63: It is not over yet

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One down, two to go. The escape from the fat woman wasn’t easy.
The bastards saw me crossing the road to the back of the small Police station.
They also saw me talking with the fat woman but they didn’t make any move on me.
They simply believed the woman was either going to lure me back to the shop or atleast tell me to return tomorrow.
Mr. Williams and his boys believed that i would be caged.
But when they Saw the woman fumbling to give something to me, they knew that i had somehow tricked the woman into doing things my own way.

Naturally in situations like the one i was, it was only right that i kept looking right, left, front and back for surprise attack.

When i saw three of them coming from the same direction, i knew that their plan was as porous as the Nigeria borders.

Since they were coming from the South end, i didn’t need anybody to tell me that the North End was my way out.

Every living creature naturally moves faster when it wants to capture an enemy; that was what the trio did and I, as the enemy also increased my strides.

“Stop there” I hear behind my back as they breezed past the old woman who stood surprised.
She really didn’t know what was happening and i didn’t expect her to know.
The less she knew was probably better for her.

I ran until i came out to the front of the Police station which was also facing the Ghazenhof bus stop in Bijlmerdreef.

I stood in front of the small police station and waited until they ran up to 20 meters of the point where i was, then i casually walked into the open police house.

“Excuse me officers” I said to two young probably newly recruited officers sitting behind the counter.

“What can we do for you Sir?” One of them stood up and asked as i looked behind my shoulders and saw the three idiots standing directly opposite the police house; they were looking at me from under the street light.
Behind them was a waiting blue and white long bus heading to Anton de Komplein lane near Amsterdamspoort.

“I am from Paris and i am looking for Bijlmer”

“Here is Bijlmer Sir, where in Bijlmer are you looking for?” He asked.

Think fast, think Fast!

“Enugu Street” i said.

The cop who was standing up looked at the other one and said something in Dutch.
The one sitting down started pressing the computer keyboard opposite him.

“Can you write the names of the street?” he asked.

I shook my head, signifying that i couldn’t write Enugu even if my life depended on it.
They generally believed that Africans didn’t attend schools, therefore that was one of the moments i had to accept that we didn’t attend schools.

The three very black Men were still loitering near the Electric pole, they were looking into the police reception hall and waiting for me to come out.

“I think those African men there may know the place, let me go and ask them” I said as i pointed to three of them.

They saw me pointing at them and quickly rushed towards the waiting bus whose doors were open.

The two cadet officers Were still nodding the approval that i should go and ask the African men when i walked towards the door and continued pointing at them.

They rushed into the bus as i stood at the door and watched.
The bus driver closed the doors and drove away towards Anton de Komplein.

I thanked the young cops and jumped down from the two steps at the entrance of the hall.

The long business mall at the Ghazenhof was a few meters from my left hand and since the bus headed right, i walked quickly towards the mall to get a Snoda that will take me home.
I was negotiating the price with a Snoda when the body of the car reflected a man coming towards us.

“My friend, 30 Euros is good to go to Almere. I have to come…” The driver was saying while my mind concentrated on the image heading towards me.

As soon as the image came to within a Few inches from me, i turned around and swung my right hand at him.

Mr. Williams was clutching his his jaw when the second blow landed at the back of his neck.
He staggered back and stared at me with so much surprise in his eyes.

The Snoda man looked at me for explanation.

“This idiot has been stalking me since 6pm. If he come closer here, i will kill him. Turn the car, lets leave this place” I said calmly.

The driver reversed the vehicle and drove ten meters down and stopped.
I was walking behind the car until it stopped and i entered the front seat.

While walking towards the car, i watched to make sure Mr. Williams wasn’t coming after me. People have started to gather near the concrete pavement opposite where we were standing.

I didn’t care anymore and i was ready to fight physically. The black bastard had already tried enough to bully me and i was sure things would continue that way until he felt that he has won.

“Lets go” I said to the driver as the three black men came out and blocked the path of the car.
They were the same three that entered the public bus a few minutes ago. Apparently, they stopped at the next bus stop down the road and took a snoda back to the place.

“Lock the doors” I said to the driver who was already doing that.

“My friend, go down from my car, i am not part of this” he said.

I killed the car engine and removed the key from the ignition.

“Pay attention, you are part of this now. They already think we are together. If you open the door, they will fight us”.

“What is going on?” he asked.

“I had a bad business with one of them and they want to beat me” I said as one of them pulled on the car door to force it open; the door didn’t shift.

I didn’t know the next thing to do. The truth was that the number of Ghanaians in Bijlmer surpassed that of every other African country in Amsterdam.
They were the first group of people who migrated to Europe in late 60s with the false story that they were from Biafra and were being killed by the General Yakubu Gowon led Nigeria Army.

The pull and knock on the car doors had increased from one person to three.

Mr. William had joined them too.


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