69: Security First

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Gare Du Nord Paris Station

Gare Du Nord Paris Station

Chapter 69: Security First.

“How do you know they are following you?” Officer Dubery asked after i described the green Renault to him.
“I suspect the same people who wanted to sell my appointment letter are very angry that i took one of their members to the Police. One of them called me with anonymous number yesterday night and said i should leave Paris immediately or they will kill me”
Dubery asked me to follow him inside the station, i did. He made me sat on a sofa in a small room and brought a cup of coffee for me.
Fifteen minutes later, I saw Emeka and Henry being dragged into the station. I stood up and watched them through the white window glass as they protested and asked what they did.
When i heard footsteps coming towards me, i sat down again and pretended not to have seen anything; there was no surveillance camera in the room. My door was opened and a young Police officer showed up. “Follow me”.
I stood up and followed him to another large office where Emeka and Henry were seated, Officer Dubery was there as well.
“Do you know this man” he asked Henry, he denied. Emeka denied knowing me as well.
As officer Dubery was asking if i knew them, i brought out my phone and dialed Henry’s number, it started to vibrate on the table in front of the Police officer who had taken the phones from them.
“Officer that is me calling the phone. I got his number from a hotel receptionist where they had lodged while waiting for me. I know them. They are part of a human trafficking ring and resident permit scammers here in Paris. I rescued one of their girls and they have been trying to kill me for days. I have the phone number of their leader here, i can give it to you now if you want to arrest her” i said.
Dubery asked me to calm down and have a seat. Things were getting complex and he needed to get a hold on the whole case. The day before, it was about appointment letter, then things suddenly changed to Human trafficking which was a bigger offence. I had a feeling that i had finally gotten entangled into a bigger problem since i needed to explain further how i came into conclusion about the human trafficking ring. The only thing that gave me strength was that i had a three month resident card with me, it meant that i could testify in Court anytime.
Dubery made some calls and after a few minutes, we were all taken to a bigger office where the station Captain was seated behind a large table. A lady with a computer set was there with two police oderlies who had fire weapons. Our file was dropped in front of the Captain. I was asked how i knew the two suspect seated near me. I explained as the lady typed, that i met them at the Accenture Hotel a few days back. I explained that i picked a girl up in the street and took her there but when she left, she returned with the two thugs who rented a room there with hope to capture me. I also told them that i didn’t know them prior to that day. The Captain asked me some confusing and complicated questions which i answered to the best of my knowledge. He wanted to know how i found out that they lodged in the hotel Because of me. I played my fools card once more.
“Officer, i saw the girl who just left my room, returned to the hotel with these two people. I am sure the hotel Camera must have captured them. I am a jealous person, i was jealous because i didn’t want them to sleep with a girl who left me twenty minutes before the incident. I waited on my hotel window until i saw the girl walked away from the hotel, then i went down to meet with these two people so that i could tell them to stay away from my girl. But when i got there, i didn’t see them. It meant that they lodged in the hotel since only the girl left. I picked up their phone number from the receptionist and called one of them to stay away from her. However, i invited the same girl to another hotel the following day and asked how she came to Europe. She told me that she worked as a prostitute for these two people and their leader who is a woman. I told her that i will send her away to another city where she could go to school and become a better person. When she told her owners what i said about sending her away from Paris, they started following me everywhere in Paris. When i returned from the foreign office yesterday, they have gone to the hotel and take the girl away. I don’t know where she is and i decided to forget about her but now they are following me everywhere. I am going to start looking for the girl agan and I will find her” i said.
I told the captain that i have my bag with me and that i was running away from Paris because of them but since they were following me, it was better that i report them to the Police.
After taking down my statement and the address on my resident card, i was told to return to Officer Dubery. When i got to Dubery’s office, he told me that Henry had been involved in another case related to prostitution before. He eventually told me to go after telling me that i could be invited to the Police station again if the need comes. I thanked him and picked up my bag.
I was lucky because if they had gone through my bag, they could have seen the expired Portuguese papers and the old passport. It could have been a big problem due to the fact the they all had different information from the current one i had with me. On the other hand, it was a bit better than being followed and captured by those silly thugs. I would have preferred that i was locked up or even deported back to Nigeria rather than the thugs locking me up somewhere and torturing me for hours.

I got out of the station and flagged down a taxi. I didn’t really know where to go. It was apparent that i was going to stay in another hotel since i had no apartment of my own but rather than doing that, i decided to stay away from Paris for a few days but before i did that, i needed to meet with some girls whom i believed may know where Esther was taken. It was clear to me that Franca sent her out of Paris. The good news was that she must have still remained in France or Italy. Crossing people over to the United States or United Kingdom usually took a lot of time. If she was sent to Italy, she might have gone to Napoli and that was a no-go-area for me as far as Maria was out there. She had surprised me with her networks once and I believed it would be disastrous if she cornered me down there in Napoli. Right there at the Police station, I knew that I was going to find Esther.

Beautiful Lady

Beautiful Lady

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