64: The Slimy Snake

Back inside my hotel room, i tried several times to connect Austin but his cell phone was switched off. I cried more that night until sleep was able to put me out of my misery temporary.

I woke up before 7 in the morning and took my bath, then i left my things in the hotel room and ventured outside to the car park. Austin was not yet back, not that i believed he would be back. I walked out to the road and stood there. Five minutes later, i saw a Young Bike man and stopped him.

“Please i am looking for my boyfriend. He left me out of anger and drove away to another hotel last night. Can you help me track him? I will pay you” I said.

John was his name, he said he could help me check all the hotels around the area but that he would need someone else to help out.
When i told him to find another person, he called another Bike man who met us ten minutes later.

“Sister, if we find him, how much will you pay?” John asked.

I told them that i would pay 1000 Naira to each of them. We eventually settled for 1500 Naira after more bargaining.

John and his friend demanded for 500 Naira each to buy petrol before embarking on the Journey after i described the BMW very well for them.

An hour later, they called and said they found him somewhere near Akpakpava district of Benin City.

“Stay there with the car, i will be there soon” I ordered them before i grabbed my bag and jumped out of the hotel.

On a bike heading to the area where the BMW was found, i thought about what to do to Austin. I would first of all, order the boys to beat him up. I knew it would cost more money but it wont matter, i would pay them but as far as i was concerned, Austin would pay for everything he did to me.

I was still on the Bike when the boys called again. They said they saw someone who could have been Austin. They said he walked out from a hotel across the road and looked to the direction of the BMW before he diverted right and walked away.
When i asked the cloth he wore, they said it was a white T-Shirt and a Blue Jean.

“That was him” I yelled. “Make sure he doesn’t drive away”.

By the time i arrived at the place where the BMW was parked, Austin wasn’t there. He had disappeared down the road like the boys said.

Since the car was still there, i believed he would return. There was no way he could have abandoned his powerful vehicle in Benin City and return to Lagos.

I stood with the boys for close to twenty minutes before he showed up again. Surprisingly Austin returned with Three Uniformed Police officers. My whole plans crashed the moment the Police rushed to the Bike boys and grabbed them.

I stood in confusion and watched as Austin quickly got into his car and drove away towards the Lagos-Benin highway.
The Police officers were as confused as we were. They didn’t know whether to pursue Austin or not. They knew that Austin was driving away but unfortunately, there was nothing they could do since they had no vehicle with them.
They would have asked The Bike boys to help pursue Austin but unfortunately they already slammed them with handcuffs.

Everyone was confused, especially me. I didn’t need anybody to tell me that it was over between us. There was no way back for me. At the rate he drove off with the powerful engine, i was sure he was returning to Lagos without me. It was a pity things happened the way they did.

The slimy snake called Austin had seen the two suspicious Bikes standing near his car and had instantly discovered that they could be waiting for him. He had thrown them off balance by going straight to the Police post down the road. The result was that my boys were on cuffs, the police were in confusion, and i was in tears while he was in a powerful BMW cruising away towards Lagos.

I was sure he must have switched on his phone, so i called him.

“What is it?” He shouted.

“Austin please wait for me. Its not what you think, i only asked the…”
The phone went dead, i expected that.

I called again and he answered once more.

“Baby i only told them to locate you for me. I just wanted to make sure nothing happened to you” I said.
The Police men were asking me to cut the phone call and follow them. The boys had managed to point at me as the person who hired them.

“Look Maria, we will finish this in Lagos when you return. I will be waiting for you over there” He said and cut the call.

The Police didn’t allow me to make the third call, they took my phone from me and asked me to follow them.

We walked for minutes before we arrived at the Police station.

Behind the counter, a plain sheet of paper was presented to three of us to start writing our versions of the story.
The boys said they couldnt write while i said i wasn’t writing anything. The Police offered to write for us after some arguments.

After taking down my names, i told them that Austin was my fiancee and that we returned to Edo from Lagos the day before to see my parents. I went on to tell them how we had some arguments at the hotel where we lodged and how he got angry and left me for another hotel. Finally i told them that it was me who told the boys to help me locate him so i could beg him face to face since his phone was switched off.

The lady Police officer who was writing for me looked up and told me that Austin said something different.
“He told us that two thieves were on his car and that they could be armed.”

We spent an hour at the station bargaining on how much money required to bail three of us. Eventually I paid 3000 Naira each to secure our freedom.

As i walked out of the station, i wondered how i allowed things to escalate to that stage. I was sure if i had managed things properly, i would not have been where i was.
I had hoped that Austin would be at the receiving end of things but it turned out that i became the victim of my own plans. I was going to return to Lagos alone on a public transport yet the front right passenger side of the BMW was empty while Austin drove away towards Lagos.

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  1. De Great Ozoigbondu de 1st u ar too much. Thinking ahead every minute. Serves Maria right. Come to Lagos for the Final Conflict.

  2. miss salome

    Hehehehe maria u definitely don’t know who u are dealing with Austin the smart slimy snake

  3. lollz can’t stop laughing. you planned for your own arrest

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