57: Back in Paris

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During the night, there was the issue of how we were going to sleep. The bed was big enough to contain three people but our bodies had to be in contact with each other. It was a perfect bed for two not three. There was also the issue of who will sleep at the wall. Naomi being the older of the two girls was naturally supposed to sleep on the wall. She wouldn’t like to sleep in the middle. The younger Ngozi was supposed to sleep in the middle. I on my side, should occupy the outer part of the bed since the bed was positioned on the wall. Whoever slept in the middle must be in body contact with me and i suspected that Naomi wouldn’t want Ngozi to be that person. It was better that i left the apartment and go to a hotel.
“I am going out now” i announced to the girls. They both wanted to know where i was going. I explained that i needed to meet with a friend who was visiting Marseille from Switzerland. Since i had already taken the money in the red bag, i went outside and called Naomi to come.
“I may not return to Marseille until one week or more. Remember to endure whatever troubles Ngozi May be giving you. If she does what you don’t like, call and tell me. I don’t want you people to fight. Take her to asylum camp after some days. Here is €2000. Make sure there is always food in the house. I believe you still have some money from the one i left before i went to Napoli” i said. She nodded and took the money from me. We got back inside and i gave €500 to Ngozi. “Don’t take any money to asylum camp. Make sure you too stay in peace here. I won’t be happy if you quarrel with Naomi. I am leaving Marseille this night or in the morning. I will be in contact with two of you” i said and walked out into the street.

With me were my red Samsonite bag with a few cloths and face caps, a pair of extra shoes, my wallet, my phones and money. Up the street, i stopped a cab and we drove to a cheap hotel where i rented a room. I wanted to travel to Paris by day so that i would be there by dark. I didn’t want to run into Aunty Franca and her thugs. Nonso Ukeh would alert them if he knew i was in town; i believed he had not been doing anything about the resident permit we applied for. I felt that i was definitely going to meet with them in Paris but i needed to try as much as possible to avoid them. If i chose to stay back in Marseille and allow the Portuguese permit to expire, it was going to be very difficult for me to move around Europe. The reality of not being able to roam around had started to hit me. It was risky going to Paris but it was a risk i was willing to take. Since i was heading up to Paris alone, it was going to be very easy for me to play the hide and seek game with the enemies up there. I won’t be cooking, therefore nobody would be seeing me in malls. I would be shopping in Champse Ellysee where it was very difficult to see Nigerians. I would be hanging here and there and would be taking appointments On my own terms and places.

As the train headed up east towards Paris, i sat at the tail end and considered the first thing to do in Paris. I called Nonso Ukeh and told him that i would be in Paris in two days. I asked if there was any news about my permit. He said two of the people he applied for received their permits two days back. It was an encouraging news. He asked me to see him whenever i am in Paris.
We got to Gare du Nord station by 7:30 pm. I picked up my bag and walked out of the station. I wanted to use the cab since there were more chances of running into the bad guys in public transport. The taxi dropped me off in a hotel near Mercadet; where the usual suspects, the sex workers stood. I walked twenty meters to a hotel i knew very well and paid for a night. After settling down, i put on a face cap and walked down to the prostitution joint. As usual, the girls were there in their numbers. Each one of them was flashing her most seductive smile or move just to win the new guy; little did they know that i was just a terrorist who will change and derail their prostitution future.

“Brother, do you want me?” that was one of the girls. Ironically we the Africans didn’t mind what we called each other. She just called me ‘brother’ and yet asked if i wanted her.
I ignored her anyway and walked upwards towards some group of girls. The new group consisted of mostly teenagers or new comers. Those group usually waited up for the older ones to disappear with men before looking for their own men. It was a kind of unwritten hierarchy game.

“You, come” i said to a young yellow girl of about 19. Through out my runs, i had always focused on the younger ones. The old ones such as Maria and others had already gotten too deep into the game that it would be almost impossible to convince them that what they did was not good for them. Some of the older ones already had their own girls and it would be too difficult to just let them go.
“Are you calling me?” she asked. I nodded.
She handed her small bag to her friend and walked closer to me.
“What’s your name?” i asked.
“Is it my name you come here for? If you don’t have important thing to ask, i will go back” she said with a slightly raised voice.
They usually started with aggression, peharps they were told to put the man on a high pressure so that he would bring out more money.
“Sorry girl, i am new here and just lodged into that hotel down the road. I want a beautiful girl like you to keep me company for the night” i said calmly.
“It is €300” she said. I wanted to just agree and take her to the hotel first but she would have suspected foul play if i didn’t try to beat the price down.
“No, i will give you €150” i said. After a few more bargains, we ended up at €200.
She picked up her bag and bid goodnight to her friends, then we walked down to the hotel where i lodged. We got upstairs and opened the door. She immediately dropped her bag and demanded for her money first.
It was going to be interesting.

“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone but the things you do for others would remain as legacy”

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