6: The Final Nail

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As soon as the resident permit got to us, we started making arrangements for the travel.
Fatimah didn’t have good clothes anymore. We had to go to Domitiana to purchase two new dresses and shoes. We also bought some make-up kits that would enable her to look good for customers up there in Sweden.
Alice didn’t tell me what she did in Sweden but i figured out that since she wasn’t qualified to do any professional job, she was most likely to be a prostitute.
Fatimah was going to be doing what Alice was doing but i was prepared not to worry. It was no longer going to be my headache. I would only care about my money. Who knows, my life could kickstart again through Fatimah but it was a wild dream.

Back from Domitiana with our new clothes, shoes and cosmetics, Fatimah and I sat in the sitting room and discussed terms of the new development.

“You know it cost a lot of money to bring you and Ngozi here. Now Ngozi is gone and there is no hope of finding her. I am not asking you to pay me for Ngozi’s expenses but you must balance me yours. I will not put too much pressure on you but please remember how things are for me here in Castel Volturno” I said.

Fatimah nodded several times to make me understand that she understood what i said.

After our little chat, we went out again and bought flight ticket to Stockholm Airport. During the night, we discussed more.
Precious returned from work and joined us.
The following day was Saturday and i was going to resume work from a two-day break.
By the time we finished encouraging Fatimah, she was very ready to travel. Just to remind Alice about the flight schedule, i called her again. She said she would be waiting for Fatimah at the airport.

The following morning, We saw Fatimah off at the Napoli airport. There was no immigration issues. The airline workers didn’t look twice at the travel documents, they just gave Fatimah a boarding pass and wished her safe journey.

Precious and I waited until their aircraft left before we returned to Castel Volturno. I went straight to work while Precious went home.

Three hours later, Precious called. She said Fatimah has arrived and that they were together. I was happy that we eventually succeeded in getting the girl to Sweden. She would start a new life over there which would in turn, keep her away from the low life people lived in Castel Volturno.

I haven’t been to Stockholm before but according to Alice, it was better than even Napoli not to talk of Castel Volturno.

I was closing work for the day when Alice called again. She said she has a confession to make and that i must promise to forgive her first before she would continue.

“What is it Lilian?” I asked.

“Please stop calling me Lilian,” she said, “I am no more in Italy and i hate that name.”

I listened and waited for her to continue.

“I did not bring Fatimah to work here,” She continued.

My heartbeat increased as soon as she made that statement.
My mind raced fast to analyse what She meant by that.
I didn’t say a word, i waited for her to continue.

She did. “One man came here three days ago. He said his name was Azubuike and that he knows you very well”

The moment i heard the name, i knew what happened. The snake has struck again and this time, i sent Fatimah to him by myself.

“Lilian, Alice, why did you do that to me? I thought we were friends” I managed to say.

“I don’t know, i am sorry Maria. I dont know what happened. I don’t know if he used Juju on me. He said he wanted to help send Fatimah out of the street and send her to school. He came to my shop and convinced me to stop what i was doing. He said he would help me too and before i knew what was happening, he asked me to get your phone number and call you. He was listening as we talked and when you told me that Fatimah returned to you, he started making plans on how to bring the girl to Sweden. It was him who gave me the money i sent to you. Maria i don’t know what to do. I have called the Police and told them that there was an undocumented girl in his apartment. Maybe the Police must have arrested them by now” Alice said.

From the tone she used, it was clear that he was tricked into everything she did. She didn’t know Zuby, i never told her everything that happened to me. If she knew half of the things Zuby did to me, she would have called me the moment he showed up in Sweden.

After what Alice said, i didn’t know the next thing to do. I was devastated again and one thing was clear, i wasn’t just going to fold my arms and allow Zuby to take Fatimah away without a fight. I was going to Sweden; if not to rescue Fatimah, i was going to kill the bastard and go to jail for the rest of my life.
Since his life mission was to destroy me, i was going to make sure that we go down together. I have had enough of him. It was finally going to be over.

When i called Alice back, i blamed her for contacting the Police. I told her that she should have told me everything first.

“Do you know where they are now?” I asked.

She said she left both of them at his apartment. One thing was not clear enough for me. Alice was with Zuby, then Zuby convinced her to bring Fatimah to Sweden, and when Fatimah arrived, Alice left them and called the Police. Something was missing somewhere and Alice wasn’t telling me everything i should know.

“He is coming here, hang your call, he is coming here” Alice was almost shouting.

“Lilian, Alice who is coming there? Please talk to me, who is coming there?” I was also shouting.

“Its him, i will call you later, its him, Its the man, its the Azubuike man” She said before her phone went dead.

Azubuike had just located Alice again, and from the look of things, it seemed the poor Lilian was in danger. It also meant that the Police didn’t have the snake in their cell yet. He must have escaped them again since he was an expert at evading traps. Alice must have known that she was in trouble; i pitied her because i didn’t know what was going to happen.

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