67: The Unbelievable Confession

Just like he promised, Austin came the following evening. He had a flower and a card with him. He said they belonged to me and that it was to apologize for everything he did to me. It was almost like he knew i was traveling the next day.

I hugged him on the street in front of my building. People watched as we held each other out there in the street but i didn’t care. I had found love in Austin once more. He had just given me a flower and a card on the eve of my departure back to Europe.

When we got inside the apartment, he said he had a confession to make.

“Tell me what it is Baby” I said.
I had summoned enough courage to start calling him pet names once more.

“Maria,” He looked me in the face, “It was me who sent the robbers to attack you.”

I starred at him for several seconds, shaking my head. “No, Austin, it wasn’t you. Tell me its not true.”

“It is true Maria and my name is not Austin. I am Zuby” He said.

He stood there and watched as i cried softly. I had started loving him once more and it had just become very difficult to hate him again.

“Where is the phone now Austin, Zuby?” i said eventually.

He said he sold my phone but that he could recover it if i wanted him to do that.
I didn’t know what to do. I was sure he wasn’t going to recover the phone that night. I was also traveling the next day. There was no time to go hunting for the lost phone, so i told him to forget it. Since he had thrown me that surprise package, i felt that it was time to do the same.

“I am returning to Italy tomorrow” I said.

He looked at me abruptly and shook his head.

“No, you are not serious” He said.

I held his hand and led him to my bedroom where two bags were already packed. I opened my wardrobe and showed him that all the clothes were no longer there.

He didn’t ask why i was just telling him, he was smart enough to know the reason.
For several minutes, we held each other very tight and kissed occasionally. I thought i saw a tear or two dropped from his eyes. It was the first time something like that ever happened since we met. He was human afterall and that encouraged me to forgive him more for everything he did.

After several minutes of standing like statues in the middle of the room, we sat on the bed and made love. It was I who initiated the final love making.
Although Austin or Zuby had promised to visit me whenever he returned to Europe but i was matured enough to know that it may never happen. Europe wasn’t the place for blacks to enjoy visiting each other on a non business related matters.

As we lay on the bed after making love, we made promises to each other. Austin said he would see me when he returned to Europe. I promised to see him too. He said he loved me so much and that he was truly sorry for how he treated me bad since we met. I somehow apologized to him too for how i misbehaved since he came into my life.

“Do you know that there was a night you left me here and i went to A night club and returned with a man” I had said.

Austin said he was the cause of why i did that. He even went on to apologize instead of blaming me. He said he remembered that night and that he should not have left me alone in the apartment.
I asked if he had ever slept with another woman since we met; he denied and when i probed more, he said he would have admitted it if he did that, i believed him.

When a knock came to my door, Austin asked me to stay where i was while he checked it out. He suddenly put his clothes on and walked slowly to the sitting room.
Since there was no spyhole on the door, he couldn’t see who was knocking.
However he returned with my phone which has been vibrating on the center table; My Uncle Osaro was calling.

“Austin i think its my Uncle at the door” I said.

He asked me to verify first before opening the door.
I called my uncle as another knock came to my door.

It was Uncle Osaro at the door quite alright. When i opened the door for him, he said he had been calling all evening and had wanted to find out what time he would come tomorrow to drive me to the Airport. I apologized to him for not being with my phone but i didn’t have to apologize too much. I was about to hand over my car to him together with the apartment. It was actually the reason why he had to come all the way from where he lived somewhere in Ikeja area.

When i told him that Austin will drive me to the airport with his own car, he was happy and had to take my keys and the car to his place that night. He asked us to simply close the exit door when we wanted to leave for the airport the following day; the door would be locked and could only be opened with the key.

When Uncle Osaro left, we started making love again in the sitting room.
Austin sat on the Sofa naked. I sat with on him my back towards him as he slowly inserted his dick into my cunt. This time, there was no more condom in the house but we didn’t care. If i was to get pregnant for him, so be it. He also seemed not to care because he poured his sperms inside me. Perhaps he also wanted a child from me.

Our Journey together was short, shorter than i would have wanted but it was also remarkable. I had finally found a man who swept me away.
I believed that i would find him in Europe, no matter what it takes. I didn’t know and couldn’t tell if he was as eager as i was to reunite with him in Europe but whether he was or not, I was going to find my Austin, my Zuby.
I was going to live with him wherever he wanted us to live.
It was true that i had the likes of Michael in Libya and Basil in Amsterdam but Austin was different. He was difficult to understand most of the times but he was quick to understand me whenever i wanted to get a message across to him.
I was going to marry him if he ever asked. I would bear his children and make love with him everywhere we could.

It was true that distance was about to separate us again but i would do everything in my capacity to find and love my Austin.

For you Miss Sarah of the Life On The Run Whatsapp Group. Happy birthday.

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