7: Blackmail – Always A Way

“Jacob, so you plan is to force me into marrying you because you heard that a girl stole money in Milan and that i have paid for my freedom?” I also stood up in his face and asked.

“There is no need getting angry Maria. The moment i heard that the money was missing and that the girl who stole it worked at the Mcdonald, i knew it was you. There are two ways to get out of this trouble. The first is that you will agree to live with me because i still love you. The second is that you will give me some parts of the money so that i will keep quiet about it. If you refuse to do any of the two, the guy from Milan will come down here and trust me, he will shoot you” He said as he and his friend walked towards the exit door.

“Wait Jacob. If you really care for me, you wouldn’t be doing this” I said weakly.

“If you cared for me, you wouldn’t have allowed me to suffer because of you. It was me who took you to Milan but the moment you found money, you didn’t ask of me again, you just ran down here to pay for your freedom” He said.

“Jacob i called you but you told me that you were not at home. I wanted to come to your house remember” I said in an attempt to smooth things up first.

He was clearly upset and i was sure that if he left in that state, he was most likely going to start some mischief against me.

There was also no need trying to deny that i wasn’t the one who stole the money.
Jacob already knew that i worked at Mcdonald. I had lied to him that i lived with a religious fanatic woman but he had found out that it was a lie.

I wasn’t prepared for the hurricane of troubles that just surfaced but i had to do something. It was time to be clever in my dealings because it won’t take Jacob much stress to sink me in Italy. But whatever compromise i was going to make, one of them was never going to live with him. Obviously i had no more money to pay him off and even if i had, i was sure he would come to demand for more occasionally.

The two options he kept on the table was wrong for me. None of them was going to happen. It was time to start my own attack plan.
I was a woman and between my legs, i had what men wanted. I was going to use it to punish Jacob.

“Alright Jacob, you have won. But i dont have any money now. I settled my madam with the money” I said.

“I dont believe you. I heard the money you took was 70,000 Euros. Some even said that it was more than that” He said.

“Its a lie Jacob. The money i took was just 20,000, go and ask…” I was saying.

“Go and ask who? Did you steal the money with anybody else. I dont care what you think but my share of the money is 35,000 Euros. Its either you give it to me or wait for what will happen” He said.

I watched as he and his friend stormed out of my apartment and headed towards the major road.

I left the door open and sat on the Sofa. My whole past had suddenly returned like a flash and it was difficult to know what to do.
That was the only way i could come up with any solution fast enough.
I didn’t know who to run to for advice.
Max wasn’t a thug, he would have been the one to deal with Jacob but unfortunately, i had moved out of his place a few days back.

After shedding some tears, i crashed on the sofa and slept.
When Melissa returned, she wanted to know everything that had happened.
Since i didn’t have a plan on how to deal with the matter, i just gave her a brief story about how Jacob loved me and wanted to return to me.

The following day, i called Jacob and told him to come to the apartment.

An hour later, he came with his friend.

“There is something i want us to be discussing and i dont want your friend to choke us here” I had said.

After a little argument, he told his friend to leave.

“You know i still like you but you are doing a wrong thing to me at the moment. I think you are not happy that i am free. It is because of you that i did what i did. I remembered everything you did for me and how i would want to be with you but i needed to be free first. I also wanted to atleast achieve something back in my village before submitting my life and body to you. But if you insist that it must happen your own way, i think i can’t stop you but please dont bring those people down here. If they kill me, my blood would be on your head” I had said.

After an hour of logic, we eventually started kissing and touching each other.
The moment he was all over me, i knew that i had gotten him. He had foolishly walked into a trap i had set up for him and i was sure that it would be late by the time he finds out what happened to him.

Jacob and I made love amidst promises.
Before he left, he promised to come the following day; alone.

I asked him to come on time since i had an appointment somewhere.

In the evening of that same day, i wore the new clothes i bought and went to Uncle’s restaurant. I wanted to finalize my arrangement with the proposed work in his place and i also wanted to soak myself with Vodka.

My life was heading south before my eyes and at the young age of 20, i was already a fugitive in a foreign land. It was either i did something fast or sink.

I had taken the Vodka drink from the young Bar man called Antonio at the Uncle’s bar and walked to a vacant chair where i sat alone and wondered what next to do.

Twenty minutes later, i was already drunk from the whisky.

I drank and waited until uncle called for me.

“Maria, one of the people who are protecting us here just called. He is a police man and wants to have a girl for the night. He is a good man, so behave yourself when you get there. I have told him that you are new. He will give you only 100 Euros. You can go to your place from there and keep the money for yourself, do you understand?” Uncle had said.

I nodded and waited as he called the Police man and told him that i would be at the hotel in thirty minutes.

A police officer?
Working with an African cartel?

You Jacob?


Game on.

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  1. Coach

    Jacob is in real trouble. Maria make sure you get rid of him. Get him deported if possible because a blackmailer will always come back

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