61: The Avoidable Trap

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“Do you speake Dutch?” One of the officers had asked when the other two left.

“No, I speak English, Igbo, German and French” I said.

“That’s is good. You don’t have Passport and permit, why?” he asked.

“Who said i don’t have them?” I asked too.

After looking at the other officer and asking whether that wasn’t what the two people who arrested me said, he asked if i had the passport.

“Yes, I have my passport” I said as i brought it out from my Jean pocket.

After looking at it, he asked what i was doing in Amsterdam.

“I come here to smoke weed often and sometimes go to night clubs” I said.

After Checking the Passport for another two times, he asked for my resident permit which i gave him.

It took less than thirty minutes to process and release me from custody.

In front of the station, i waited until a Snoda showed up.

“Take me to Golden Tulip Hotel near Gaspaplas” I said.

We drove to the hotel where i paid for one room and relaxed.
Since the Zimbabwean girl thought she was smart, it was time to play the smart game.
She could have decided to go and wait for me near the apartment or maybe not but i didn’t want to take chances, the next few days could be spent in a hotel.
60 Euros a day wasn’t that much for three days, by which she must have returned to wherever she came from.
Let me see how she would come to ask me silly questions again.
The entire drama was mind chocking. There was no need trying to be the superman; some troubles were better avoided by all means than trying to solve them.

As soon as i settled down in the hotel, i started reading my text messages. Madam Model has been sending messages after messages. First she said she has been calling my French phone number which has been ringing without anybody answering it. Then she sent text messages there without me replying them. Finally she sent messages to my Holland number.
There was no need talking to her; therefore i deleted the messages and called Mr. Williams.

The silly man didn’t take my calls.
I called the wife.
“Your husband has refused to pay me my money. I am no longer interested in asking for it either. From now on, i will not contact you or him again, have a good day” I said.

She pleaded with me to give her one more week while she tried to come up with the money.

It took another five minutes after talking to the woman for Mr. Williams to call me.
This time, he wasn’t aggressive as he used to be. He pleaded that i gave him small time to sort himself out.

“You are Speaking in parables. I have given you enough time and i won’t extend it again. If you like keep playing with this matter, it could be too late for you soon”.

The rest of the day in the hotel was the most boring of my entire stay in Europe. There was absolutely nothing to do except sleep, wake up, make calls and sleep again. That  small time really showed me how life could be in prison.

Why was i in the hotel? Why should i be scared of returning to the apartment i paid for? Because Of Debbie, a woman i met a few days ago.

It was almost shameful but there could have been a divine reason why things were happening that way. I was already fed up and decided to return home the following morning.
If Debbie wanted, she could stand in the doorway for all i care.
I was going home to my place and i would hit her if she tried to do anything stupid.
It took Police to separate us from the night club and it could take more police to separate us permanently but i was going home; that was my decision.

Early in the morning the following day, Mr Williams woke me up. He said he has the money and that i should come and pick it up in Ghazenhof.

“Give it to the woman who owns the shop, i will pick it up in the evening” I said.

“No, no, i want to hand it to you in Person” he said.

“You silly man, i told you to stop giving me conditions. I will pick the money up at her shop or you take a snoda to where i am” I said,

“Where are you?” he asked.

“Gaspaplas Metro Station” I said.

He promised to come there immediately.

Why was this idiot insisting on seeing me?
Danger detected!

Gaspaplas Metro station was very close to Golden Tulip Hotel.
I walked from the hotel to the Station and waited inside a small coffee office near the bus terminal.

Twenty Minutes later, Mr. Williams arrived with two Ghanaians. They came with the same train but while Mr. Williams was on the front coach, the other duo were on the last coach.

I watched as they all came down and while the other two sat down on a chair, Mr. Williams called to ask where i was.

“Who are those people with you?” I asked.

“They are my friends. They just came to bear me witness that i have given you the money” He said.

Really, why were they not in the same train coach with him?

“Oh, I see. Wait for me, i will come up there now” I said.

There was a small walkway that led into the woods and straight down to the Gaspadam lake.

I came out of the coffee room and followed the path into the woods.
Mr. Williams started calling after five more minutes but by then, i had gone far into the woods and was getting close to Gein.

“Williams, Since you want evidence that you paid me the money, go to the Western Union and send the money to me. They will give you a receipt which you can show to anybody who ever doubted you returned my money. I will send you the recipients name shortly” I said and cut the call.

From my sent messages box, i pulled up the data of my younger brother in Nigeria and sent it to Mr. Williams.
I also wrote an accompanying message that directed Mr. Williams not to call me unless it was to give me the Withdrawal codes from Western Union.

In the Dutch Police Force and other systems, i had seen black people that worked there. Train and Bus Drivers, airport workers etc. Ghanians worked there.
There was no need trying to find out the two people who came with Williams, they could have been Thugs, Police or anything. It was the reason why his money had to go all the way to Nigeria.

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