71: He finally Showed up

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“Deborah its me” The voice said from the other side of the door, it was a female voice.

“Its not him, Its my friend, Florence” Debbie said.

I gave her a sign to open the door.

“What’s he doing here?” Florence asked as soon as she saw me.
Debbie has closed the door and i was already returning to my seat.

Miss Florence was the same girl who came with Debbie to Almere with the Suriname guys.

“How are you Florence?” I asked.
She was still standing and was apparently surprised to see me. I believed she suspected Debbie was hiding something from her and was determined to find out.

“He came with his friend to ask me something. Why didn’t you call before coming Florence?” Debbie said.

“Since when did you require me to call before coming here?” Florence fired back, trying to take control of the situation.

“Baby I just asked how you are, aren’t you going to answer me?” I cut in.

“I will answer you when i know what is going on here”

The atmosphere was getting tense and it was extremely important to make sure she didn’t start anything. Chigbo was on his way and if there was trouble in the apartment before he arrived, he could have the opportunity to disappear again and as long as i didn’t get things over with him, my life would remain in danger.
All in all, i needed to make sure everything remained calm.

“Florence, there is no problem here. As you can see, we are drinking beer. Enemies don’t give drinks to their enemies and if you will just take a seat, i will tell you what you want to know.

There were three chairs in the sitting room. One was for two people while the other two was for one person each. Robin and Debbie had occupied the single chairs and that left me with the double seater. Florence had no other option than to sit beside me.

“Ok, tell me what’s going on” She said as soon as she sat beside me.

“Nothing much is going on except that we came to settle a problem once and for all. Some guy named Chigbo has been trying to put Debbie’s life in danger and it is only important that we settle this peacefully before it is too late” I said.

Of course i knew Florence was the girl who came with Debbie to Almere. I didn’t want to let her know that i knew. I wanted her to begin to decipher certain things by herself. That would make her believe it was her who put the situation together and came up with what was happening.
It was usually so good to make people believe they were smarter than you. The idea came from the Law of Power number 1.

On the other hand, if she was all that clever, she would have known that i heard when she said “What is he doing here?” and would have also considered that somehow, people didn’t ask such question about people they didn’t know.
But i was the master of confusion as well.

“But i don’t really get this. Anyway it is Ok” she eventually said and relaxed.

“Would you like to drink Something Flor girl?” I asked, trying to be the all caring gentleman.

“I should be the one offering you Something here not the other way round” She said as she got up and headed for the fridge.

“Get me one more beer” I fired behind her.
I wasn’t really interested in drinking, i only wanted to make sure we blended together. It would erase the little residues of mistrust in her.

Women were generally emotional and would trust a stranger faster than men. It didn’t really apply to every individual but then, most of the calculations we did on earth were based on average and probability; life itself was never like addition and multiplication.

We were waiting for Chigbo, i didn’t know when he would come and even if he would, but based on what he said to Debbie on the phone, the chances of him coming was very high.

Debbie wasn’t relaxed. Florence had asked her twice if everything was alright and she only nodded and said nothing.

“Why are you people not discussing anything important? Everybody is just looking at everybody” Florence said.

“You are a beautiful girl Florence and i would so much like us to have a date tomorrow” I said.

“Uh, that’s not what i meant when i said you should be discussing something important”.

“The truth is that we are waiting for Chigbo. He needs to be present before we can put all this things behind us but at the same time, i want to use the opportunity to tell you how i feel about you” I lied.

“Oh please, i have had my own share of Nigerian men. They only believe money is everything” She said.

“Is money not everything?” I asked, in an attempt to keep that line of argument going.

“I admit money is good but love and care are more important” She said.

“Love and care are more important to you because nobody is expecting you to return home and build a house, marry a wife and help your siblings out. You people should always understand that the pressure on African men were as a result of you women. I believe now that i have told you that i like you, your mind must have been running around Prada and Gucci shoes at the shops. Are you expecting me not to put money ahead of love after buying something like that for you?” i said.

She was surprised at how i have turned everything upside down and was about to say something when a knock came on the door.

“I will get the door, stay where you are” I said to Debbie who had jumped up from her seat.

Without making any noise, i walked to the exit door and listened.
The knock came again and stopped.

Without asking who it was, i opened the door with my left hand while my right hand was behind my back.

Standing there alone and with his hands in his jean pockets was Chigbo.

“If you make one step backwards, you are dead. Just come in here” I said.

I could see the shock in his eyes as he took off immediately and headed down the right side of the road.

“Stop there, stop there” I shouted as i jammed the door behind me and went after him.

I ran after him for about 50 meters before he ignored the traffic light and jumped across the road to the other side and continued running to nowhere.

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