58: Caught Red Handed

In the night, we drove to an open bar where Makossa music was playing loud. The large flat screen television showed a man known as Awilo who danced with his group. People gradually filled the place to have fun.

As the night grew older, local prostitutes started to assemble around the area. I noticed them first and showed Austin. He smiled and pretended not to have cared at all.
Juliet didn’t say anything either, i felt that the way i accused her of the missing wrist watch, still shocked her.
One problem with thieves was that they were most likely going to steal again; their eyes were always searching for what to steal.

Around 1am, we left the bar and returned home. It was clear that Austin wasn’t going anywhere else but my place. My plan had worked because i made sure i delayed him until it was late. Since he wasn’t with his car, he wasn’t going anywhere that night.
Though he could have taken a cab or even rented a hotel room somewhere close but he knew that there was no need to do that since my apartment was close enough.

We got home and went inside. Austin instantly sat on the long sofa in the sitting room while i went inside my room to change clothes. Juliet also went into her room and locked the door.

Five minutes later after putting on my seductive classic transparent night gown from Armani, i returned to the sitting room and saw Austin lying on the sofa; he was already out of his clothes and was ready to sleep for the night.

“Baby what is this, is this where you want to sleep?” I asked.

“Yep, Maria, this place is comfortable enough for me to sleep” He said.

“No, Sweetheart” I said as i held his hand and helped him up.

We walked into the room, leaving his clothes behind in the sitting room; it was a mistake i was would later regret.

The moment we entered the room, i didn’t want Austin to touch the bed before planting a sumptuous kiss on his lips. I didn’t want him to go near the bed first because he could claim to have been tired from the day’s work.
There was absolutely no need taking chances with him; he acted weird and too clever sometimes.

Austin responded very well. He even held me around the waist and squeezed it; My heart was gladened. The plan to turn him into my boyfriend and virtual husband was working as planned.

Austin kissed my lips and down to the neck, then he worked his mouth down until he got to the pointed nipples.
Under the blue light, my firm breast protruded from inside the gown and the front of the gown hung seductively on the breasts.
He didn’t mind the clothe, he just started sucking the breasts one after the other. I threw my head backwards and moaned with immense pleasure.
While he kissed my nipples, he squeezed my buttocks and massaged my back at the same time.
His earlier sleep had left him and he was as alert as a cat that was looking for a rat to catch.

By the time he lay me slowly on the bed, the gown was no longer part of my body.

My legs were wide open, exposing my cunt As he slipped a finger inside me and brushed past my clitoris.
I almost shouted out with pleasure; i forgot that Juliet was even in the other room.

Eventually, Austin increased his fingers to two; he vibrated them inside of me as i wriggled with pleasure and forgot that it was the first time he came to my place.
He was a perfect gentleman on the way he handled me. He would suddenly stop fingering me and started kissing my lips again while lying on top of me. His bulged manhood inside the boxers would brush on top of my cunt and made me beg him to go inside of me.
He would simply smile on my face and continued kissing his way down to the belly button where he would stop, and put his fingers inside of me again.

I thought i had seen it all in Europe until that night with Austin. I was sure Juliet heard us because her door opened at the same time Austin decided that it was time to do the actual fucking.
He had stood up and walked to the sitting room to get Condom from his wallet.

Then i heard the noises; someone was angry and was shouting.

I quickly stood up, put on my night gown back and walked fast to the sitting room.
Juliet was standing in the middle of the room while Austin was putting on his clothes back.

“Baby what is it, What happened?” I shouted, knowing that something nasty has happened.
I had no doubt that Juliet has embarrassed me once more.

Austin didn’t answer me, therefore i turned to Juliet.
“What is?” I asked her.

She didn’t say anything, she just stood there and starred at me as if she didn’t know what i was talking about.

A wallet was sitting on the table, some complimentary cards were lying beside it. Few notes of Naira were also lying on the table and so was Austin’s Mobile phone.

Tears has started falling from my eyes. I didn’t need anybody to tell me that Juliet has disgraced me again.
Just like Tony did, Austin was going to think that i planned to steal from him with Juliet.

“Baby,” I said slowly.
He turned around and looked at me, but still kept on wearing his clothes.

I was crying softly. “Can you just tell me what happened?”

“Yes, Your cousin was caught searching my trouser. Look at my wallet, she has brought out everything in it and i don’t know what else she was looking for, maybe documents.” he said.

“Can i say something?” I said.

“Go on,” he was now putting on his shirt. His trouser has been zipped and belted on his waist.
There was no hope of stopping him because i believed he has made up his mind to leave.
The worst part was that he left me in a situation where i had never imagined. He had aroused every sensitive organ in my body and he was about to storm out of my apartment without putting me out of my misery; all because of Juliet, a girl i brought into my house and my life.

“Please don’t leave me like this” I said.

He looked at me scornfully and continued what he was doing.
The shirt has been fixed on his body and he was now putting his wallet inside his jean pocket.

There was no more hope.

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