6: Had i known

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It was 6am the next morning when the bus carrying Sharon and Peace arrived at the Police station. Another lady has brought coffee and biscuit again and told me that the girls were there. She asked me to dress up and come to the small office where they interrogated me yesterday.
“Excuse me, is this the only thing you give to your visitors?” i asked sarcastically.
“No, we will get you food by 7am” she said before closing the door behind me.

After drinking my coffee, i put on my trouser and pullover, then i walked to the office. Sharon and Peace were sitting there like people who has been deprived of their sleep.
“Good morning Brother” they both said at once; i nodded and sat down.
“Do you recognize this girls?” The new lady asked as she opened a file on the table.
“Of course i do. I sent them to Lulea myself while trying to send them away from that evil woman you arrested yesterday”.

She asked the girls if they know me and they nodded in affirmative.
She brought out a picture of Aunty Joy and asked the girls if they knew her; they said they did. They went a little further to explain that it was her who brought them to Italy where they worked on the streets until i convinced them to run away with me.

She turned to me and said, “What organisation are you working for?”
“None, i am my own organisation. It started when i visited Portugal on a holiday and picked up a teenage girl to sleep with. The following morning, she made me understand that they were being forced to stand in the streets to make money for their Madams. I eventually sent her to Germany for asylum. That was how it all started” I said.

“You said they were about four girls you sent to Lulea, where are the other two?” She asked me. I told her that i didn’t know.

After taking down the data on the cards the two girls were carrying, she turned to me and said, “We have a place where we counsel teenage girls who has been traumatised. We will take them there for counselling. Please if you find the other girls, let us know. I believe this two girls will testify for us in court against the woman, they have been helpful a lot on their way from Lulea. We have decided to let you go but you will give us your address and phone number. If we have the need to invite you, we will” She said.

I wrote down the address in Paris where i received my letters and gave them; it was on my resident permit card anyway. I also gave them my phone number and before i left i said, “Where is the girl they wanted to kill yesterday? i want to see her”
“She is at the hospital” she said as she pulled out the address and room number from her computer and gave it to me.

As i left the Police station, i wondered if the Italian thugs had more people hiding somewhere to attack me; fear was all over me and as a result, i waited for a taxi at the front of the Police station.
As i drove to the hospital, i thought about Rose. The poor girl was just a victim of my intelligence and dangerous tactics. She started the Whole thing by selling me out. How could she not thought that i might have covered that angle?.
The little time she spent with me should have thought her that i was highly intelligent when it comes to my security. I recalled when the area was not safe, she was among the people i moved to the hotel in Uppsala. She should have known that i was never going to look back when it concerned my safety.

I got to the hospital and asked my way to the room where she was. My Rose was on several bandages. Those bastards had tortured her to the extent that the upper part of her left eye was swollen.
She opened her eyes as soon as i opened the door and i watched as tears started rolling down her cheeks. There was nothing i could do; therefore i kept quiet and stood where i was until she stopped the tears.
“Tell me what happened” I said.
She started crying again.

“They wanted to kill me. I was scared. They said i knew that you were not in your apartment and still sent them there” she said and kept quiet.
“Rose, i know what happened. I was the one who called the Police to save you. You made a mistake of trying to sell me for just €2000. I am a ghost” I said trying to instill some fear inside her.
“Those people have been chasing me all over Europe and each time they come close, i always slip away from them. They can’t catch me and nobody can catch me unless i want to be caught. I don’t know what to do with you now because i wanted you to be my manager in Sweden while i moved to a nearby country. I brought you out of street and put you into this. I cannot trust you with my safety anymore because you tried to sell me out just because of €2000. Here is €2000, That is the price i will pay for what happened to you but please, i don’t want you to ever call any of my numbers again. I am sure you would not have saved up to this amount from the streets since i brought you out. Stay in peace and out of trouble and learn to trust your Master” I said as i handed her €2000 and turned my back and out of the room.

I left the hospital and called Maria.
“Where are you?” I asked.
She said she was at the apartment but really scared.
“Don’t be scared, i will be with you in 30 Minutes” I said as i flagged down a taxi and told him to take me to my apartment.

Maria opened the door and hugged me. She instantly asked what happened and i told her. She said i was too dangerous when it comes to crime.
“If i knew you were like this, i would not have given you my phone number that day at the Lekki Beach Lagos. What kind of man would see trouble and confront it and win almost all the time. I said it that you are not a normal human being. I am leaving you and going back to Italy. I will beg the people i offended and ask for their forgiveness. I want to return to a normal life because if i stick around with you, you are definitely going to meet a trouble that will kill you someday” She said as she cried.
I hugged and held her for a very long time before i said, “No, You are not leaving me Maria”

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