72: Second Drug Journey

I left for Amsterdam through Napoli Airport.
My initial plan was to make the journey with Trains but one problem was that if i didn’t plan the journey accurately, i could end up in one train station at an unfavourable hour.
Basil had once told me how he got stranded at the Rotherdam Central Train due to bad planning.
For that reason, he had managed to secure the train timetable for the entire Netherlands.

Before i left, i gave Mary some rules she must obey while i was away. Top of the list was never to return to my apartment with a man, any man. Some Nigerian Men were small time thieves who would follow a girl home and rob her. As long as it was a case between two black people, the Italian authorities hardly paid attention to it.

I left Mary some money and foodstuffs. I knew she was going to feel too lonely and isolated due to the distance between my apartment and the city center where most Edo girls lived. But if she knew what she was doing, she could take advantage of the isolation and focus on what she came to do in Italy.

Basil didn’t come to welcome me at the Airport, i was no longer his new Bride. He knew that i could manage on my own and coupled that i landed at the Eindhoven Airport, he had asked me to find my way down to his apartment.
I was disappointed when i arrived at the apartment and saw no drugs being arranged; i wanted to hit the road right away.

My hope was however raised when Basil told me that i would be going to Hungary in two days.

“Hungary, where on earth is that?” I asked.
I have never heard of the country and i wondered if it was even in Europe.

Basil said Hungary was not far from Austria; despite not having gone to Austria itself, i knew that it was very close to Italy.

Meanwhile i was scared about the Hungarian deal.
One of the secret successes of drug trafficking was to stay away from places you don’t know.
It wasn’t a good idea to ask for road directions when carrying drugs or money. Another thing was language, it was usually difficult to manage in a country where you didn’t understand the language.

Basil brought out a small Europe map and showed me where Hungary was located. It was really close to Austria but i didn’t know anything about Map.
According to a discussion i had with Zuby back in Lagos, Europe has North, Central and East.
Zuby said that Eastern European Countries were poorer when compared to the Northern and Central European countries.

From what i saw on the Map, i didn’t know whether Hungary was in that East or Central. I also didn’t want to ask Basil much about Hungary. Despite being scared of going to places i didn’t know, i also needed to appear strong to Basil. If he suspected that i was scared, he could decide to look for someone else to take the drugs to Hungary. That would mean losing business and money for me.

“Do Hungary use Euros as their currency too?” I asked, recalling that Zuby told me that the entire Central Europe used Euros as their currency except Switzerland.

“No, they have not joined the Euro currency but they are preparing to join.

My heartbeat skipped. I just confirmed that Hungary was in the Eastern Europe since they have not joined the Euro Zone.

“I am not going to Hungary Basil. How am i supposed to see where to change Euro to their money when i get there?” I asked, trying to give flimsy excuse.

Basil said that somebody was coming to pick me up at the airport.

“You don’t have to change money when you get there. My friend will pick you up from the airport” He told me.

It seemed that there wasn’t any tangible excuse for me to skip the deal, i just have to pray that nothing happened.

For the next two days, we walked around Bijlmer, meeting new people and drinking with Basil’s friends.

On one of those occasions, i met Bola. Bola said he was from Oyo State, but lived most of his life in Benin City. He had overheard me on the phone speaking Edo Language and immediately after, he asked which part of Edo i came from.

Basil had seen us talking but when he went to ease himself in the toilet, Bola asked me to take his phone number. He asked me to call him when i was alone so we could discuss business.

I took the phone number and saved it on my phone. Basil nearly caught me saving the phone number but i out-started him by simply dialing Mary in Italy immediately i finished saving Bola’s number.

Since the phone was deliberately switched on speakout, Basil heard Mary’s voice.
Mary said she was already missing me.

“My girl.” I said to Basil when the phone conversation between Mary and I was over.

He nodded and smiled and continued drinking his Hennessy where he stopped.
The place was called Gazenhoef and too may Igbo men could be seen drinking and moving around.

When we got home that evening, Basil excused himself and went outside.
I took the opportunity to call Bola.

“My sister how are you?” Bola asked, he preferred referring to me as his sister.

I told him that i was OK.
When he confirmed that Basil wasn’t around, he asked if i moved drugs.
I had a feeling that our conversation was getting to that.

“Sometimes and depending on where the ngwongwo would be going” I told him on the phone.

‘Ngwongwo’ was the Popular name for drugs in Amsterdam among the Nigerians. I didn’t know what it meant but the name was what every Nigerian called drugs in Amsterdam. It was easy to know that it wasn’t safe to mention drugs on the phone. The Government Authorities could be monitoring calls, so the Igbo boys coined the name and spread it among themselves.
Since everyone else bought drugs from each other there in Bijlmer, the name was naturally chosen.

Bola said he did business between Holland, Austria, Italy and Germany.
Other countries sounded great to me except Germany. I was told that Germany was the most secured country in Europe. They said Germans had a way of knowing that someone was carrying drugs inside his or her body.
I didn’t believe that totally but i was scared anyway.

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