell me at the hotel with Chinelo Jessica. I also knew that Tony had not left my side since we met and he could not have planned any harm but I didn’t know when he called her girlfriend to come and what he told her to bring along.

Chinelo had bought a new phone Battery. I called her.
The newly repented rat said she was sorry for what she did….. According to her, it was the devil that pushed her to do it.

I saw a window of opportunity in her confession and switched on the recording application on my phone.

”What did you say Chinelo” I asked, knowing that she would repeat her confessions.

”I said that I am sorry, I shouldnt have taken your money and run away. It was the devil” she repeated.

”But why did you tell the Police that we had sexx when we didn’t do anything” I asked.

”I wanted to keep the money I took from your pocket. That was why I lied to them” she said.

”Its Ok, you don’t have to kill yourself over what had happened but are you sure Mr Baffoe took the money from you” I asked

”Yes, he took $350 from me. I used the rest to buy the bags and shoes” she said.

”What if we go to Police and tell them that Mr Baffoe had taken the money from you”. I asked.

”We can do that but trust me, he will deny. You see how he denied me on the phone” she said.

I told her that I believed her and that I had forgiven her but warned her to desist from such evil. She agreed.
I replayed the recorded phone call on a speakout and it was perfect.

Tony was surprised over what I had done. I told him that we may need this as our escape route if we managed to be caught by the Police.

”Being clever was when you looked at how things were and used the evidence to work out something new”

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