58: Is this Crime or Justice?

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Chapter 58

Mrs Clement came out of the house as i mounted the bicycle and headed straight down the road.
I had worn a different kind of face cap which covered half of my face. Coupled with the fact that the sun hasn’t come up yet, it was difficult to tell who i was, especially by people who didn’t know me previously.

As soon as the woman drove out, i rounded a small bend down the lonely street and rode back up to house Number 12. As i stopped in front of the place, i made a small noise that was enough to let the occupants of the house know that someone was around.
As expected, Mr Clement came out of the house to pick up his newspapers.

”Do you have a fire light Sir”  i said while my face was facing downwards. A stick of cigarette was hanging from my mouth.

”Yes, let me get it for you”. He said.

I had already climbed down from my bicycle and was standing opposite the entrance of his house.

”You didn’t bring a newspaper for us yesterday. There was something i needed to check on the jobs section but i didn’t see…” Mr Clement was saying.

He had left his door slightly ajar while going back into his house to get the fire light for me.

He had suddenly stopped and looked back as he heard a little loud thump of the door which had just closed behind me.

”Mr Please wait outsi….”

Clement stopped his statement mid way as soon as he saw the gun pointing directly at his chest.

”Sit down” i said quietly.

His hands were already on his head before i could ask him to do that.

In a very low tone, i asked him how many people that were in the house.

”Nobody, my wife just left. I am alone here Sir. Please what do you want” he said with his eyes wide open.

”Sit down on that Chair” i said as i pointed to the single long sofa in the middle of the sitting room.
He quietly obeyed.

”Are you sure there is no other person in this house? If i happen to see anybody else here, i will shoot you between the eyes” i said.

He repeated that there was no other person except him.

”Where are your phones” i asked.

His face brightened up before he could say the next word. I had just removed the face cap that covered my face and he had suddenly found out who i was.

”Clement i asked for your phones, where are they” i said again.

He pointed at the small dinning table where two mobile phones were. His mouth had suddenly became dry and he couldn’t say any more words.

”Let me warn you, i came here for you and not to steal anything from you. I am sure you know that, therefore if you try to be James Bond, i will kill you. As you can see, this gun has a silencer, what it means is that nobody will hear any noise if i shoot you. Secondly i don’t care what happens to me after i might have killed you. Stay quiet and answer my questions, then i might consider not killing you” i said.

I walked to one of the dining chairs and sat down while still pointing my gun at him.

”Do you know why i came here” i asked.

He said he didn’t know.
”Why did you send people to  kill me” i asked.

He didn’t say a word.
I got angry, picked up a small metal side-stool and threw it at him. It cut him squarely on his chest and gave him a wound. Small blood could be seen staining his white Royal lobe.

”Here comes the question again” i said as i picked up another side-stool.

I was a little far from him, making sure that the center glass table was a barrier between us. The table was the security from any surprise attack on me. I was still scared that someone else could be in the house. I had hoped that the crash of the side-stool would bring out whoever else that was in the building but since nobody came out or said anything, i assumed that he was really alone in the house.

”Why did you send people to Kill me” i asked again.

He was looking straight at me with so much fury in his eyes.

”I didn’t send people to kill you” he said and kept quiet.

”What did you send them to do Mr Clement”? I asked.

”I don’t know what you are talking about. I didn’t send anybody to kill you or do anything to you”. He said.

”Mr Clement, this is not a court room or a police interrogation cell. This is just you and me and i happen to be the one with the gun. I don’t like lies. Someone i didn’t know before pushed me into the lake to drown and die. I managed to stay alive just to witness this day and how you will feel about not being in control. I remember what you said the day police left both of us together. I remember getting your number and calling you not to attempt anything silly. I remember sending Billy to ask you not to try anything stupid. I remember sending other people to you not to try anything about what happened between me and Ikenna. Mr Clement, despite all those things, you still went ahead and contracted people to kill me. You gave them a mere €300 to kill me. Is that what i am worth to you?” i said.

He kept quiet again.

I quietly dropped the side stool i was carrying with my left hand and pointed the gun on his leg, then i squeezed the trigger.

A bullet caught his left leg and he let out a wild cry while clutching the point where the bullet hit him.

”You relocated all of a sudden because you knew people would be suspecting you if anything happened to me. Now that you have done your worst, what do you expect from me? If you lie to me once more, i will end your life here and now” I said.

”Why did you send people to kill me?” i said again.

Amidst sobs and tears, he started talking.

”I was angry because of what you did to my brother and as if that wasn’t enough, you packed my people in one place and called the police. If it was you, would you not do something about it” he said.

”Mr Clement, Death is different from deportation. Death is the end of everything. If you had killed me, the war would have been over. I wouldn’t have had this one last chance to fight you. That is what death means” i said as i raised the gun again and pointed it on his right leg.

” The best revenge is
to be unlike him
who performed the

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