62: The Dangerous Retrieval

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I left the Gaspaplas woods and came out to the road leading back from Gein to Gaspaplas Metro station, then i crossed the road and picked a Snoda.

“Take me to Almere Poort” I said.
His price was 10 Euro higher than what i used to pay but i followed him anyway.
We stopped 100 meters from my apartment and i walked slowly until i got to the house.
Debbie was not there; i didn’t expect to see her there either. The cold had started to descend in Europe and every sane person was not expected to be hanging outside for long.

I quietly opened the central door as if i didn’t want anybody to hear the sound of the door.
Inside the house, i closed the door and walked up the stairs to the apartment.

The first thing i did was to check the two rooms and the kitchen to see if Debbie had somehow managed to sneak into the building; she wasn’t there.

I relaxed and called Maria, she said she was fine but was missing me.

I took the opportunity to persuade her to return but she stopped me from discussing that.

“A lady was here two days ago. I picked her up at the club” I said and kept quiet.

“You are old enough to do that Azubuike, you don’t have to tell me” She said.

“Are you not worried that someone slept on your part of the bed?” I asked.

She said it was no longer her bed and that i was free to do as i wished. It was then that i knew that she might have gone for good.
The bitch living with her was going to poison her mind if she hasn’t done that already and Maria would begin to see me as a stumbling block in her life or possibly in her prostitution career.

“I think i am going home then because there is no need hanging around here anymore” I finally told her.

She kept quiet for a while before she said, “If that is what you want, you can go ahead and do that. Maybe we will meet again in Lekki beach and end what we started there back in 2006. It has been one long dream. Take care”.

When the Williams called again, it was the wife. She said her husband gave her the money to give me and that i should come and pick it up in Ghazenhof business mall.

“I gave him the names and address where he should send the money down to Africa. I am waiting for the Withdrawal codes” I said.

“Please, they told him that he must pay for the transaction and also pay for the person who will send the money for him. He borrowed this money from people” She begged.

“Alright Madam. Give the money to the woman who owns the shop at the Ghazenhof mall, i will pick it up from her” I said and cut the call.

In the evening of the same day, i took a snoda to Kempering and met Robin in his apartment. Madam Precious was busy cooking in the kitchen while Robin played PlayStation in the sitting room.

“The Ghanians have decided to return my money today. I need someone to pick it up in Ghazenhof. Can Precious do that?” I asked.

“That is no big deal, i can go and pick it up myself. I heard a Nigerian man went to Church Crusade and gave a testimony about Mr. Williams” Robin said.
“I heard it too” i said.

“What about the woman who was asking everybody about you. Did you know that she knows the real names in your Documents?” He asked.

“Yea, i know and fortunately, people don’t know me with those names in Amsterdam. How did you meet her?” I asked.

“The big Chinese restaurant opposite the photolab in Amsterdamspoort. We were eating there when she came in and asked if we were Igbos. When i agreed that i was, she said she was looking for you. When i asked her to describe you, she said she has never seen you but only spoke on the phone. She showed me your phone number and it was the correct one. Well i told her i don’t know you but asked her to give me her number so that i can reach her if i eventually find out who you are. What is your business with her, she looks mean” Robin said.

“Its a long story and i am not in the mood to discuss that now. If you want to go get the money in Ghazenhof, you should go now” I said.

He said he would go after eating.

We waited until the food was ready, then we ate and took a Snoda together to Ghazenhof.
While i stayed back in the Snoda, Robin walked across the road to the shop.

When he returned, he said the woman refused to give him the money.

“She said she was directed to hand the money to you, not to any other person. I suspect a setup in the whole plan and i think you should be very careful” Robin said.

“I suspected a setup right from the beginning and that’s why i asked you to go and get the money. It is almost 8pm, the woman will close anytime from now. I will follow her to her house. You can go while i wait inside the Afroshop down there” I said and got down from the car.

Robin told me to be careful before they drove off.

There was an Afroshop that belonged to an Igbo Woman down the road, i walked in there and bought a bottle of beer.
While i drank, i watched the Ghanaian woman’s shop. It didn’t took more than twenty minutes before she rolled out like a huge round stone.

I quickly killed the beer and walked outside.
She walked behind the small police station near her shop, i crossed the road and followed her.

It was already night but due to the street electricity, everywhere was bright.

About 200 meters from her shop, i met her.

“Mama good evening. I just went to your shop but they said you have closed. I came to take the money Williams’ wife kept for me” I said.

“I don’t have it here. You must come to the shop in the morning” She said and continued walking.

“Mama listen, there is something going on. This people are planning to harm me and if that happen, i will bring Police to your shop and they will close your shop. Goodbye” I said and turned around.

“Come and take the money, i have it here. I don’t want to get involved in whatever you people are up to. Don’t come to my shop with police, i beg you in the name of God. That is the only place i get money to feed myself and my Children” She said as she fumbled inside her oversized Trousers and brought out my 2000 Euros.

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