62: My Dream Husband

The following few days was spent almost alone. Austin had scared me when he said that i didn’t sleep alone that night. I didn’t know if he saw me or saw Kelly and it was difficult to know if he knew for sure. But the truth was that i didn’t want to pursue that argument. Whether he was right or wrong, i wanted things to remain the way they was. I regretted taking Kelly home that night, i didn’t get what i bargained for.

On that fateful morning, we left Lagos for Ekpoma in Edo State. Austin slept in my place and we made passionate love before leaving that morning.
I had called my mother and told her that i would return with my fiancee. She had asked who he was and where he came from and when i told her, she said that i must beware because Austin could be a gold digger.
I had a good laugh when my mother said that Austin could be a gold digger. I didn’t quite know how much Austin was worth but the truth was that he seemed to be far richer than i was.
His car was more expensive compared to my Rav4. He just relocated to a new place which i was sure cost more than N500, 000. Ever since we met, he took over the bills wherever we ate. He seemed not to care about me and what i had. Gold diggers didn’t particularly behave that way.

We got to Ekpoma around 11am and drove the vehicle inside our compound.
My father had developed partial stroke the week before and it was one of the reasons why i returned.

Mother wasn’t home when we returned but my younger sister rushed out to call her. We sat in the sitting room and talked with my father while we waited for my mother to return.

Austin and my father seemed to have hit it off very well. I remained quiet as they discussed about Enugu. According to my father, he lived and worked in Enugu for two years as a personal driver for one Enugu rich man. He said that Enugu people were very hospitable.

The ice nearly broke when my father asked Austin to take good care of me.
I had thought that Austin would explode but he calmly smiled and told my father that he would make sure i smile every day.
His statement was the best thing i have heard from his mouth. He was all smiles when he made the statement and as a result, i had stood up from where i was sitting and hugged him. At that moment, i wished that the set up was real. I wished that he would marry me. I wished that we would return together to Europe and have fun everywhere together.
I would gladly move in with him wherever he lived in Europe. It was better than that Jude who lived in Lagos and wanted to marry someone who lived in Italy.

When my mother returned, she greeted Austin with a hug. I returned to the car and brought out what we bought for them.
Austin had insisted that we traveled with two bottles of red wine. A friend of his had sent a bus from Germany; the bus was loaded with spare parts and drinks.

We also gave them bread and juice and clothes.
We spent hours in Ekpoma until it was around 4pm, then we told my parents that we were Going to Benin City.
We also told them that we would return to Lagos from there.

Austin gave money to my parents. I didn’t know how much it was until he told me in the Car. It was surprising to me that he gave N30, 000 to them. We didn’t discuss that before we came. I had hoped that he would give them money but i didn’t know it would be that much.
I knew he was a generous guy but i wouldn’t have believed that he would give that kind of money to people he met for the first time.

At Benin City, we went to see Agnes first. She was my old friend who was supposed to travel to Italy with me but couldn’t make it. His father had refused that she would go to Italy.
She cried when she saw me. She lamented and said that she would have been like me if she had gone to Italy with me.
I didn’t know how to tell her that it wasn’t easy out there. Almost all the people who traveled at the same time like me were still standing out on the popular Domitiana highway, waiting for men. Most of the the people who came to Europe at the same time like me were still serving their madams, even the men among them.
Yes, men too. I haven’t said anything about them too but men were being trafficked to Europe too. Their jobs were different from that of women but that would be a story for another day.

Agnes, believed our destinies were the same; she believed that she would have returned at the same time that i returned. Little did she know that even some Madams had no papers to return to Africa. It was God that made me what i became. It was God that made my life sweet but when i sat down and look at things, i found out that it was all vanity. It was all nothing especially when i realized that death itself was just a moment away.

“Agnes, you can still go to Europe if you want but understand that it is not easy out there” Austin said.
He had discovered that Agnes has been making references to the fact that i lived in Europe while she has not.

Rather than Agnes smiling over the statement, she exploded.
She said that Austin didn’t want her to progress and that I was never stronger than her when we were in secondary school.

Miss Agnes thought that Europe was all about physical strength, she thought that luck worked hand in hand with physical strength.
She reserved every right to insult or talk to me however she wanted but to do the same against Austin, i would fight her to the end.

“Lets go baby” I suddenly said.
Things had become tense and the best thing to do was to leave the place immediately.

Agnes took the N5, 000 i offered her but she was unlucky because Austin said he wanted to give her money too.

“You know i wanted to give her some money too but she sounded too desperate. She could use my money to bewitch me” Austin had said.

“Really? Since when did you start to believe in things like that?” I queried.

“I don’t believe in everything but i don’t doubt everything” he said.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I need to concentrate on my driving now” He looked at me and said.

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    Agnes its not all about physical strength I don’t tink u are smart like Maria so its all about been very smart

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