7: The Police Force

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The Police dragged one of the armed Robbers up to where I was with one of their members. They had captured him alive after the Rav4 escaped without stopping for him. The Police had also gunned one of them down, I had heard when he was shot and had heard him shouted but didn’t know it was that severe. Blood was running down from his neatly shaven head when they brought him.

The Policeman who had been questioning me had asked me to sit on the ground which I obediently obeyed despite wearing a white Jean trouser.

”Na you called Honourable…..” the team captain asked me,

”Yes sir” I said’ adopting my short answers style when the situation gets tough.
”Na you come back from Germany” he asked again.
I nodded.

The BMW alarm was still wailing with the lights flashing. Some people living near the street had managed to come out but the Police had asked them to stand some meters away from the scene.
The robber who had been captured alive was talking fast. He was talking to nobody in particular. He denied being an armed robber but said his friend had called him to come out to that street so they could go to a club. He said they had found my car packed there and was trying to help me start the car.

The Police asked me to deactivate the alarm.
I went into the car and deactivated it. They asked me to turn around and follow them.
They had handcuffed the captured robber and had also dumped the bleeding dead one at the back of their pickup truck. One of them had found the keys of the mercedes on the ignition and had turned it around too, while two had entered my car.

They called my cousin at the government house and told him that I had been rescued. They told him there were taking us to the Anti Kidnapping headquarters in Abakiliki road. He said he was coming there as soon as possible.

Ten minutes later, we arrived at the Police anti-kidnapping station in Abakiliki road opposite the Etisalat headquarters in Enugu.

Another set of thieves had also been captured by the Police in Emene and were seated with their hands cuffed together.

I wondered what My Enugu had been turned into. I had made up my mind that as soon as the day broke, I was going down to the village to stay. My village was ten minutes drive from Enugu. I could have just stayed there and visited Enugu whenever I wanted but I guessed I had wanted to play the Euro returnee by wasting money in Hotels.

My Honourable cousin arrived with two other Policemen. He blamed me for following a stranger from a night club and advised that I stopped clubbing in Enugu at all. I had expected that anyway.

He spoke with the captain who later asked me to go. He asked for my phone number before letting me go. I promised to come there in the morning for clearance and other things as he had said.

I drove back with fear to the Barry gold hotel in New heaven where I had lodged. Two police men were sent to escort me back to the hotel.
When we got there, I asked them to wait for me while I get them something. I returned and gave them N5000. They thanked me and left.

The following morning, I returned to the police station to sign some witness files. They said they would soon charge the captured one to court and said they would contact me. I gave the captain a brown envelope containing N10000. I knew it was their job to protect and rescue me but it was also my duty to show some appreciation however I deemed fit.

I returned to the hotel and packed my bags inside the boot of my car.
I drove through Chime Avenue out to the Abakiliki road, then I diverted right beside NNPC mega filling station towards Enugu- Port Harcourt Expressway.
It was time to go home, Afterall it was home I had returned and not to spend my whole time in the metro area.

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