7: The Numerous Sins Of Zuby

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There was no need calling Alice immediately, she said Zuby was there.
I just sat down and prayed that she came out of the danger. The Zuby i knew wasn’t going to hit her, he never hit me despite our numerous quarrels. He was a gentleman when it came to dealing with women but whatever made Alice so scared must have been too big for him to ignore. It was Europe, therefore killing Alice was out of question. All i could do was to wait for the next call.

While i waited for the next call, i called Precious out.

“I am traveling to Sweden tomorrow” I said.

She looked at me suspiciously before she said, “To do what?”

“You wont believe what is happening to me right now,” I started. “Fatimah has just been delivered to the one man i never wanted near her.”

“Your ex boyfriend?” Precious asked.

“Yes, its him. He is in Sweden. I don’t know how he located Lilian my old friend who now lives in Sweden. He used Lilian to bring Fatimah all the way to Sweden and as we speak, Lilian is in serious trouble. She said she sent Police to his apartment but as i speak to you, the bastard is with Lilian. Maybe he saw the Police and disappeared and out of anger, he rushed to deal with Lilian” I said.

“So what are you going to do in Sweden?” Precious asked.

“I don’t know. To tell you the truth, i don’t know. I have been looking for a way to meet the bastard again and this is an opportunity” I said.

“So how do you intend to locate him and what are you going to do to him?” She asked again.

I reminded Precious that i had no idea of how i was going to handle things up there in Sweden, but that i was definitely going to Sweden.

The truth was that i longed to meet with Zuby again. I didn’t know how to deal with him when i see him but i wanted to see him again. Sweden wasn’t expensive to fly to; i paid only 62 Euros for Fatimah’s ticket.

While Precious watched, i made a few more calls to France and to Aunty Philo. I told Aunty Franca in France that Zuby has been located in Sweden. I believed she would want to get her revenge on him as well. But i was surprised when she asked me, “What am i supposed to do about it?”

She had quickly cut the call and got me confused. Apparently, she still believed that i worked with Zuby, only if she knew that i was his biggest victim.

When Alice eventually called back, she said that the Police already checked the apartment of Zuby and that they didn’t meet Fatimah there. She said she was surprised that they didn’t even take Zuby away with them.

“He is a very clever person who knows how to get himself out of trouble every time. He must have known that you were angry with him and sent Fatimah away. Do you know any place where he could have sent her?” I asked.

Alice said there were only two places Zuby could have sent Precious. One was to his friend who also lived there in Stockholm. Alice said she knew the way to the man’s place. The second place where Zuby could have sent Fatimah was to a Reverend Father whom They met the day before. She said she didn’t know the way to where the Rev. Father lived but that she could locate him if i wanted.

Everything Alice said was encouraging. If she knew the way to apartment of Zuby’s friend, Fatimah could be there. Fatimah could also be with the Priest and if that was the case, it would be easy to locate her.

The news gave me more encouragement to travel to Sweden. I would first locate where Zuby lived, then i would look for where to buy raw acid. The moment we meet, i would throw the dangerous liquid to his face. He would go blind and his skin would peel. He wont die, he would suffer for the rest of his life. I wasn’t going to kill him anymore. I was going to destroy him beyond recognition. He would curse the day he met me at the Lagos Lekki Beach in Nigeria.
I would make him regret everything he did to me.
I would make him regret what he did to me in Benin City where he abandoned me.
I would make him regret setting me up with the area boys in Surulere Lagos.
I would make him regret ever coming to visit me in Italy.
I would make him regret meeting me again in Amsterdam Bijlmer where i abandoned my boyfriend because of him.
I would make him regret taking Ngozi away from me.
I would make him regret taking my money which i gave him to purchase two more girls in Africa.
I would make him regret setting me up with The Italian Police in San Remo, a case that would have swallowed me if not that i was lucky to get a good lawyer.
I would make him regret putting me in a situation where i had to go and deliver drugs to Finland, a country that was close to below Zero degree Celcuis all year round.
I would make him regret putting me through Basil and Bola again.
I would finally make him regret coming for Fatimah again when he could have just go away with his numerous sins against me.

If not that the aircraft authorities would not allow me to take the acid along with me, i would have bought it in Italy and travel with it. If i had known where to purchase poison, i would have purchased large quantity of it and travel with it too.
The mission was to destroy him and i was going to achieve that this time, unless i didn’t set my eyes on him again.
I had nothing left except my worthless life. He has taken everything good i ever had from me.
He took my things and took my heart away with him. I was just a walking corpse without hope and it was time to start giving him the bad things i had. He couldnt just take the good ones and went away. He would have to share the bad ones with me too and it would happen in a day or two.
Yes, he was going to see the bad side of an Edo girl as soon as i see him with my eyes.
But first of all, i needed to prepare for the journey to Sweden.

“Precious” I shouted.

She came out from her room and stood opposite me.

“I want to go and buy the flight ticket to Sweden, please take me to the travel agency, i don’t want to go alone” I said.

She excused herself and returned to her room to change clothes.

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    zuby the master. I’m not just reading this story, I’m living it. Its all about mind control.

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