65: No longer at Ease

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“Leave my bag for me” I heard behind me as i looked to find out what was happening. The men had caught up with the high heeled bitches and were dragging the hand bag with them.
I quickly calculated that the distance between us was enough to allow me enough time to open the entrance door and get in before they reached me.

I had some valuables with me including my documents, my phones and the money i got from Williams.

The Suriname men were known all over Holland for snatching peoples bags.
They were the single most foreigners in Holland due to the fact that the Dutch colonized them.

Suriname was a small country located in Northern Brazil area known as Guyana peninsula. In fact Guyana and French Guyana were the two nations that bordered Suriname on the West and East respectively.

The Dutch had captured them around 17th century and named them Dutch Guiana/Guyana until independence in 1954.

Half of the country’s 550,000 people lives in Netherlands because they used the same international Passports.

Most of the crimes committed in the Netherlands were done by the Surinamese who foolishly believed they were whites while they see dark skins all over their bodies.

As i opened the door, i saw two of them dashing fast towards me like Hussein Bolt but before they could reach me, i opened the door and jumped inside.
One cursed while i stood behind the door panting.

Maybe they stole things from the girls but i doubted they got anything important except for their phones.

The Christopher Columbus Area where i lived was pretty isolated and would take some miracle for the cops to show up there by that time of the night unless someone called them. However, due to the activities going there that night, i had a feeling that someone definitely saw what happened and called the cops, i also had a feeling that the girls would return to my door to start playing with the bell. As a result, the first thing i did was to disconnect the digital bell.
I had decided that i won’t go anywhere again that night even if the Netherlands Army were coming to my place.

After putting the bell off service, i removed my clothes and went for a hot shower.
The entire light in the apartment were deliberately switched off.
About five minutes after i came out of the bathroom, i saw the siren Lights of the Police vehicle reflecting on the outside windows.

I looked out through the window and saw the vehicle drove past our door and went down, then packed about 40 metres down the road with all the lights on the car switched on.

I stood there at the window and watched until about five minutes later, they started their engine and drove away towards the major road.
Apparently, the Suriname guys had disappeared and there was also no sign of Debbie and her friend.

The events of the day were too many and stressful for me and as a result, i simply collapsed on the bed and slept.

I had finally retrieved my money from Mr. Williams but from the way things happened, It was very safe and correct to assume that they would be more to it.

I was going to find a way to locate the Igbo men who rescued me from the Ghanaian bastards at Ghazenhof; i didn’t even know their names, it was just the language that saved me.

But then i wondered what the Ghanaians were actually going to do to me.
Were they planning to beat me in front of Ghazenhof mall where there were also many other people?

Africans were among the silliest races i have known in terms of prudence. It was only in Africa where someone would see a group of people beating a man but instead of asking what the victim did, they would join hand to beat him; then ask questions later.
I had witnessed such things in Lagos Nigeria, which i believed was the most populous city in Africa as at then.
All the black skinned empty heads needed to hear was that i was a thief and the next thing was to descend on me.

However, there was a rivalry between Ghanians and Nigerians wherever they meet themselves all over the World. It happened in every aspect of life including sports and business.

Ghanaians never believed Nigerians were better than them in anything and just like the Hausa and the Igbo tribes, they fight themselves at every small opportunity.

There were several Igbos in Bijlmer and so were the Ghanaians.
Most of the apartments occupied by the Igbo men and women in Bijlmer were outrightly owned by the Ghanaians due to the fact that they started traveling ahead of the Nigerians.

Nigeria as a country was good and vibrant economically and the Ghanaians used to migrate en mass to work and live in Nigeria but for some reasons, some dumb Northern Army Generals seized power in Nigeria and systematically destroyed the economy beyond anybody’s imagination.
Then the Ghanaians started looking for elsewhere to go and most returned to their country which was then beginning to show some good signs of economic improvement. It was then the turn of the Nigerians to migrate to Ghana and the neighbouring countries including Cameroun.

Due to the fact that a lot of people came out on the road to find out what was happening to me in Ghazenhof, i was going to return there and ask Adaide whether she knew the two men who rescued me; i needed to thank them properly because the average African man expected a hug each time he did something for anybody.

When i woke up the next morning, i sat down on the bed and gave a long thought over what happened the day before. It was obvious that the troubles were being averted one after the other but it was good to know that the last two issues were far from over. The Ghanaians would definitely regroup and wait for another opportunity and i was sure they could get. Secondly, the Debbie girl could also show up anytime like she did the night before but i suspected she came for her Gucci bag which i was sure cost her some chunk of money to buy.
It was unfortunate she lost the bag minutes after i gave it back to her but i kept the possibilities every open.

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