61: Ghost Mode

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I waited where i was until Nonso and his disciples walked back to the betting house, then i stopped a cab and drove back to Marcadet. The Sxs workers had started to come out in full force when i arrived. I entered a small pizza shop opposite the place i found Esther and waited while eating a quarter of a round pizza. As usual, there were numerous young girls loitering around. One of them eventually came into the pizza hut to buy some food.
“Hello, how are you?” i had asked. After carefully considering whether i was worthy of wasting her time or not, she said she was fine.
“I am new here in Paris. Do you mind if i ask you something?” i said.
She said i could ask her anything i wanted as long as i would do that fast.
“Do you want to make €200 without doing much work” i said.

She looked at me suspiciously without saying a word. I brought out my walled and opened it.
“Here is the money” i said as i handed her a €200 note. She didn’t take it, rather she asked what i wanted her to do.
“There is a girl called Esther who works with you here. I met her yesterday when i arrived in Paris. I want to surprise her with something i bought for her. I want you to bring her to my hotel room. If you do that, the €200 is yours” I said. There was no need telling her that she won’t get the money if she didn’t do that, she knew already.
After carefully considering my proposals, she asked the name of the hotel; I gave her the hotel’s complimentary card. After looking at the card, she found out that the hotel was very close to Marcadet where we were.
“Do you mean that if i bring Esther to this hotel, you will give me the money?” she asked.
“Take the money first, just bring her there alone, I think I trust you. I bought something for her and i want to surprise her with it. I am in room 24. Please don’t tell her that i bought anything for her, don’t even tell her anything about me. Make her believe that a customer was waiting for you and that you wanted her to accompany you there.
She agreed and took the money from me. As she walked outside, i said, “please don’t let anybody know what is going on”.

I watched her walked to their joint and called Esther out. I didn’t know Esther was even there, there was darkness where she was standing. I didn’t want to go there too since the bad guys could have been hanging near the place. I was wearing a short jean and sports shoes. I needed to wear something that could allow me to run if the need arises.
After a few moments with Esther, i saw the new girl walked down towards the hotel; Esther was with her. I followed them through the other side of the road until they entered the street where the Hotel was located. I was too close to them because i wanted to make sure Esther didn’t make any phone call. It was true that she didn’t know it was me who had invited her but it was important not to undermine her intelligence. Every reasonable human being should be intelligent to a certain high degree, that was what naturally differentiated us from other animals.

As soon as they entered the hotel, i followed them. They walked up to the second floor and i followed. As soon as they knocked on door 24, i said from behind, “I am here”.
Esther got startled as soon as she turned back and saw me.
“How are you Esther?” i asked. She stood in one place and said nothing.
“Nice to meet you again” I said. She didn’t know the next thing to do.
“See, i have some few days to stay here in Paris and i like to stay with you and chat all the time. When i leave, you can do whatever you want but please, listen to what i have to tell you first” i said.
“What do you want to tell me” she asked.
“You can go now” i said to the girl who brought Esther. She walked out of the corridor and disappeared through the stairwell.

I held Esther’s hand and walked to room 26 opposite room 24, then i opened the room and we walked in.
“Who were those two people that followed you to my hotel last night?” i asked as soon as we got into the room. She kept quiet.
I needed to use tricks to find out. After some quick calculations, I said, “Write this phone number down for me with your phone, i want to flash the person so he could call me back, my airtime has finished” i said to Esther as i began to call out a number from my phone.
“00234****” i said as she wrote down the number with her phone. I finished calling out the numbers and took her phone from her with the pretence that i was going to flash the person who owned the number. I quickly clicked ‘Menu, Settings, Security, Pin code request’ and keyed in the default pin code which was generally ‘0000’. After that, the phone requested that i chose a new pin code of my own. I chose ‘0891’ which was my year of birth written from the back. The phone requested that i put the code again which i did before it accepted the code.
It meant that the phone now required the four digit code before anyone could use it to do anything including making a call.
When i finished, i pretended that the number she wrote down for me wasn’t being answered, then i dropped her phone on the table. I wanted to make sure that’s she wouldn’t use her phone anytime soon. The good news was that she could receive calls.
“Who told you to come with those men to my hotel?” i asked again. She said it was her aunty.
“I told my aunty that i saw you at the hotel and she called them and told me to take them to the hotel. She said you took her money and run away” she said.
“What are their names?” i asked.
“The tall one is Henry and the other one is Emeka” she said. Since i had seen Henry written on the register at the previous hotel where i lodged, i believed that Esther was telling the truth.

“Let us enjoy ourselves tonight, we will finish the conversation tomorrow” i said as i took her bag off her and dropped it on the table.

Esther was wearing a tight red pant and a skirt on top of it. She also wore a pullover since the street was a bit cold. I pulled the pullover out of her head and threw it on the table, then i pulled the skirt and the red pant out as well and threw them where the pullover was. Her nakedness greeted me since she wore nothing inside, her body was still young and very soft.
“Where are your condoms?” i asked. She pointed at her bag on the table and said, “Inside the bag”
I opened the bag and found six packs of Condom.
“Is this how you wish to live your life Esther?” I said while dangling the condoms in front of her.

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