1. Meeting Naomi.

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Chapter 1. Meeting Naomi.

I arrived in Paris in the Early hours of that Friday morning. Since i didn’t know anywhere in Paris, i had asked the cab driver to take me to the area where i could find a cheap hotel. Since he was a black driver who had been to Paris many times, he took me to an area called Mercadet-Poissonniers where tens of black young sex workers were seen loitering around. He had stopped me near a bus stop where i stood for a few minutes contemplating my next move.

”What are you doing here” a voice said behind me. It was that of a beautiful black young girl of about 18 years.
She was alone and i wondered what she could be doing there alone by that time of the night.

”What do you mean by that question”? I asked.

She said the point where i stood belonged to her and that the point was where she stood to look for customers.
Customers? Oh she meant men who wanted sex.

”You sound like a Nigerian, are you”? I asked.
She said that it was none of my business where she came from and said i should leave the area if i didn’t come for sex.

”I just came to Paris and i need a cheap hotel to stay for the night” i said.

She pointed down a small street and said a hotel was located over there.

”How much will it cost you to stay with me until mid day tomorrow” i asked.

She said she would take €150.

”Alright lets go and check out the hotel you mentioned” i said as i grabbed my luggage and pulled her frail body with the other hand.

We walked down to the street and found the hotel she mentioned. It wasn’t a five start but i didn’t need a five star hotel. I had just arrived in a new city and Country. I needed to be very economical with money since it wasn’t certain where i was going to end up.

After convincing the hotel receptionist that i would spend up to a week with them, he agreed to take €30/day from me.
I paid for one week and took my bag and my new catch upstairs.

”What is your name sweetheart” i asked.

She said her name was Naomi. She was a teenager. Not more than 19. She was from Edo State of Nigeria. I would have been surprised at her age but ever since i fought the war against Madam Grace over Jennifer in Portugal, nothing about the Edo girls surprised me anymore.

”When did you come to Europe” i asked.
”Are we here for question and answers, i hope you are going to give me my money” she said.

I opened my wallet and removed three €50 notes, threw them at her and asked her another question.

”How old are you Naomi”

She gathered the stray Euro notes, stuffed them inside her small bag and turned towards me.

”I am old enough to fuck” she said”

”Naomi, i think i like you and i need to know some things about you before asking you to remove your clothes” i said.

She kept quiet.

”Alright, since you don’t want to talk, i think you should leave this place” i said.

She got up and walked towards the exit door.

”Hehehe, i think you are forgetting something” I said.

She opened her bag and brought Out the money i had given her, threw it on the bed and continued walking towards the door.

”Wait sweetheart. Don’t go, i won’t ask you any more personal questions” i said.

She returned and sat on the bed.
Something must have been worrying her about her journey to Europe. It was the same for many young women who somehow found themselves in Continental Europe. Some of their Masters and Madams who brought them to Europe never told them how things were going to work out. Although almost all of them knew that they were going for prostitution but so many things weren’t exactly the way they thought it would be.
Weather for instance was one of them.
Those young girls would stand under a temperature below Zero every night waiting for men. Sometimes police would come and chase them away. Some would be arrested and locked up for some days. Those were just a few of the things they didn’t expect.

I knew these things from Jennifer, a young Prostitute i found in Lisbon who ended up being a single mother in Far away Berlin.

”Naomi, i need some whisky, where can i get it by this time” i said.
It was almost 4:30am in the morning.
She said we could buy it at a Night shop in Brochant.
Brochant was an area along the road that led from Magenta and Gare Du Nord to Charles De Gualle Etoile and Champse Ellize.

We got downstairs and walked down to Brochant. Due to the street lights that was hanging on the trees, it was difficult to know what time it was.
We bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky and walked back to the hotel room.

”What do you come to do in Paris” Naomi asked me.
It seemed she had finally decided to talk.

”Nothing, i am just here to celebrate my birthday and look around the city” i said.

She held my hand as we walked back upstairs. It was strange. I couldn’t figure out why she had suddenly turned from a stubborn little girl to all loving Juliet. Maybe she was up to something but i laughed out loud at the thought of her being up to something.

”Why are you laughing” she asked.

I lied to her that it was due to the fact that i found a beautiful girlfriend in Paris.

”I am not your girlfriend” she countered.

”Really, we shall see about that Naomi” i said.

We got into our room and opened our drink.

I came to Paris with a lot of money. I had over €15,000 with me. I also left some money back in Holland as a back up should anything go wrong.

The money i came with was hidden carefully inside a hole i had made around the belt hole of my Jean trousers. I had changed the money into €500 notes which made it very easy to carry along.
I also left a little over €700 inside my wallet.

I walked into the bathroom for my hot shower and when i returned, Naomi was nowhere to be found. She didn’t take my wallet or phones which were on the table. She also kept the €150. I gave her on the bed.

I browsed through my wallet and nothing was missing. I couldn’t figure out what she had done.

I quickly put on my clothes and went downstairs.

” Appear weak when you are
strong, and strong when you
are weak.”

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