59: The San Marino and Bulawayo Parrots

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“Why did you go to Paris without telling me?” That was all Madam Model could say.

“Do i need your permission to travel? I want to see and settle with you. I don’t have much time to stay here” I said.

“I am out of Paris but i will start coming back now. Find a hotel and wait for me, i will pay” she said.

After talking with Madam Model, I called Maria. She has settled in San Marino with her friend and said she was eating.
Her friend, whom i didn’t know wanted to speak with me.
When Maria gave her the phone, she started talking as if i was a bad man.
She complained that i kept Maria with me without marrying her or finding a job for her.
Maria didn’t say anything or tried to stop the bitch while we talked.
Since i wasn’t in the mood to quarrel, i just listened while the bitch poluted my ear with bad words.

When she was done talking like a parrot, i asked what her name was.

“Why should i tell you my name?” She shouted.

“I have told you to calm down, i know i mistreated Maria and i am sorry for that but you don’t have to be shouting at me as if i am your child. I wish to make things right for her and she knows it” I said calmly.

“You are not making anything right again, your chance is gone. You won’t see her again, stupid man” She shouted.

I overheard Maria asking the bitch to stop shouting at me but she continued.
I got angry and considered traveling to San Marino to teach the bitch how to talk to strangers but on a second thought, i saw no advantage in doing so. If i went to San Marino to fight the bitch, it could alienate Maria more and more from me.
If there was one thing on my mind ever since Maria left, it was the desire to go looking for her when the storm quieten down.

Despite everything that happened between us, I was the only person in a better position to know why Maria left. It wasn’t just about loneliness or my ignorance to domestic issues, it was mostly on the part of security. She never felt safe staying with me. She knew that one thing or the other could always pop out of anywhere and another round of fight would ensure.
It has happened that way ever since she came into my life.
I left her once in Benin City and drove back to Lagos.
I once set her up with area boys in Lagos; they took her phone.
Then the Castel Volturno visit sparked the most dangerous hunt i have ever witnessed.  I nearly got killed by her thugs in Genoa if not for the intervention of the Police.
A new round of War started as soon as she came to Stockholm Sweden. Ever since then, it had always been one war or the other.
As a result, she was kidnapped and rapped and her child killed; an event that gave birth to commiting a forceful sexual intercourse with a teenage girl which i lived to see as one of the major black spots in my memory.
Maria has always been in the middle of it all; it was her destiny but since some destinies can be changed, she had decided to look for solace elsewhere.

Unfortunately, she ended up with a mouth running Parrot Who believed that she earned the right to rain abuses on me.

Since i didn’t react much to the insults from the San Marino bitch, Maria must have known that something was wrong.
She knew how i handled idiots when they attacked me.

We humans were very good at abandoning contexts in order to win arguments.

Another reason why i wasn’t in a haste to react was that the Zimbabwe girl was sitting very close to me, even paying attention to hear who was on the other side of the phone.

When the conversation ended, Debbie asked me who it was.
“You don’t know who she is” I said.

“I know i don’t know her and that is why i asked who she is” She countered.

“Pay attention Debbie, i am a very sensitive person when it comes to my private affairs. You must know when  and what to ask me at all times. It won’t take me much consideration to show you the door if you disturb me here” I shouted.

“Look Solomon, if you welcomed me here just to throw insults at me all the time, please let me know” She shouted back.

What the hell have i given access to my life?

Since i didn’t like taking decisions when i was angry, i decided to let the atmosphere slide on its own but as for Debbie, she was already a history.
That was usually one problem with non-cultured girls. They watched too many American Hollywood movies and thought life was all about equal rights. Life would have been about equal rights if things were done equally.
No one was allowed to come into the apartment i paid for and demand 50-50 rights on everything.

In Europe, whenever a couple quarreled and the Police showed up, they usually asked the male/husband/boyfriend to leave the apartment first. The male would then stay out until the case would be settled.
That was the things some silly Ghanaian women took to all over Europe; they would provoke their husbands to beat them and then they would call the cops and had them chase away the husbands.

Irrespective of what the Edo women were doing in Europe, they knew how to take care of homes. They had some good degree of respect for their men as well.

Since i was a master on the European system, The Debbie girl wasn’t going to be allowed to drag me into trouble. For that reason, i kept quiet and even told her that i was sorry for shouting at her.

“Baby i am sorry. Its just that the lady said something i didn’t like on the phone. That was why i was angry” I lied.

“But you should have told me who she was. That was just a simple question” She said.

“Don’t worry, next time i will tell you who the person is” I said in a more attempt to calm the situation.

“Why did you tell the other woman that you are in Paris while you are here?”

I thought i didn’t hear her right but when Debbie repeated the question, i decided there and then that she won’t last more than another one day in the apartment.
I just had to find a way to peacefully send her out of the place. As far as i was concerned, she was going to put me into trouble.

“How was that your business?” I asked.

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