73: Bola, The New Contact

Before i finished my Phone call with Bola, he proposed a business deal already. He said he would send me to Italy when i have time.

Italy was one place i liked going with drugs. The reason wasn’t rocket science. I had their resident permit and could speak the language to a certain level.
One problem many drug birds had on the road was not being able to have anything to do with the countries they were traveling to.
If i was going to Italy, it simply meant that i was going to my country of residence, it wouldn’t matter what i was carrying in my stomach.

But if i was going to Norway, i would have to find another lie to tell them because i simply had no business traveling to Norway with Italian resident permit and a travel ticket that originated from Holland.
It was easy to ask me questions on such journeys but i sensed that i was able to succeed on that route because, i was a young girl who didn’t know anything about hard drugs; at least according to the Norwegian Authorities, though they have scared me on one occasion.

“No, problem Brother” I said to Bola.
It was clear that i had made another contact in Bijlmer. That was a good piece of news for me. If i fall out with Basil, there was somewhere else to go.

Falling out with Basil wasn’t going to be difficult. It wasn’t going to be difficult with anybody as a matter of fact. All that was needed to do was to reject some business deals.
I already decided that i wont be going to Ivory Coast or any other African Country to carry drugs. I knew that it was a matter of time before Basil would come up with such proposal again which i would reject; then the problem between us could emerge from there.
It was important to have other contacts in Bijlmer where i could simply migrate if anything happened between Basil and I.

Bola was just one person, i was going to find more contacts in Bijlmer. There were thousands of Igbo men all over the place. All i needed to do was just to go to their Grand Cafe Night club alone. I would see many of them there and take up things from there. But as long as Basil was around, it was going to be a difficult task.

The Hungary Journey came faster than i thought.
When Basil left me in the apartment the evening we returned from Ghazenhof, it was to go and buy drugs for the Hungary journey.

He had returned with two people who started preparing the stuff immediately and since it wasn’t cocaine, i was told i could stay in the apartment.

Heroine was a different kind of drug, it wasn’t white like Cocaine, it was dark brown like coffee.
The price wasn’t as high as Cocaine either, a gram was sold for 5 Euros while a gram of Cocaine was sold for 30 Euros.
However, that didn’t concern the birds like us. The price didn’t affect our own faring prices. As far as we were concerned, drugs were drugs including the famous Marijuana. Each one of them caught with you would land you in serious trouble.

I watched as they prepared the Heroine. Due to its quantity,
I wasn’t going to swallow the stuff, I was going to carry it as a luggage.
Yes, i was going to carry this one as my hand luggage.

The Heroine was being made part of the luggage. Some areas in the bag were carefully opened with sharp objects, the drugs were carefully flattened like a landing pad in the bag. There were then fixed at strategic parts of the luggage and carefully sewn back with threads.
After preparing the bag, it was very difficult for anybody who wasn’t there to know or think that there were drugs in the bag. Even me who was there, couldnt believe that there were drugs in the bag.
I was totally convinced that nobody would know i was carrying drugs in the bag. However, there was the lingering issue of the sniff Dogs. If they happened to be at the airport during my arrival in Hungary, they could sniff out the drugs in the bag and that would be it.
From what Zuby told me in Nigeria, some Eastern European countries were not far better than Nigeria. If i happened to be arrested in Eastern Europe, i would definitely die in their prison.
But i was going to Hungary with the luggage because i knew that if i had to live a good life later on, i must have to take some risks now.

Education for me was out of the picture. The question of returning to school no longer mattered. I already forgot most of the things i knew and from the look of things, there was no way i could concentrate on schooling again. I had seen money and made money, the same money i would make if i returned to school and succeeded in becoming a professional somebody.

My luggage of heroine was ready, and so was I.
I took my bath the following morning and waited for Basil who had gone to the travel agency at Ghazenhof to look for flight ticket to Hungary. He had called and asked me to start getting ready since he said there were vacant seats in the German Wings Airline.
Inside the luggage were one pair of shoes, some beauty magazines, three clothes and my make-up kit. As far as i was concerned, it was another holiday to Hungary.

When Basil returned, he followed me to the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport where i was supposed to board the German Wings Airliner.
As always while on a long trip, I wore my black Jean, black top and black sun shades. My new hairstyle was an African weave which i did back in Castel Volturno before coming to Amsterdam.

Since i was now familiar with Airport system, i cleared myself and carried my dangerous baggage inside the waiting hall.

I joined the other Hungary bound passengers in a small room and waited for our flight to start boarding. An hour after arriving at the airport, we were already inside the aircraft. Since my bag wasn’t not heavy, i took it with me inside the aircraft and placed it on the space made for bags over my head. Like i have always done, i switched off my phone and listened to the aircraft radio, the music was in a strange language but i didn’t care.

Fifteen minutes after clearing the last passenger, we took off from the ground.

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