60: The Dangerous Revenge

When Austin left the next morning, he said he was going to be busy the whole day and that i shouldn’t call him. When i tried to find out why i shouldn’t call him, he said someone was owing him at the wharf and that he needed to go and clear it out with the man.
The way he sounded, it was clear that he was angry with whoever it was. The only thing i was able to do was to ask him to be careful for me. It was true that we haven’t done much as lovers but i didn’t want to lose him.
He was the only person who came into my life with a full package. He wasn’t into too much telling me of what i wanted to hear; he was only generous with words such as ‘sweetheart’ and ‘Baby’. He was just the master and despite him not being that too older than i was , i decided to be a good listener when he talked.

Around 10am that morning, i called Tony. To confirm his immaturity, he started shouting without hearing why i called. That was just the difference between Austin and him, Austin would wait first and hear me out before saying whatever he would say.

“I found your Wrist Watch” I said after he ended his shout.

“I will come and take it. This afternoon. When i call you, bring it out to the front of the house,” he said and cut the call.
I instantly regretted calling him. I should have simply forgot about the whole thing. At least Austin who mattered more in my life knew the truth about the watch. If a scandal ever came up because of the wrist watch, Austin would surely be on my side.

When Tony called and said he was outside my apartment, i walked out with the watch and handed it over to him. He didn’t ask how i found it or why i decided to give it back to him, he just grabbed the watch from me and turned back to wherever he came from.
I stood in one place and watched as he went away and never returned.

That afternoon, i drove to Ikeja area to see my uncle whose wife had given birth to a baby boy. He had called and told me about it four days ago but i didn’t know the way to his place.
I had eventually called a bike man who agreed to take me to the place if i paid him N1200. I agreed and followed him to Ikeja.

I slept over at Ikeja and hoped that Austin would call me that night, but he didn’t. I was tempted many times to also call him but unfortunately i didn’t want to upset him since he warned me not to call.

In the night, i slept in my Uncle’s spare room and waited for that beautiful call from my Austin.
It came the next morning.

Austin finally called. He said he was in his new apartment getting down his properties from a truck.

“Uncle,” I said, “I am going, i just get a call from my boyfriend. He needs me to help him do something.”

My Uncle noticed that i was excited. “Hmm Maria. Who is this man that is taking you away from here so fast?” He asked.

I smiled and told him that he wont possibly understand.

I didn’t ask any Bike man to take me home, i just drove out on the road and before i knew where i was, it was too late.
I had Managed to drive out to the Oshodi – Apapa highway and headed towards Apapa. However, i made the mistake of driving past the Mile two bridge and by the time i asked someone where i was, he said the place was called Liverpool.

I was eventually forced to hire a bikeman to show me the way to Surulere.

I didn’t go to Austin, i drove straight to my place and started cooking. When i called Austin and told him that i was in my place, he asked me to come. I told him that i was cooking and he agreed to come.

The point was that i wanted him to come to my place. I wanted us to repeat the romantic night that was disrupted by Juliet. Ever since that night, i had been dreaming of such again.

When Austin eventually came, he sat in the sitting room and watched the TV while i prepared his dish. When the food eventually came out in front of him, he ignored it.

“Baby why are you not eating?” I asked.

“Its still hot, i don’t like hot foods” He said.

Fair enough.

We talked and waited for the food to get cold. Fifteen minutes later, i started to get disturbed.

“Baby the food is getting too cold” I said.

“Yea, it is too cold now. I forgot it” He said.

“What? Baby that’s not fair” I said and started crying.
It was clear that he deliberately rejected my food. He should have told me that he didn’t want to eat.

“Look Maria, you shouldn’t be crying with every little thing. Any time you want me to eat here, you must eat with me. You claim to be my lover and yet you brought food for me to eat alone” He said.

I stopped crying and started beating him.
He didn’t do anything, he just sat there and kept his gaze on the TV as if nothing was happening.

When i picked up the spoon and ate a piece of food, i put some in his mouth and he accepted it.
That was how he started eating the food.

Unfortunately, Austin didn’t sleep in my apartment that night, he said that he needed to arrange his place.
When i asked him if i could follow him, he declined and said that he needed to discuss something with his cousin too.

I cried as he left me in that cold apartment alone. I accused him of not loving me and that he had another girlfriend somewhere. He didn’t deny it, he didn’t affirm to it, he just closed the door and left.

Since he came with his car, i opened the door as he started his engine and drove off like a mad man i thought he was.

To punish him, i decided to go to a club that night and  pick up a man. I would take him to my place and fuck him to spite Austin. He would regret ever dumping me in that cold house all alone.

At around 12am, i walked alone down the street near the popular joint around my area and entered the night club there.
It didn’t take five minutes for a fine boy to approach me.

“Baby you look lonely, do you mind if i sit with you?” he said.

“You are free to sit” I said and sipped from my glass of Johnnie Walker.
It was time to cheat on that Austin who thinks it was proper to leave a woman all by herself in an apartment in a cold night in Lagos.

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  1. Na Whaaaaooo! The way ladies think sef. I no fit laugh abeg. You made love to another guy just to spite your man. Who cares. The kini belongs to you alone. You can give it to whoever you want

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