7: The First Bail Out

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Chapter 7.

“Are you Mr. Asibike?” The Fat Hausa DPO asked.

“Yes Sir” I responded.

He waved at a chair opposite him, “Please sit down. What is the problem?” He asked.

“I was coming out of my hotel with my girl when two men blocked our way. They said they were going to search us and that they were Police. They said they were looking for dangerous weapons. When i asked them if they would let us go if they find no weapon, they didn’t answer me, so i left them and returned to the hotel. They seized my girlfriend’s British international passport and beat her up. Sir, this girl they molested is a British citizen. She didn’t do anything wrong by coming to our country but look at what they did to her” my voice was going up while the DPO was telling me to calm down.

“Where is the girl now?” he asked.

I told him that they were detaining her behind the counter.

“One of your men also slapped me two minutes ago just because i came in here to find my girlfriend. His name is Nnamdi Onovo with number 00045484” i said.

“He slapped you, what did you do?” he asked.

“Ask my friend here, i didn’t do anything. I just came in and started asking for your office but before i saw him, he came from behind and hit me” I said.

“A Police Chief called on your behalf. I know Mr. Anthony, i have worked under him in Onitsha. He said you are his brother and that we should let you go immediately. I will let you and your girl go immediately but you must tell him that officer Onovo didn’t touch you. I will deal with that myself” He said.

I nodded and remained silent. I wasn’t planning to tell Anthony about Onovo. My plans was to deal with him by myself no matter how long it would take.

As the Police DPO made a call, i thought about how to get to Nnamdi Onovo. He wasn’t much older than i was. He wouldn’t dare slap me in the street if he was not a police but since he thought his uniform was an immunity package from government, i would make him understand the meaning of Policing.

A minute later, Nnamdi Onovo came with Queen. She was still weeping and it touched me deeply. I was angry inside and almost jumped up to attack him but i needed caution. My plan needed to be carried out without initial aggression.

“Mr. Nnamdi, i understand you are doing your job but this girl you are molesting is not a Nigerian. I will go to the British Embassy right away and make a report. I already know your number” I said slowly.

“Its OK Mr. Asibuko” I will handle this matter. You can go with your girlfriend” The DPO said.

“Onovo, go and settle with them. Let them go immediately without delay. Return here as soon as you finish with them” The DPO continued.

I stood up and hugged Queen, then i gave her my handkerchief to clean her eyes.
I held her hand as we followed Onovo to the counter where we signed a small paper and picked up the International Passport and the Bag.

“You think you have connections more than me, do you know that IG Onovo is my cousin? If not for the DPO, you and Your girl would have seen the worst of me today. Next time you won’t run if Police stop you” Onovo was boasting.

I wanted to ask him if being IG’s cousin gave him the power to slap people but i decided to play a smart game.
I knew that The Inspector General of Police was from Akpugo. If the bastard was saying the truth, then it meant that he was from Akpugo as well. It was better to attempt to lure the idiot to reveal more about himself.

“So you are from Enugu State as me and from the Same Nkanu for that matter” I said.

Nnamdi Onovo Looked up and asked where i was from Nkanu.

“Agbani” I said with a smile. The idea was to bring him closer. It would be difficult to get my revenge if i alienated him.

“You be my brother na. I am from Ndiagu Akpugo” he was smiling.

Since Akpugo was a town, Ndiagu must have been a village. He had managed to narrow things down for me and i liked it. I would plan for him when i got to Enugu. I needed to get to the British International School before 12pm, therefore i just asked Nnamdi for his phone number and left the station. We had managed to become friends and that was what i wanted.

“We are going to Lagos Island to get something. Take us to where we can get a taxi to drive us there” I said to Emeka.

He called his wife and told her that he was taking me to the Island and that he would go to Idumota Market from there. He was a trader who imported Hospital Equipments from Dubai and China.

Emeka took us to the British international School somewhere in Oniru Estate. Queen knew the place but she didn’t talk much in the car after what happened. I had managed to console her after telling her that i would get revenge for her. But she still didn’t want to talk much. My guess was that it was the first time she had such problems with the Nigerian Police. I was sure that the Police in Victoria Island where she lived didn’t behave the same way like what obtained in areas such as Surulere and the Ajao Estate. Environment mattered a lot in places like Nigeria.
Or perhaps Queen thought that i won’t come looking for her. She would have been stronger if both of us were taken to the station together. She would have been the most stranded Person in the World if i had managed to abandon her at the Police Station. She was with no money.

“We are in the school now” I said as we drove towards the administrative blocks. “I need your face to be very bright because you are going to be answering the questions”.

She managed a smile as i looked back at her. She was getting over the shock treatment and that was good for all of us.

Queen knew the particular office we were looking for. She was still familiar with the premises.
She had pointed to a building and said that the principal and Burser worked there.

Burser? I didn’t think about that. It suddenly occurred to me that there could be some unpaid fees which we must clear before getting any document.
Anyway, we were already in the premises. We would find out everything soon enough.

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    MR. ASIBUKO. The master story teller..I just hope things goes out well in the school

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    The Nigeria complexity will be more to battle than Europe, the only saving grace it will be for Zubby is that it’s a familiar terrain. Cheers!

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    Our problems and mentality about power just too bad. We just like to intimidate/bully others because of the little power/connection we have.

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    Onovo has registered his name on d boss revenge list, he is gonna feel d hand of justice 4rm d KING. Ozoigbondu 1 of berlin

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