66: Master Of His Game

Although he offered to drive me home but i wasn’t impressed at all. After being attacked, the best he could have done was to hold me and console me. But no, Austin asked me to return to my apartment to have proper rest. I couldn’t read any meaning into what he did, he didn’t even allow me to protest his decision, he just ran into the room to grab his car keys and before i could say Jack, we were already heading down to the car.

It became too late by the time i realised that he was dead serious about sending me back to my place. After everything that happened in Benin City, i had hoped that we would have a wonderful fence-mending night together. I had hoped that he would take me to a nice restaurant where he would feed me by himself and kiss me without regard to what other people around think. I had hoped that Austin would make passionate love to me as compensation for how he left me almost stranded in Edo State but No, he drove me to my street, bought some sleeping tablets for me before taking me inside inside the house.
I stood and watched as he left the apartment, started his engine and disappeared into the night.

The only thing that saved me from suicide was the sleeping drugs he made sure i took before he left. A few minutes after he left, the tablets weakened me. I couldnt stand up or go to the kitchen to get food, i just sat on the sofa in the sitting room and before i could remember anything, it was already morning of the following day.

I waited the whole day to see if Austin could get me a Phone like he promised the day before but it didn’t happen. He eventually came along later in the evening and restated his promise to get me a phone. When i told him that i had no money in the house, he gave me N5000 before he left.

My departure date back to Europe was in a few days. I had hoped to go to the airport to change the date to another two or three weeks but since my life with Austin wasn’t going like i wanted, there was no need to postpone the traveling date. I was going back to Europe to recover properly from the shocks i received from Austin and the thieves who attacked me. Austin had apparently out-smarted me in every fight we had. He was more like a prophet, knowing everything i planned even before i started planning them. He was just too clever and since it seemed that i misbehaved in Benin City, i had no choice but to receive his youthful brutality.

The following morning, i took a bike to a place called Western Avenue and bought a Nokia Phone. It cost me about N6500 including a new simcard card.
There was no need getting a smarter phone since i would be going to Europe in a few days.

When i returned home, i found some phone numbers in my diary and stored them in the phone, then i called Austin; i had his number offhand.

“Yes” he simply said.

When i told him it was me, he said he could come in the evening. I Summoned enough courage and asked him to bring some money for me. He said he would do that. When Austin arrived, he gave me a brand new Ericsson phone that was probably more expensive than the phone i lost to the robbers.
It was a very nice expensive machine that must have cost him a lot. I couldnt contain my joy as i jumped all over him right there in the street in front of our building.

My joy wasn’t just for the mobile phone, it was more of the fact that Austin could actually buy something that expensive for me. It made me believe that the mysterious young man still loved and cared for me.
The only confusion was that he did good things today and the next day, it was a bad one.

Perhaps it wasn’t that he was doing bad things to me, it could be that i didn’t understand his life style as i should have done.
That strange character i saw in him the first day we met at the Beach had managed to manifest eventually.

Austin was simply the master of his destiny. He dictated the pace each time i was privileged to be with him. He controlled things at restaurants, at his home, inside the car, at my own home and wherever else we happened to go together. His ideas swallowed mine. He seemed to know whatever was on my mind at all times.
At restaurants, he would correct people’s ideological mistakes. He would sometimes argue about religion. He would tell people not to believe everything they heard in the Churches.

The only thing i carefully monitored about him was the way he discussed Europe. He never for once said anything about ever being to Europe in Public. He just skipped the topic each time it came up in Public. Sometimes i even wondered if he had ever really been to Europe. But then i had seen and heard him speaking German on the phone.

I could see that something else was worrying Austin. Despite everything he gave me and how happy i was, he seemed to have drifted away from the immediate environment.

“You look worried” i eventually said to him.

He told me not to worry about that because he had just remembered something.

We ended up sleeping that night like we did in the past. Things seemed to have returned to normal until i told him that i wanted to visit him the following day.

“I am not currently staying in my apartment ” he announced.

When i asked why he left and where he had relocated to, he said it was somewhere called Jakande Estate in Ikotun area. He said he was lying low and didn’t want to expose me to harm’s way.
All effort i made to convince him to take me to the place didn’t work. But he promised to see me again the following day or next.
Although i was going to miss him again but i was thankful that he was returning to me.

When Austin left, i slept alone. I didn’t have much money with me anymore. I didn’t want to withdraw from the bank again. I was about to return to Europe and there was no need to start living extravagantly once more.

I planned to tell Austin that i would be returning to Europe when he comes the following day like he promised. If he didn’t come, i would have to call him from the airport to tell him.

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  1. Defeat accepted at last. Good move Maria.

  2. The web of intricacies … zuby the master.

  3. miss salome

    Maria atleast u hv seen dt u cnt defeat Austin
    Austin- always acting mysteriously

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