58: Hunting the Chief Hunter

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After eating the food made by my new Bulawayo chic, i decided to call Mr. Williams.

“Mr. Williams, you seem to be a very stubborn person. I have Ben expecting to get a call from you on when to get my money, but it seems you really didn’t feel anything about our little drama in the Church. I need my money before the weekend. This time, i won’t go to the Pastor. Your wife said she can afford 500 Euros, borrow the rest and get it to me before weekend. If i don’t get it by weekend, we will have another public speech elsewhere” I said and cut the call.

A text message had arrived to my phone while talking to Mr. Williams; Madam Model has decided to pay me through western Union. She gave some silly conditions about me not going to withdraw the cash until i delivered the girls to her.
I called and promised her not to do so; then i sent her the details in my Passport and waited.
I was determined to withdraw the money by myself this time. The Dutch authorities can arrest me for all i care. I was already planning to head home, so some security bans has been lifted.

It took another one hour to receive message from Madam Model; she sent Western Union clearance code and asked that i put the girls on the train.

“Debbie, I need to go out now. I will be back in an hour, take care of the house” I said.

I rushed into the room and picked my passport, then i rushed downstairs and waited on the ground floor for thirty minutes.
I wanted to see if Miss Debbie would steal something and disappear.
After thirty minutes, without seeing her, i got outside and walked to the train station.

Inside the train to Amsterdam, i brought out my phone to call Debbie, her phone number wasn’t there. I didn’t even have her number.
All i did was to pray until i got to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena where the big Western Union Office was located.

“I want you to check if this money is there?” I said to the young Suriname girl who was sitting behind the barricaded counter.

After keying the codes, she said the money was there.

I picked up the withdrawal form and wrote the mandatory information.

After withdrawing the money, i decided against sending it to Nigeria Immediately.
I was planning to go home and there was no need sending the money since i could use it to buy a bus and load it up with some needed items.

Few minutes after withdrawing the money, Madam Model called and asked if i had sent the girls to Paris.

“The girls are in Nigeria now; both of them. You will never see them again. Tell their mother what i said. Don’t bother calling me again because i won’t talk to you” I said and cut the call.

Before i left Amsterdam Arena, i bought a pair of sports clothes, a pair of ladies slippers and a short jean. There were for Debbie since she has no intention of leaving Almere.
Maybe i should allow her to stay until it was time to leave town.

All my hope was that if i met her at home, she would stay but if she was gone, fine by me; unless of course she stole any of my Thing, then i would go hunting for her.

Debbie was home when i returned. She had finished sweeping and cleaning everywhere even though there was no dirt in the house.
She wanted to be praised for doing something useful and that was what i did.

She was all joy when i gave her the bag containing the things i bought her.
She hugged and kissed until i got tired myself.

“They told me that Nigerians are very caring, now i know its true” She said.

“Pay attention Debbie, i live here alone like you guessed but i will soon leave Holland. You seem to be a good girl and i think i can stay with you for a while until i am ready to leave here. However, there are a few conditions that must be met before that can happen”

“Please tell me the conditions and i will follow them” She said.

“You must not bring anybody to my place, even if he or she is your God. I don’t like people to invade my privacy. You must also wear sexy short clothes at all times as long as you are in this apartment. I like my eyes to be seeing attractive things” I said and we laughed.

“Finally, don’t tell anybody my address over the phone. If you can be able to maintain the first and the last conditions, i can always adjust the number two”

After my little laws with Debbie, i opened the spare room and hide the money from Western Union. I had vowed to keep the keys to the room with me at all times.

To make Debbie understand that there was nothing suspicious or dangerous in the room, i had intentionally taken her to see the room. She saw that there were just bags and clothes there.
I was still wary of the threat she possessed but sometimes i had to become a little careless to fit into the fools kingdom.

That was how i came to live with Miss Deborah.

Deborah, i eventually found out, was not a student of the University of Amsterdam. She lied to me about the school because she thought it was going to be a one night stand.

We were playing in the sitting room the next day when Robin called and said a yellow tall woman has been asking about me in Amsterdamspoort.

“Did she say where she came from and why she was looking for me?” I asked.

“Paris, she said she came from Paris but didn’t say why she was looking for you. Are you in another trouble?” he asked.

“Maybe, i just have to find out who she is and why she came looking for me” I said and cut the call.

There was no need scratching my head over who it was, i knew that right from the beginning. I had expected that to happen because i couldn’t just take her money without sending her the two girls.
I had expected that she would show up in Bijlmer and she has done that. It was time to see how the game would go.

I called Madam Model with my French phone number.

“Which part of Paris are you, i want to see you” I said.

“Why have you not been taking my calls?” She asked.

“I was in the train to Paris and i don’t take calls when i travel” I said.

“Where are you in Paris now?” She asked.

“Marcadet Metro Station, come there now” I said.

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