72: No where to be seen

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“Come out of the house, lets go” i said on the phone to Robin who was still inside the apartment.

I told him where to meet me at a French Fries stand where i was eating Fries and Ketchup.
I had stopped at the stand hoping to rest after sprinting for over two hundred meters.
I was breathing heavily after the chase and it made me realise that i needed to start walking out to keep fit.

Chigbo was nowhere to be seen.
When Robin came to where i was, i called Debbie and thanked her for the beer. I also told her to alert me if Chigbo showed up there again.

“You will get 1000 Euros if you trap him down for me” I lied on the phone before hanging up.

I made several attempts at calling Chigbo but he never answered his call. I guessed he was afraid i could track him down through the phone call.
As things stood, i was sure he believed i was capable of doing anything.
It was going to take him some time to figure out how i was able to corner him in sloterdijk.
Of course he would find out Debbie had a hand in the set up but if he was clever enough, he would also know that Debbie must have been forced into participating in the entire plan.

“Lets go” I said to Robin when i finished with my French Fries Potatoes.

“Go where? Let me get my own food too” he said.

“Common, you have a mean wife at home. She knows how to cook” I said.

“She is not cooking Fries this night, is she?” He said as he returned to the fat man standing at the fireplace preparing the fries.

Less than an hour later, we returned to Bijlmer area. Rather than going with Robin, i stopped at the Apostles place in bijlmerdreef.
The way things happened that night, i was sure Chigbo wasn’t going to come after me. I wasn’t sure he would come anywhere near Bijlmer that night as well. He already knew that i could also go looking for him in his apartment. Afterall that was the African way of reasoning sometimes.
I on my own part, knew that nothing would make him return to his apartment in Gein. He knew that i knew the place and that i also said earlier that i was visiting him that night.
He would definitely think that i went to punish Debbie first before coming to him.
The bastard must have thought about the kind of sex he was going to have that night only to meet up with the last person he ever wanted to see in his entire life.

Nduka the Rasta, who was the immediate elder brother of Apostle was there in the apartment when i came. He was also a friend who had somehow fallen off a bridge near the Amsterdamspoort and was saved by the Dutch Doctors after months in Coma at the AMC hospital.
As a result of that incident, he was asked to quit taking alcohol.
He sat and watched us as we killed our livers with the French Poison called Hennessy.
There was also a black Suriname girl who came to visit The Rasta. She was there drinking with us until it was close to 12am when i announced that i was going to sleep.

As i walked to the room, i didn’t know what i was going to do the next day.
I needed to track Chigbo down to find out where he was. It would be foolish of me to assume that he couldn’t attack me again. I had vowed to crush him totally or at least chase him out of Holland.
He was going to start hiding here and there as i was doing and it was a matter of time before we ran into each other.

While on the bed, i switched on my main phone line. Madam Model had called and sent text messages. She has started ranting about how she would do this and that if she ever set her eyes on me.
It was true that such rants never bothered me but an idea came to me as i analysed the current situation.
Since Madam Model was interested in war, why not try out a Country Exchange Game with her. I would make her come to Amsterdam and then i would travel to France. While she looked for me in Amsterdam, i would be searching for more teenage girls in France.
If the plan worked out, she would be on her way to Paris the same time i would be on my way back to Amsterdam.

There was absolutely nothing to loose because the entire process would allow me to also stay away from Mr. Williams whom i was sure wasn’t running from me rather it was the other way round.
The two Igbo men who rescued me the other time wasn’t my bodyguards. They were not going to be there for me if the Ghanaians decided to strike again. I have not even located and thanked them for the good one they did for me.
It was true that i haven’t had time for that but it was supposed to be a priority.

As early as 7am, i walked out of the room and asked Nduka if he has the phone number of Adaide. He didn’t. Apostle didn’t have it either.
Born in 1985, Apostle was my Junior both in age and in European experience. He was a person who respected me a lot too because he believed i was very intelligent due to one or two things he has seen me do or write in the newspaper.

I called Apostle out and sent him to get the phone number for me. It was written at the entrance of Adaide’s shop. I also asked him to get a bottle of the same poison we drank the previous night.

Before Apostle came back, Madam Model called.

“Yes, what is it?” I said on the phone.

“You thief, why are you switching your phone off? I have taken your name to Olokun, if you don’t give me back my girls, you will die” She shouted.

The same old Olokun again, doesn’t she get tired of killing people for Edo Women? Does she even work for the men at all or just the women?

One could easily see how stupid some blacks and their belief system was.
Olokun’s job was just to kill people for them.
Why not ask Olokun to replace the money i stole from her?
How could this deity be so stupid that she would be dancing to the tunes of Edo women, were they holding her hostage or what?

Wasn’t it also the same way we the Christians and Muslims asked our own Gods to revenge for us, rather than asking him to replace what we lost?

Wasn’t that part of the things i meant when i said Africans needed to close down half of its Churches and replace them with Factories. Atleast that was what the Chinese did.

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  3. Africans and religion, a suicide bomber would pray before taking other peoples lives,a human trafficker would call on God and other deities to secure her business or punish her enemies .

    We have over used religion in Africa and soon, we will fight against our own belief or perish!

    Nice update!

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  7. Africans needed to close down half of its
    Churches and replace them with Factories.
    Atleast that was what the Chinese did……… Lwkmd

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