68: The Confession – Grand Final Plan

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“Its not Chigbo, my name is Jimmy” Robin said.

Debbie cut the call instantly, she knew she had made some kind of mistake and wanted to recover from the shock first.

“No, don’t call her back for now. Just let it wait” I said to Robin as i saw him dialing the number again.

Debbie called back after a few minutes and with a harsh tone, demanded to know who Jimmy was and how he got her phone number.
The way she talked gave her away easily.

“I think it was at a night club or a party somewhere but you gave me your number. I am sorry for disturbing you” Robin said.

“Where are you from?” Debbie asked.

Robin said he was from Cameroun but lived in the Amsterdam Zuid Ost.

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself

“What do you want?” Debbie had asked.

“Nothing so special, just checking on you and meaning to ask if you would love to hang out tonight for a drink” Robin said.

“I don’t remember you. But you can come to the Centrun and call me in the evening around 7pm” She said.

Robin agreed to call her.

Chigbo was truly behind all that has been happening.
He even gave himself out when he called me ‘Devil’ at the entrances of the grandcafe night club.
He should have simply stayed out of the picture but maybe he came out to make sure Debbie was with the right target.

How i was going to approach the matter was still not clear to me. The first problem was that for security reasons, i had left Almere and returned to Bijlmer where all the enemies also lived. I was sure they didn’t know i returned to the area but that mental Precious bitch could sell me out.
Women generally hated being slapped, they usually forgot the reason why they were slapped and concentrated only on the slap.
I was pretty sure she would be planning on how to take her revenge on me.
The worst enemy was the one within because i knew right from time that any organisation headed by a saboteur never progressed.

As a result, i called Apostle. Apostle was from Udi Local Government. His immediate two elder brothers also lived there in Amsterdam. l had known him from Jay Jay’s barbing saloon where i usually did my hair. He also knew me during the time i wrote for The African Bulletin newspaper in Holland.

For some reasons, i didn’t tell Apostle why i wanted to stay with him. I only told him that i needed somewhere to spend some weeks before i left for Nigeria.
When he agreed, i picked up some items and met him at the Barbing Saloon where he worked for Jay Jay.

When Apostle closed Work, we went home together to where he lived at No 853 Bijlmerdreef.

When Robin called me, we met at Duivindretcht train station and took the metro train to Amsterdam Central, then we found a matured bar and entered.

The large bar had some areas where people sat and drink without anybody knowing who they were. The lights were restricted from shining on people enough to know them. There were numerous places such as that in Amsterdam because the City, popularly known as Sodom due to its sex and night activities, cared nothing About religion and its doctrines.

Robin called Debbie and when she said she was coming, we bought drinks and waited.
While Robin drank, i smoked weed and washed it down with Club Soda.

When Debbie said she was close to the place, i went into the toilet and pretended to be easing myself until she got seated with Robin.

“I don’t Remember ever giving you my phone number but i am just curious to find out more about you” Debbie said before i interrupted her from the back.

“You never did give him your number, i gave him the number. I want us to reconcile our differences now and carry on with our lives like nothing ever happened.” i said coming from her back.

I had to settle down on my chair before Debbie knew it was me.
She still had the white Samsung phone she used when we met. The Gucci bag was still there too.
There was no way the Suriname guys could have left the phone for her if they were genuine attackers. Not that i really cared anymore at that particular point; i had already found out that Chigbo sent Debbie to track me down and alert them Suriname guys to attack me.

It was the style i used in the past to track people down; women.
I wasn’t the only one who knew how to use that afterall.

“Debbie, where do you really come from?” I started.

“You wicked man, why should i talk to you?” She said and stood up to go.

“You should talk to me because, they are about five armed people loitering very close to this place. Their instructions included to follow and possibly shoot you if i didn’t come out at the same time with you” I said.

She froze where she stood and stared at me like a robot.

“If you will sit down calmly, i will repeat my question” I said.

She took three steps back and sat on her chair.

When i repeated my question, she said she came from Zimbabwe for real.

“What exactly was the plan?” I asked.

“What plan, what do you mean?” she asked too.

“The three Suriname people, what was their instruction from Chigbo?” I continued.

She brought out her handkerchief from the leather Gucci bag and started wiping her little crocodile tears.

“There is no need crying now. The only way out of this is that you tell me everything the way they happened. Then i can see if i could let you go or if i need your help to end all this” I said.

“He told me to make sure i get into your apartment and open the door for the men when they came” She said.

“Open my door for them? How did you plan to convince me to allow you to open my door?” I asked.

“My friend was going to call me and say she was near the area and i would then tell her to come upstairs to the apartment. She was supposed to come up with the men but when it became late at the bar, they told us to go out. We were still arguing with them about being racist people when you walked past the place. We had no other option than to follow you. I was supposed to follow you alone while my friend waited for the three men at the bar” Debbie said.

“Really? What were they told to do to me?” I asked.

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