6: Money is the real deal

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It took us less than ten minutes to locate another hotel. It was already heading to midnight but Europe had a massive nightlife.
At the new hotel, i waited at the bar until it was past midnight before i rented a room and went inside. It was difficult to think about what happened between me and the girls; therefore i just forced myself to sleep.

I woke up a few minutes past 9:00 the following morning and the first thing i did was to check on my finances. I believed that nothing happened to my money but i still needed to check on it. There were times when i went into the bathroom alone in my previous hotel, the girls could have taken some money from my pocket. On my way out of the previous hotel, i had touched my pocket and felt the bundle of money in my it but a clever thief could have also taken some money out of it. Whatever the case was, i wanted to recount my money.
After confirming that the Kronas were complete, i counted the Euros; nothing was missing.
I lay on the bed and recounted the events of the past night. The only logic was that the two girls had planned to have sex with me before Katherine showed up on her night gown with a map. She had come to tell me that Africa was in Morocco. Why couldn’t she wait until morning? I was clearly taken unawares but altogether it was the kind of unawares i wanted.
In a bid to escape from the hotel, i didn’t get their phone numbers. I didn’t want to wait for their numbers since i recalled an Igbo proverb that says That “It was in a bid to see everything that made the bullet hit the monkey on the head”.

Right inside the room, i plotted my next move. There was only one man from my entire community that lived in Sweden. Fortunately for me, he lived in Stockholm. I had gotten his number from Robin before traveling to Sweden. I didn’t call to tell him that i was coming. I figured that since i had a lot of money with me, i didn’t need to formalize every of my plans. Money was the biggest security of a traveler because with money, one can hardly miss the road or suffer. The truth about European and even American resident permits was that if one had enough money, getting them legally wasn’t such a problem. Money was the real deal. It was actually the reason why every embassy usually demanded for a statement of account from banks whenever one wanted a visa. With enough money, every country would welcome you to their place without much trouble. Take forinsntance the case of Roman Abrahimovic, he was a thief and a fraudster who stole the state funds and ran away to England. What did the English people do to him? Nothing, they actually sold their football club to him. The same thing happened with Shinawatra of Thailand who stole the people’s money and ran to England to buy assets. They protected him from his own people. Money was such a huge security for everyone. Therefore i didn’t feel like calling my town’s man William before going to Sweden. But right there inside the Hotel room, i decided to call him. However i still haven’t gotten the Swedish simcard.

I left my bag and some of my money in the hotel and went outside. Down the road from the hotel, i found a shop that sold simcards and cheap phones. I purchased a simcard for K30 and loaded it with K200 worth of air cards; then i called William and told him that i was in Sweden. He was happy to see me and directed me on how to locate his house. I went back to the hotel and picked up my bag, then i took a rain from the Stockholm Central Station and went to where William lived.
He wasn’t at home when i came but he had told his wife that i was coming. I met with the woman at the nearest train station to their house and followed him to the tenth floor where they lived. Her mother, William’s mother in-law was there when i came. She had arrived from Nigeria two weeks before. As soon as the old woman saw me, she called out my Father’s name and told me that my father was a teacher in the same school as she. She was happy to see me and proceeded to prepare Abacha (tapioca) for me. We ate and drank and waited for William to return in the evening from work. There was also that kind of looks when a visitor came to a newly married woman’s house, especially if the visitor was from the side of the husband. Apparently Mrs. William didn’t know who she was dealing with.

They lived in a two bedroom apartment. Since the mother in-law was there, it meant that she slept in one room with their only daughter while William and his wife occupied the other room. I was supposed to sleep in the sitting room but when William returned, i told him that i would prefer to stay in a hotel. He asked me to hang around in the sitting room which i declined.
“You don’t have to worry about me William, i am not here to hustle. I came here to perform some small operations and go back to Europe from this iceberg where you people live. I need to know the areas where black prostitutes operate here in Stockholm. I was sent by the United Nations to take a survey” I said.
After having a long laugh, he said that Robin had told him that i would be coming to Sweden but never mentioned anything about United Nations.
“I am the only person from our area that lives here and it will be good to have a second person if you will stay. It will be better if we go and find a one room apartment for you somewhere in town. I will help you to pay for the place until you find something to be doing” he said.
I thanked him and agreed that we go and locate a one room apartment but on the condition that i paid for it. I had my reasons for insisting that i paid. Since his mother in-law knew my family back home very well, i didn’t want a situation where she would go home someday to brag about how they helped me with this or that in Stockholm.
We agreed that i will sleep in their house that night before going out to look for a place of my own the next day. We talked until late in the night before i got tired and slept off on the long sofa in the sitting room. I didn’t call anybody outside Sweden for a straight two days and unfortunately, nobody had the new Swedish simcard outside Sweden. I had a lot of work to do the following day…

“A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends”

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  1. dejust

    money is good ooo and its guild one against being a debtor of payback favour.

    I see money as God green energy……

    without money the good samaritan in the bible wil nt hv been remember for good intention….

  2. SuperV

    Nice update. I dey enjoy the tori in 4k TV. keep the update coming.

  3. SuperV

    In other news, second to comment. Firstly, i want to thank God for giving me, my Parent for giving birth to me and caring for me from childhood, to GLO, thank you for been fast, to Oga Zubby thank you for sharing your life experience with us, to my fellow LOTR, i greet una, who i no greet? *** this nairaland ish is childish but its kinda funny n fun***

    • VinceI

      Funny Yu.. Money is a necessary tool God has made abundantly available for us..

  4. kingslow7

    See fast man! Ozoigbondu donsn’t want 2 take any shiiite from any body, he escaped b4 been caught by de policer. Wot a nice decition!

  5. achi4u

    He who has money have a say.Without money life itself will be meaningless …Oga Zubby welldone biko.

  6. spihn

    Seriously I can’t wait for more updates. And thanks for resuscitating the words of wisdom.


  7. horlabiyi

    Do u think it would be easy to find black prostitute in Stockholm ? Patiently waiting for the next update

  8. Manshyne

    Hahahahaha! Ur own monkey wise die. E dey work for the United Nations. Nice update, Keep ’em comin’… #sipping my akamu and plenty of akara to go wit it.

  9. Geo

    United nations ambassador! In ur own words,’there is work 2 do’. following….

  10. shar

    oga zubby u deserve somtin 4 d sweet updates.
    here is a plate of fresh home cooked nkwobi with bottles of chilllllled udekwu

  11. Cheliz

    Hahahahaha Zubby u no go kill me oh. U mean say na UN send to Sweden to do survey on black prostitutes? U too funny oh

  12. ugsams

    Oga Zuby na correct guy man, United Nations Ambassador to the Prostitution Kingdom.

  13. Danny

    Zuby!!! Abramovich was NOT a thief oh! abeg! Chelsea fans will boycott this blog unless u apologize oh! …

    Ok, na joke but Abramovich no be thief

    • Mekus

      I wonder where he got the information . Silly comment

  14. wisehay

    you are really an intelligent man Zubby. bright minds like you are the type needed in Nigeria politics.

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