72: Mr Baffoe

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”Hello sweetheart, are you coming tonight” he said.

”No Mr Baffoe, she is not coming tonight or ever if I don’t get my money from you”. I said.

”Who is this” he asked.

”You remember my Zuby at the Police station, that is who I am. I have tracked her down again and she said you have some of my money. I need it this night and if I don’t get it, you may find her dead body in the morning” I said and cut off the line.

He called back immediately as I expected.

”Look, the Police settled the problem, what do you want again” he said.

”The police recovered my phone but not my money. I need the money Mr Baffoe and she said you have some parts of it. I know your house and your car number. After dealing with your girlfriend, I am coming after you. You can go to the Police If you want, just understand that I am not Ghanaian and you don’t know me” I said.

”She is not my girlfriend, You can do your worst if you like” he shouted.

The phone was on speakout. CJ had heard it herself.

She wanted to start shouting at Baffoe but I hung the phone and told her to shut up.

”Your sins have been forgiven Chinelo. You are free to Join us in the drink if you wish. I know you will be scared to stay here but don’t worry. I was hoping to have sexxx with you and it is still going to happen” I said as Tony and Alice laughed out.

”Ansah, we will get our money from Baffoe or punish him. When we get the money, we will divide it into three among us but until then, let us relax and wait first” I said.

”You see he denied you, this is how unprotected you people are in this country” I said in Igbo language to CJ.
She herself claimed she didn’t care much or had any hope of settling with Baffoe.

Chinelo was anxious to go. I totally understood her. I knew she would never feel comfortable after the near death experience she had witnessed.
I took her Nokia phone, removed the battery and gave it back to her. I told her that we will go out of the hotel at the same time and made her understand why it has to be that way. She understood but still remained uncomfortable. She eventually took a cup of whiskey to calm her nerves.

Tony on the other hand said he wanted some Fvckk but I told him he could take Alice home when we leave the hotel. I would have asked him to go but we needed the car for a quick get away if things went south.

We drank and chatted as Tony romanced Alice, Ansah and I were not particularly interested in sex that night.
Tessy had called Ansah and asked why we didn’t contact her yet.
Ansah had promised to call her as soon as he was done.

At about 4am, we went out of the hotel and dropped CJ and Alice off at a busy junction where they could get a cab. I gave Alice enough money to cover for her time and told CJ that she was lucky that I had decided to forgive her.

We drove to Tony’s place and slept.

Early the next morning, Daisy woke me up. According to her, she had told the father that she had a boyfriend who returned from Germany but traveled to Accra. The father had been calm over it but said he would like to meet with me when I returned.
I was sure Daisy Coerced the man to accept meeting with me…
These girls don’t have any fear anymore. I recalled back then when ladies hide their boyfriends from the parents even when they were above 24 years.
Now every little girl below 18. Would showcase her boyfriend to the parents.

When it was around 8am, I called Mr Baffoe from my number.

He cut off the line as soon as he found out it was me. I sent him a text message that read:

”You have parts of my money and I need it, if you refuse to pay or take my calls, I will make life miserable for you in the coming days”

He replied:

”You silly Nigerian man, you think here is Lagos where you behave like a criminal, I will make sure I get you with the Police”.

The dice had been cast. It was left for both of us to plan on how to execute our intentions.
I didn’t know what Mr Baffoe planned to do but as for Ozoigbondu, mr Baffoe was definitely going to pay with either money or stress. He had commited two offenses.
First was that he had taken parts of my money and the second was that he had denied my Nigerian Sister. I may not be Patriotic while in Nigeria but one thing I did outside Nigeria was to defend the Great Nation however I could.

” It is lamentable, that to be a good
patriot one must become the enemy
of the rest of mankind.”

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