68: Return From Nigeria

I landed in Italy again. My beautiful holiday to Nigeria ended the day before and it was time to return to European streets to make money again.

As i drove with a Bus from Napoli to Castel Volturno, i saw familiar faces still standing along the Domitiana way. Nothing has changed from the last time i was there but then nothing was going to change unless the Italian Government decided to do something.

There was one particular problem with Blacks all over Europe; we never stopped anything we did until some of us fell victim of arrest by security operatives. The Domitiana highway prostitution was never going to end until some people were arrested and the way things were happening, the Police didn’t really care about stopping the mess. All they did was just to come sometimes and control one or two people. The others would see what was happening and disappeared and by the next few hours, everybody returns to the highway.

I got to my apartment and settled down. I was tired from the Jet Lag; therefore i didn’t start to clean the apartment immediately, i just sat on the sofa and recalled how i left Italy some weeks ago, how i got to Nigeria, everything i did in between especially how i found Zuby and finally how i returned to the country.

It was time to make some phone calls, i needed to tell some people that i was back in town.
I called Zuby and told him i was in Castel Volturno. He said he never heard the name of the city and asked the area it was. When i told him that it was just a small city North of Napoli, he said he knew Napoli.

I called Aunty Philo. I called her not because i wanted to tell her that i was back, i only wanted to know if the Angela deal up in Rome has been revealed. She was happy to hear that i was back and said she would like to see me so that she would ask the health conditions of her mother Madam Comfort. She hasn’t found out that I sold one of the girls she has sent me to bring for her in Libya.

I called Basil in Amsterdam and told him that i was back. He was delighted and asked when i would come to Amsterdam.
I told him that i would surely come as soon as i have time. I needed money again and Amsterdam seemed to be the best place to make it at the moment. I wasn’t going to stand in the street again, traveling to Nigeria had its own price. No one expected me to start making 10 Euros per sex at the Domitiana Way once more. I had outgrown that line of business. Uncle at the sex bar wont like to accept me again as well; he must have known that i betrayed him by sleeping with his customers behind his back, Besides i left that job months before i traveled to Nigeria. The best place to go at the moment was Amsterdam. I was going to start flying around with drugs once more.

After speaking with those i wanted, i changed clothes and got down to cleaning the apartment.
Before an hour elapsed, i was done and had turned to cooking stew. Thanks to the ever dependable electricity, everything i left in the Fridge remained the way i left them.

Done with the cooking, i ventured out to meet with Aunty Philo at the Phils Restaurant & Bar.

“Welcome my daughter,” She said as soon as i entered the bar. She was sweeping the place to get ready for the day’s business.
I took the machine and continued where she stopped while we talked.

“My mother said you visited her” She said.

“Yes Aunty, i went there. She is a very nice woman and prayed for us” I said.

“Us?” she raised her eyebrows.

“I went there with my boyfriend” I replied.

“I hope its not all those hungry boys at home” Aunty Philo joked.

I told her that Zuby was different.
“Aunty he also returned from Europe. He lives in Germany and he is a nice person.”

When Aunty Philo found out that Zuby was from Igbo, she advised me to forget him.
“They will always like you to stay at home if you marry them. They wont allow you to go out and work like other girls.”

It seemed Aunty Philo didn’t get it yet. I was no more interested in street works. I had left it long ago even before i traveled to Nigeria.
The truth was that i was lucky, probably the most lucky girl of my time in Italy.
Girls worked in the streets for donkey years just to pay their Madams. And after the payment, they worked another donkey years to get balanced in the system. By the time they stopped being street prostitutes, they would be heading to 40 years or more. By then, they would open one shop to waste the rest of their lives there.

However, i was lucky to have settled with my Madam faster than anybody would have believed. I had stumbled upon lose money and did the best i could have done by buying my freedom.
I was no more interested in being a prostitute, i would rather have girls working for me than heading back to the streets. There were drug deals that could fetch me more money up there in Amsterdam.
Many girls with documents would have loved to join the drug business rather than standing in the streets every night but they didn’t have the connections. That was where i got lucky again.

Basil in Amsterdam would not have given me the chance to go to Norway to send drugs or return his money if i didn’t go to Abidjan first.
The successful trip to Abidjan was my breakthrough.

“Aunty, i am not really interested in returning to the street. When i have money, i will go to Africa and bring two girls. I hope you will give me connections to be successful in that regard” I said to Aunty Philo.

She agreed that she would help me however she could but maintained that if i needed money to bring girls to Italy, i must have to return to the streets to make the money first.

Mary, one of the girls i smuggled for Aunty Philo from Libya arrived at the Bar. She just took one look at me and walked into the area where the food were kept.

“Mary didn’t you see your Aunty Maria is back from Nigeria” Aunty Philo said.

“It’s OK Aunty, She must have been angry that i brought her here and left for Nigeria immediately. I will handle it” I said as i stood up.

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