66: When Things Fall Apart

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Life is one big road with so many signs. Nothing has ever been all that straight from the time of Adam to today.
Human lives and changes has always been and is still dynamic. That was why we must adapt to changes.

Things has changed for me in Amsterdam. It was only a fool who wouldn’t notice that there were dangers everywhere.

Being someone who suspected every activity on Earth, i felt that there could be more to the latest attack by the Suriname people.

There were just three but two came after me and almost got to me.
I suspected they thought i would be running down the street where more of their members could have been hiding but i surprised them by stopping and opening a door.
Another thing that helped me opened the door very quick was that there was no other key except the single key that opened the house. If i was left with the task of selecting the right key to the house, they could have caught up with me.
Taking my phones and money would have been considered robbery but there was no way i would have known they were robbers.
Columbus district in Almere was not known for such robberies, the place was relatively calm with mostly white inhabitants.

What if those three guys were working with Debbie? What if one just stopped to grab Debbie’s bag just to stage the whole thing?
Yes, nothing was beyond human beings.

I wasn’t convinced that they were really together but To be on the safer side of things, i needed to find out.

The best link was Debbie.
But before then, it was safer that i either relocated to another area or atleast left the neighborhood for the time being.

“Robin, some people attacked me, Suriname people. I think someone sent them” I said on the phone.
It was the following morning.

“How do you attract all this problems to yourself?” he asked but when i didn’t answer his question, he said he was coming to pick me up.

I packed my bags and brought them out to the sitting room. Inside the small back pack, i stuffed in all the important things i needed, including all my remaining money.
I was going on a holiday to Robin’s place.
Maria was right afterall, trouble was going to find us one way or the other. Amsterdam was not really the ideal place to settle down if we wanted to do that. But my fears at the time of taking that decision also included some disturbing factors.
If i had managed to relocate to a very quiet place where nobody knew me, it could have simply meant that i stayed at home with Maria most of the time. It would have also meant more sex and probably quick pregnancy and all that. It would make life pretty boring for the Runner-In-Chief and would have probably changed the way i did everything.
It was true that Maria would have loved that development but relationship was also a struggle between two people.
Every decision, every act, every event and everything else was always a fight. Couples had always been fighting for who comes top of every decision.
A wife could have always wanted the
Family to eat breakfast by 8am, While the husband preferred 7am. The soft or even hard argument would continue until a compromise would be reached.
That was just for food.
A woman could have always insisted that the family eat together at all times while the man wanted to eat alone. The struggle would continue until something got worked out.
In a family, a wife always wanted something different from the husband and when she didn’t get it, she harbours some evil in her heart. The same happened to Men too.
There was always and will always be conflict of interests.
If i was 40 or 50 years, it would have been very easy to understood Maria. It would have been easy to settle down in a quiet place with her, find some small job and lived a quiet life. But at my age then, there was no way i could have done that; go to work, come back, eat, have sex, go to party, go to Church and all that. I was never configured to follow that line of life. I was programmed to go out there and look for exciting things, fight and rescue trapped people.

Just like a friend once told me, i had been westernized to the extent that i didn’t regard Marriage as so many Africans did.
I knew from the first time i came to Europe, that Marriage was never going to be a matter of do or die for me and so was Church. I was going to be dealing with both based on how i felt at a particular moment. I was never going to go to any Church just because my friends were going and i was never going to rush to marriage just because i was put under pressure by anybody.

Marriage was supposed to be enjoyed and not endured. Your were already doomed when you got involved with another human being who couldn’t allow you to explore the possibilities of this life.
While top scientists of this World had little time for domestic life but research, we on the black continent were all about Marry, Church and raise children.
The silly argument had always been ‘If your parents didn’t give birth to you, would you have been born?’
The truth remained that if you were not born, you wouldn’t care. It was the same with death, if you die, nothing else mattered.

But we all lived and behaved based on what we were exposed to.
People who owned Television back in my village, knew more about music dance and videos but, we who had no access to such things, never knew what a video was all about.

All in all, i felt bad that Maria left but looking at it from a different angle, it was better for her.
I was more of danger to her in Amsterdam. Maybe she expected me to come looking for her in San Marino and probably settle down with her there but where i came from, Men didn’t go to live with women, it was the other way round.
It was One of those restrictions imposed by the Igbo Culture because in Europe, Men relocated to their wives places to live with them.
The West practically left their World open to make things more comfortable.

In life, there were always things to learn from everything and everywhere; Yes, Everything in Life.

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