59: Alicia

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Chapter 59. Alicia, the Italian Ghanaian.

After some critical thinking, I figured that It was time to leave Venice. I was sure Aunty Joy had made some calls for her friends and associates to start looking for me. Staying back in Venice for the money wasn’t going to happen since i already decided that i won’t pick the money up by myself. It was dangerous to stay back in Venice. Joy was going to do everything she could to track and trap me in Venice. If that happened, Maria was not capable of handling the operations alone. She would panic and run.

Aunty Joy was going to watch the airport and the only train station in mainland Venice; therefore i decided that i would take the water out of the city first. Traveling to Venice was a mistake; i could have brought Joy up to Sweden like i did to Adesuwa. It could would have given me the advantage of manipulating everything but i had mistakenly involved the non existent Arabs and had to represent them down there in Italy. It was time to leave Venice but first, i needed to look around the city and find out which way was the best for my exit.
I put on the newly purchased red Jacket on top of my already worn Jacket; it increased my size and made me look so fat. I also covered my face with cap and looked like a peasant; it would require a close look for anyone to identify me.
I got out of the hotel and took a cab to San Marco Square. It was the city center with a lot of arts. Italian and other European ladies stared at the fat blackman with Red Jacket and non matching shoes and cap. I didn’t care since i was on a mission. It made me realise that people must have worn different cloths for different reasons but since we didn’t know their missions, we didn’t care.
At the San Marco, i met a young Ghanaian Girl named Alicia. She was standing at the entrance of a boutique when i approached her.
“Hi, my name is Austin and i am new here. I hope you speak English” I had said.
She kept quiet and ignored me.
“Can’t you be of help for a fellow African? I am new here and my wallet was stolen. Do you know anywhere i can get transport money out of this City?” I asked.
“Where do you come from?” She asked suspiciously.
“Nigeria” I said, pretending not to have understood her.
“I mean where you live in this Country” She said.
“Milan, i stay in Milan” i said.

She put her hand in her bag and brought out a €20 note.
“Take this and find someone to give you the rest. I don’t have enough with me here” She said as she handed me the money.
“You are a good person, Where are you from?” i asked.
“It doesn’t matter, just take the money and go” She said and made a ‘get away’ sign with her tiny right hand.
I smiled at her and said, “I am sorry i have to approach you this way but i don’t need money. I need the easiest way out of this city without using the airport” I said.
“I don’t understand; first you need money and now you need direction. What is going on with you Mr?” She said and started moving.
I walked a few yards behind her as i tried to convince her that i wasn’t dangerous.
“There is a port here in San Marco where you can take the boat out of the city. Go and look for it and leave me alone” She said.
“Sorry for the way i approached you, i was afraid you won’t pay attention if i told you that i liked you initially” I said.
She stopped and turned around. “What are you talking about?” she asked.
“I like you the moment i saw you but i was afraid you won’t pay attention if i just told you about that since beautiful ladies never liked fat men. Please tell me your name” I said.
“I am Alicia but i don’t understand where you are going with all this” She said.
“Lets go and eat, the bill is on me” I said.
“I am not hungry Austin or whatever you say your name is. It would be nice if you just go”:
“Alicia please relax, just show me around town if you won’t like to have lunch with me” I said.
“Wait a moment here, you just walked up to me and demanded for money; then you rejected the money and here we are. I will call Police if you don’t leave this place now” She shouted.
“Alright, i am sorry. You can go Alicia; it was nice meeting you”.
The jacket she wore had the inscription ‘Bologna FC’ written at the back. I figured she must have something to do with Bologna. As a result, I believed that Bologna has to be nearby.
I opened my small map and traced the City of Bologna; the easiest way to get there was through the city of Ravenna which also has to be accesed through the Adriatic sea.
Alicia looked refined, it meant that she never saw too many bad times like our girls from Africa. She must have either been born in Italy or she came when she was too young or she was from a wealthy family.

Since i had nothing with me, i called a cab and asked him to take me to the port where i can take a boat to Ravenna. I had purchased a small map at the Marco Polo airport and carried it around. Maps never disappointed unless one couldn’t read it properly. I had seen Ravenna City on the edge of the Adriatic Sea which was the same body of water that hosted the city of Venice. Ravenna was the closest city to Bologna which also led to Milan where I was supposed to baord a train to Marseille; I wanted to visit my girls over there.
At the port, i received a call from Aunty Joy. She said she had prepared the money and wanted instructions on what to do next.
“Keep it with you in your apartment. I will let you know what to do soon” I said.
I purchased a ticket and waited for more than an hour before the boat started loading.

There at the station, I saw Alicia the Ghanaian lady.
She was bout 24 or 25, slim and average height. Alicia was also fair and had the aura of a good living lady.
I walked up to where she was standing and said, “We meet again’t Alicia”.
She turned and stared at me for several seconds. “Have you been following me”
“No Alicia, i am traveling with the white boat over there and here is my ticket. What about you?” i said.
She kept quiet for a while before she said, “I am on that boat too. Where are you going”
I told her that i was going to Ravenna where i will take a train to Bologna and to Milan. She wanted to know why i didn’t take the airport to Milan since it was closer.
“I want to have fun on the road. I am on a holiday here in Italy” I said.
She asked where i came from and why i had no luggage whatsoever.
The conversation had started well between us and at that moment, i knew that i will end up somewhere with her.
We boarded the both and sat near each other; we were the only black people on board.
As soon as we sat down, i removed the big red jacket and hung it above my seat, then i removed another jacket from my body.
“Why in the World are you putting on two winter jackets at the same time?” She said and started laughing.
“Cold, i am preventing cold from getting to me” I lied.
She laughed more and told me that i looked better without the jackets. I bought two cups of Coffee and gave her one as our boat moved south towards the city of Ravenna.
Maria had called while i was with Alicia but i didn’t answer the call; women has a way of complicating things.

“All of a sudden, Alicia had turned and said, “Why are you following me?”

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