7: The European System

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The European System.
The next day, we went down to the Library close to the train station and logged on to the internet. Google search produced the list of house agents around the area. We made a few calls before locating a nice one room apartment not very far from William’s house and very close to the train station.
After inspecting the place, i certified it good enough and we paid with William’s name. We drove to a second hand African Market and bought a few things i needed for the place. We bought a TV, DVD, a frying pan from a Nigerian young lady, a mattress and two pots. The place had Electric cooker and heater already.
After arranging the items where they should be, William drove to work while i went back to the Stockholm Central Station area.

There was a restaurant opposite the hotel where Kathy and her friends lodged. Since they said they would spend a week or so there, i figured i will run into them somehow if i sticked around the area for long. Therefore, i went into the restaurant to eat and stumbled upon them there.

“Hey Soko, where did you go?” It was Kathy.
I smiled but didn’t answer the question; i just walked up to a vacant table near them and ordered for food and water.
“You left the hotel without informing me” She continued.
“Yea Katherine, the hotel wasn’t good enough for me. I found a bigger one that fitted my status as a rich man from Africa” I said.
“Wow that’s good. Where is it?” She asked again.
“I don’t know the area but i could send you the address if you give me your cellphone number” i said.
She called out her number and i recorded it into my phone.
After the food, we chatted for a few more minutes before i left. I didn’t pay for anybody’s anything. I had spent some money buying electronics a few hours back and the policy was that each time i spent that kind of money on anything, i wouldn’t listen to anything about spending money on anybody unless it was a life and death situation.

I got to the Central Station and took a train down to the African Market where we bought some items earlier. I had seen many Africans there selling used items therer. There was a young woman i bought frying pan from and before we left her shop, i had told her that i would return to buy microwave from her. I didn’t intent to buy the microwave; i wanted to ask her a few questions about women and nightlife in Sweden.
I found her shop and fortunately for me, she had sold off the microwave.
“My name is Solomon, i arrived from France yesterday and didn’t know anybody here. I want you to please brief me about how Nigerians live around here. The kind of works they do and how friendly the Country is to them” I said.

Her name was Alice, she was from Akwa Ibom State and had lived in Sweden for six years.
She started by telling me that there was no work for blacks, which was the same story all over Europe. The purpose of course was that the illegal immigrants were not allowed to either work or go to school. It was difficult to get a good work since we had no approved CVs. The CVs we the Africans had in Europe were the ones we told them the day we arrived at the camps. It was at the camp that we all denied ever going to school; Most of us didn’t know that we were chaining ourselves with lies. There were other Europeans who came looking for works in better Countries. Immigrants from Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and other eastern European countries also migrated to better countries such as the western Europe, The UK and Scandinavia looking for work too.

Unlike we Africans, they didn’t have to go through asylum process which warranted the lies in the first place. They only presented they Passports and get employed. They did the menial jobs which the Africans had hoped to do.
As a result, we Africans turned to drugs, prostitution and scamming.
It was the reason why i targeted the teenage prostitutes because they had some future in Europe if they were properly managed and encouraged. Since they were teenagers, they could be allowed to go to school after asylum. But for the adults, there was no other way to get a good work or even go to any school until you get the resident permit which usually took many years to come. Those who were patient enough to wait for years usually got the works which were just enough to put food in their tables and pay for the utilities. What our people never understood was that the Europeans expected us to start living like them as soon as we got integrated into their systems. They hardly saved money because their system was well programmed. If one earned €1000 per month which was big money, he was expected to pay house rent, electricity and water bills, health insurance and other smaller expenses from there. At the end, you would just be left with enough money for food. They never cared about anybody outside their apartments because there was also social security which meant that their kids also got paid by the government but We Africans had people back home that depended on us. We were expected to send money back home monthly. We were expected to send down cars because someone they knew back home had sent cars even without them knowing what he did. We were expected to care for our people’s health, school fees and we were expected to built houses from that €1000. As a result, we did illegal things and end up in Prisons. That was the reason why half of our people all over Europe end up in Prisons. People back home was part of the problems.

“How about our girls, what do they do here to survive?” i asked Alice.
“What else do they do except selling their bodies to men. I won’t lie to you, i did it when i came here. I got tired and after paying my Madam who lived in Napoli Italy, i saved up small money and started selling things in this market; it is better for me instead of selling my precious body to men. The problem is that police come here sometimes to check for people without papers. I am lucky not to have been captured yet but i know that they will catch me one day. I took asylum here, therefore they can only seize my goods and allow me to go” Alice said. As she talked, I analyzed her sentences word after word. She had suddenly realised that her body was precious after many years in the sex business. It could be that she was playing the good-girl card with me but I didn’t give much to that because I knew she was heading nowhere with me. All of us carried our own agenda.

“Since your Madam lived in Italy, why didn’t you run away instead of selling your self and sending her the money?” I asked, knowing that she was going to tell me about Olokun or some other useless deity somewhere in Nigeria.

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind”

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  1. The rock

    Hmmm life abroad, e better make person just stay for Naija hustle na. No place like home

  2. sonickay

    Nice updates Mr Zubby, I love ů̶̲̥я̲ writing and working spirit. Thanks for the updates

  3. achi4u

    Africans have murdered themselves knownly or unknowly,had can I denied ever going to school and be telling a blantant lies.
    Like what @the rock said, one better remain in nigeria and hustle.

  4. nche95

    but Nigeria is a shit hole filled up with gullibe citizens. there is much discrimination going on here. an averge university graduate will take a polytechnic graduate as an inferior. but both of them have one thing in common; unemployment.
    tribalism is at its peak here; hause vs ibo and yoruba. you as a nigerian, before you open your mouth to cry RACISM, do away your tribalistic belief. even in the church, an average catholic wont marry outside his or her church. even between those from the ethnic group; an anambrarian will diss a person ebonyi. our leaders dont care about us. they play politics with everything.
    God in my next world, dont make me a Nigerian. there is so much hate here.

    • Welder

      This is deep but very true, but you spoilt it with the last statement…we all have our destinies as ordained by God. He sent you to Nigeria for a reason…

    • Mekus

      God pls make him a Malawian in his next life . LMFAO. Haha ….. Who cares ?

  5. Cheliz

    Here we go again with a retired marketer..

    Let the coming come, let the happening happen, Zubby the man on UN resue mission will never give up

  6. kingslow7

    Hmmmn. From katy to alice. We ar really suffering here in africa. De white men has social securities but we dont have, due to the massive embazement from our greedy and stupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid leaders. I swear God go punish them all. THERE’S NO REST 4 DE WICKED!!

  7. prugged

    Life as an african in europe and oder continent including our own africa is so alarming.we seriously need God’s help

  8. joe dejana

    Its like we’re talking to deaf hears…we shouldn’t blame the Europeans

  9. Welder

    Life in another man’s land is generally hard. The irony is while the black man is denied lot of opportunity to live a meaningful life abroad, we give them the very best here…from the juicest jobs to the most beautiful girls to government contracts etc

    The black man has mental inferiority…with a litany of issues.

  10. Tony Obaze

    Zuby , if life is so hard abroad for honest people why do they still continue to rush to Europe and America.

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