61: Cheating On Myself

His name was Kelly.

Hair plated like R. Kelly, Maria not impressed.

Shoes shinning like the sun, Maria not impressed.

Wallet Bulging like a pregnant woman, Maria not impressed.

I never liked men who tried to physically outshine women. It wasn’t their duty to look all classic. It was the duty of the women.

Kelly didn’t introduce himself properly, maybe it was because i didn’t ask.

I wasn’t much interested in him because i was in love with some else. However, since the idea and plan was to punish Austin, i was going to either follow Austin to wherever he lived or take him to my own place.

As he sat opposite me and talked, i thought about Austin. I wondered what he would be doing at that particular time.
Was he sleeping peacefully with another girl while i killed myself with negative thoughts. That couldn’t be. He loved me, although he never said it but i knew it. There was no way he could leave me for another girl.

“Yes, what?” I suddenly shouted.
Kelly had nudged me out of my reverie and i didn’t know what he was saying before then.

“Sorry, my mind was somewhere else. Would you like to drink something Kelly?” I said.

“I should be the one asking that question, not you” He said as he smiled and tapped his wallet.
He wanted to show me that he was loaded, one of the things i hated in a man.

“Alright, i will take another glass of Johnnie Walker” I said.

I didn’t know if getting myself drunk was going to help me. I didn’t also know why i was desperate to be with Austin as if there were no other men around.

Kelly stood up and went to the bar; when he returned, he handed me a glass of Johnnie Walker and started sipping from his own glass.

“Tell me about yourself” he said.

I looked at him and smiled. “Are you sure you want to know about me?”

He laughed, “Why not?”

“Well if you insist, I am Pamela and i am a prostitute,” I said.

A young man who sat at his back turned and looked at me, then turned again and continued whatever he was discussing with his girlfriend.

Due to the music inside the hall, it was difficult to whisper; one had to say something loud enough for the other person to hear it.

He laughed. “You are joking, right?”

“No, i am very serious. What would i be doing here alone if i am not a prostitute?” I asked.

His mood changed. His expectations has been dented and he didn’t know how to approach the issue anymore but when i remembered that the mission was to punish Austin, I told Kelly that it was a joke.

Around 2am, Kelly said it was time to go. He said he lived in Ebutta Meta end of Lagos and was going to use a cab to go home; he asked me to go with him.

“Look Kelly, i live around here. You can come to my place and stay until daybreak” I said to him.

When Kelly found out that i was serious, he agreed to follow me.

Back in my place, he asked if i was the owner of the apartment and how i managed to live alone in that big place. That was one problem i had with Austin, he never asked anything about the apartment; not even the large Televison i mounted on the wall. It was so unfair of him to have pretended that he never saw those things. But yet, there was something about him that made me wonder if he was a normal human being or not.
Austin would allow me to talk for twenty minutes and one word out of his mouth would summarize everything i said.

But that night, i was going to cheat on him. I would make him know that i took a man home and hope that it didn’t hit me back on my face.

Kelly, despite being handsome, was not good in bed. I endured as he struggled to last for three minutes and as soon as i figured out that he was done, i pushed him aside and slept.

The following morning. I asked him to leave. His attempt to tell me that he was just tired last night didn’t work. I never liked excuses about weak men. It was clear that i was going to regret taking him home and there was no need to listen to his excuses.

When Austin called that morning and said he was on the way to my place, i practically pushed Kelly out.

Immediately Kelly left, i arranged the entire place and flushed away the condom we used in the night.

I was in the Kitchen when he came. As usual, he sat in the sitting room, staring at the TV like a kid. I would have loved him to join me in the kitchen, it would have been very romantic if he held and kissed me occasionally while i cooked, but that was never in his agenda.

“Why did you leave me here alone last night?” I had asked him when i came out of the kitchen.

He raised his eyes towards my face and slowly said, “You didn’t sleep alone here last night.”

My heartbeat increased. How could he have known that i didn’t sleep alone?
“What do you mean by that? You can’t come here to accuse me like that.”

“Look Maria, this is your place and your life. Any moment you feel that i have started treating you bad, just stop me from coming here. I came here to have some rest and not to be questioned” He said and stood up.

I didn’t need anybody to tell me that he was leaving. He had picked up his car keys and was heading towards the exit door.

“Baby” I called out, “Please don’t go.”

He stopped and turned around. “Am i treating you bad Maria?”

“No” I shook my head and hugged him.
I was really in love with Austin. I didn’t know what exactly made things the way they were but he seemed to have occupied my heart.

“There is something i wanted to tell you earlier” I said as we held each other.

He asked what it was and i told him that i wanted us to go to Edo State together.

“I thought you said you have been to Edo State” he said.

“Yes baby but i promised my mother that i will come back again before i return to Europe. This is the best opportunity for me because i can’t drive to Edo State”.

Surprisingly, Austin agreed to go with me. He said we could go anytime i wanted. It was the best thing i have heard since i returned. I was going to show him to my mother as my fiancee. She would then allow me to have peace.

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