6: Brawl At Ajao Police Station

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Chapter 6.

“I came to clean the room” He responded.

“With what?” I asked, looking around to locate his cleaning objects.
He was with a small towel and nothing else.

“Here” He showed me the towel.

“Who sent you to come and clean this room and where did you get the key?” I shouted.

He stammered. “I i i knocked and when nobody opened, i went to the reception to get the key” He said.

“So, you mean you got the door key from the reception?” I shouted.

He nodded.

“You are a thief. You and your receptionist. I am calling the Police. Where is your Hotel ID card?” I asked.
He said he had none.

“Oga Please, i didn’t come to steal anything, i dress the beds every morning and arrange the rooms. I am doing my Job Sir” He said.

“You will explain all that to the Police soon. Where is the hotel Manager, where is his office?” I fired again.

He said the Office of the manager was upstairs.

“Start going to his office, i will meet you there” I said.

I chased him out of the room and seized the key which was at the door.
Then i ran down to the reception and borrowed a phone from the lady receptionist.

I called Emeka who lived near the airport road where i was and told him to come to the hotel immediately.

The Lady Receptionist was complaining about why i didn’t drop my key before leaving the hotel. She said she gave a spare key to the cleaner and was going to tell me but i ran fast past her earlier.

Emeka was the guy who usually hosted my elder brother in Lagos whenever
he was traveling outside Nigeria.
Emeka said he would be with me in 30 Minutes. The time he gave me was too long since Police was taking Queen away but i had no other choice than to wait.

Back in the room, I brought out the money in my pocket and hide them inside my bag, then i locked the door and walked upstairs to the Manager’s office.

The cleaner was there answering some questions based on what he had told the manager.

“Good morning Sir” The manager greeted.
Then he started telling me what the Cleaner said.

“What Standard Rule?” i interrupted him along the way.

“In Europe, you dont go to any room that is still being occupied. You dont attempt such a thing because your worker could steal something” I shouted.

He said he trusted his workers.
I hated it when people talk about trust.
Trust worked in two ways. A good man could turn bad in a second. Life is dynamic and i expected every reasonable human being to know that.

“I see. Manager, i need my refund, i am leaving this place now” I said.
It was in a response to something he said about Nigeria not being Europe.

He tried to calm me down but i refused. Then he gave me assurance that nobody would go into the room again until i leave the hotel.

Thirty minutes was approaching fast and since Emeka was going to contact me through the receptionist’s mobile phone, i left the office of the manager and went downstairs.

It didn’t take long before he came.
We walked upstairs and picked all our bags, then we took them to his new Toyota Avalon Salon Car and dumped them inside the car.

After returning the keys to the reception, i decided to forget about the money we paid.

As soon as we got outside, i asked Emeka where the nearest Police Station was located.
He said there was one very close in Ajao Estate.

“There is a small problem. I returned here with one girl and the Police picked her up an hour ago near the Bus Stop. I think they went to that station. Lets go there” I said.

There was a high Ranking Police officer called Anthony. Anthony was from my home town. I knew him way back when i was a used car smuggler from Cotonou. He was in Owode Ogun State then. But the last time i called to greet him from Amsterdam, he said he was in Onitsha. I didn’t know his current State or even his current Rank but i knew he has been promoted more than once since i left.

I searched for his phone number from my Phone database. It was good that i never lost numbers.

He answered the call but since he didn’t know who the caller was, he asked who i was.
I told him it was me and that i came into the country the day before. I also told him what happened.

He asked me to walk straight to the DPO of whatever station she was taken to and call him back.


Outside the Police Station, Emeka went in alone. He saw Queen sitting and crying behind the counter, then he came back outside to tell me.

“Did you say she was crying?” I asked out of anger.

“Yes, she was crying behind three Police officers who where standing in front of her” He responded.

I jumped down from the car and called Anthony while i  waited for Emeka to lock the car up.

After telling DCP Anthony the name of the station,  we then walked into the station.

“Good morning Officers” I said as soon as we got to the counter.
Queen had seen me walking in and had stood up but was stopped from coming out.

“I want to see the DPO” I said to one of them.

“Who are you?” She asked.

At that moment, one police officer came in and grabbed me by the trouser.
“Have you finished running?” He said.
Then a slap followed it up on my face.

That slap again.
It reminded me that i was back in Nigeria, the land of slapping.

I instantly recalled how i paid back those who slapped me in the past. But at that stage, there was no room for revenge. I just looked up and saw his name tag.

‘Nnamdi Onovo, 00045485’

He was Igbo. Probably from Nkanu area of Enugu.

“I am directed to see the DPO” I said to the lady police officer again.

“By who?” She asked.

“By the State Police Commissioner Ondo State” i said.

DCP Anthony had told me that he was currently working in Akure. I knew Akure to be in Ondo State.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Do you want to talk to him first?” I barked.

I was gaining ground. The bastard who slapped me had removed his hand from my trouser. It was a sign that the Police commissioner i mentioned rang a bell.

“Follow me” She said as we walked to the Office of the DPO.

“Are You Mr. Asibike” The fat DPO asked as soon as entered.

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  1. Akpan

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    Great pisode Mr Asibike…..I can tell the DPO is a Yoruba man. He just funkilized the name with his intonation. I’m waiting for payback on Onovo.

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    When will Nigeria police learn hw to threat people?
    we are doomed with this rag tag urchins.

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