71: Learning The Ropes

I started living with Mary. I had taken permission from Aunty Philo to give me a few days to be able to educate Mary on how to behave in the streets.
According to the lies i told our Madam, Mary was to learn how to behave whenever a customer showed up. She was to learn the kind of trending clothes to wear to be able to lure new Customers; Aunty Philo agreed.

The first day, i took Mary out to the cheap clothing store and bought her clothes worth 100 Euros. I needed to spend the money on her because if she was actually a trouble maker, she would have demanded for money from the Angela deal. It was important that i started doing some things for her. It would sustain the secret for as long as it could get; but i knew that it was just a matter of time before she reveal it to someone.

The clothes i bought for Mary were sexy short skirts, transparent blouses that revealed the breasts and bum shorts; she was supposed to look attractive. Men liked near-naked girls, especially in Europe where Religion was not a barrier.
Even in Africa where people were blinded by religion, men liked girls who didn’t cover their bodies properly.

Teaching Mary how to be a good prostitute was not an easy job, every thing i told her reminded me what i went through during my time at the Domitiana way; that was were she was destined to go too.

I thought her how to walk and be noticed, how to smile to suspected customers and how to first of all, demand for money before anything else if she suspected that the customer could be a trouble maker. By the end of the first day, Mary had known everything i knew during my time in the streets. I also encouraged her to find a good friend that would stay with her during work, it was dangerous to be alone out there in Italian streets.

I also thought her how to behave each time a customer took her to a hotel or his home.
Opportunities like that would come every now and then and it was important to tell her to be ready for them.

I Played and answered some basic questions from Mary until i was sure she understood what was required of her.

Around 5pm, i took her to the Phils Restaurant & Bar where Aunty Philo was already waiting for her.
I had deliberately asked Mary to wear one of the short skirts and transparent blouses so that Philo would know that there were some changes.

As i suspected, Philo was delighted with the transformation. She said Mary now looked sharp and ready for work. As she made the references, i wondered why she didn’t buy her those clothes in the first place. It seemed as if Aunty Philo was going out of fashion sense. Things were different during her time in the streets.

Returning to Amsterdam wasn’t that easy. Not that i couldnt simply go there, i could but whenever i remembered what i was going to be doing up there, my heart skipped.
During my first attempt at drugs, i was motivated by the desire to go to Nigeria and have fun. But as things stood at the moment, nothing was giving Me much reasons to start flying around Europe.
Money was the only reason this time and the truth was that i didn’t even know what to do with the money if and when i made them. I wasn’t returning to Nigeria anytime soon, i wasn’t about to build another house or buy another car. The only thing that came to my mind was to go to Africa and bring one or two girls to work for me in Italy.

A week after i returned from Africa, i was already convinced that i could manage one or two girls on my own. Mary was practically living with me and was going to the streets from my place.
My girls would be doing nothing different from what Mary was doing.
Therefore i felt that i was going to go to Amsterdam to make enough money to buy two girls from Africa.

My plan was that as soon as I had the money, i would get two girls and quit drug business.
Irrespective of the hundred percent safety record i had during my first attempt at drug trafficking, i also knew that it was a matter of time before i was arrested and locked up somewhere for long time.
Basil would abandon me, not because he wouldn’t want me out of prison but because there was nothing he could do to get me out. Europe wasn’t like Africa where ordinary person out there in the street could influence the fast release of a prisoner.

When i called Basil and told him that i would be coming to Amsterdam the following week, he was delighted. He said he couldnt wait to see me again.

The plan was to leave Mary in my apartment without telling Aunty Philo that i was traveling. I would leave my Italian phone number open so that she would always get me whenever she calls.

Life went on between me and Mary. I made it a principle not to ever mention Angela in the house. Mary on her own behaved as if she knew that i wasn’t interested in discussing the matter, she also kept mute about it.

A few days to my travel, Mary overheard me talking with Basil on the phone.

“Aunty are you traveling?” She asked as soon as the phone call was over.

I looked at her, “Yes Mary, i want to go to Amsterdam for business. But don’t worry, i will give you the key to this apartment. I wont tell Madam that i am traveling” I said.

“How long are you going to stay there?” she continued.

“May be a week or two” I said, knowing that i was obviously telling her lies.

Flying drugs was never what one did as he or she wanted. Human beings worked at the airports, train stations and major bus stations. There were also security cameras all over those places.
It was impossible to go unnoticed for five times in one airport or train Station in the space of one week without being picked by those eagle-eyed objects that did nothing else except watching human beings.
For that reason, it took weeks to be able to make a substantial amount of money.

I needed more than 15000 Euros to process two teenage girls from Africa. That amount would take more than a month of consistent transportation of drugs, but the first step was to make a step towards Amsterdam.

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