56: Meeting Austin

After an argument about whether i could drive all the way to the beach or not, Juliet agreed to go with me.
Since she knew the road better than i did, she directed as i kept to one lane and drove slowly towards the Lagos Island. An hour later, we settled at the Sandy Lagos Lekki Beach.
Many people were also there at the beach enjoying themselves.

Juliet and I found a small hut and rented it. We changed our clothes inside it and kept our bags there, then we walked into the ocean and started splashing water all over the place like kids.
The pressure i felt while doing the same back in Castel Volturno wasn’t there. There was really no place like home. The faces around the beach were all familiarly black, unlike Europe where washed up white and yellow bodies would be seen all over the place.

It was really nice out there in the beach. Men waved at us as we swam.
The water wave would rush towards us and push us towards the shoreline, then it would recede into the Ocean.

Time ran fast because by the time we finished swimming, it was already getting to evening.
Since i didn’t know how to drive in the night, i told Juliet that it was time to go.

We changed into our clothes and headed out to the highway.

I managed to get the vehicle to Surulere without any incident. I was gradually becoming a better driver day after day.

On our way back from the beach, i had received a call from Tony.

Tony was a handsome yellow man who told me he was an actor in Nollywood. We had met at a bar along my street.
He had seen Juliet and I sitting alone with a bottle of Whisky and had joined us.
One thing had led to another and before we knew it, he was already taking my phone number. He had a CD plate with him in which he featured as an actor.
When he told us he was in the movie, we asked him to sell the CD to us.
He said he would have given it to us but since the movie has not been released into the market, it was against the work ethics.
We ended up inviting him to my place so that we could watch the movie together.

Tony was just a gateaman in the movie. We made fun of him through the movie and laughed as he sat steadily at his workplace.

Tony and I had eventually gotten used to each other before he left.

He called on our way back from the beach and i told him to come to my place in an hour.

When Tony came, we sat in the sitting room and watched a better movie. He was an aspiring movie actor but not yet there. He has the physique but i doubt he has the brain.

We ended up sleeping together that night but something happened.
Tony claimed to have left his watch on the center table in the sitting room.
When he came out of my room the next morning, he said the watch was missing.
We searched every corner of the house but couldnt succeed in finding the wrist watch.

I was thinking on how to buy a new watch for Tony when he made a disturbing statement.
“I think you and your cousin planned this, how could my watch disappear from this table?” That was it.
“Get out of my house” I shouted at the top of my voice, “Who do you think you are? Is it because i allowed you to sleep here. You have the mind to call me a thief because of a wrist watch, do you know how much i am worth?”

He stormed out of the apartment as i shouted behind his back. I was really annoyed. I knew i have stolen money back in Europe but what was i supposed to do with a wrist watch that i didn’t know the value.

Initially i suspected that Juliet took the watch. I was going to ask her when Tony calmed down but after the annoying accusation he made against me, i decided to chase him out of the apartment first.

Juliet knew that i was very angry; therefore she sneaked into her room and remained there.

An hour after Tony left, i called Juliet out and asked her where she kept the watch; she denied taking it.

“You are leaving this place immediately if you don’t bring the watch out. There is no other person in this apartment and i didn’t take the watch. Where is it?” I shouted.

Juliet started crying. Amidst her tears, she claimed that Tony might not have come to the apartment with the watch.
I was in dilemma because Juliet haven’t stolen any of my things yet; maybe it was because i locked my room at all times.

For some reasons, i decided to let the case rest. If Tony decided to make troubles, i would buy him another watch.
I also decided to start setting traps with money for  Juliet. She would be booted out instantly if she fell into any of the traps.

Two days after the Tony incident, we drove back to the beach and rented our usual hut.
We left our things at the hut and walked down to the water.

We both saw him at the same time coming from the west side. He was alone, on dark sunshades, blue and white sports shirt, white sports shoe and a phone on his ear.

“I think this dude is coming to us” Juliet said.

“I guess so too” I said.

“Lets not pay attention to him” Juliet said.

“Why not, what’s wrong with talking with him?” i asked.

“I don’t know. Something tells me he is a womanizer” She said.

Before i could say anything else, he was already too close, “Hello ladies, can i join you?” He said.

“Why not” I said before Juliet could open her mouth.
Since she wanted to chase the guy away, i wanted to know why.

Why would Juliet want the young man to leave that way? I thought.

He bent down and said his name was Austin.

“As in Austin Okocha? Are you the famous footballer?” I joked.

He laughed and said he wasn’t Okocha but that he played better football when compared to Okocha.

We laughed except Juliet.
Austin seemed to be a funny guy. I liked funny people a lot and i was sure that Austin was one.

“Why are you girls out here alone at the beach? You should be with a guy” He said.

I told him that he should have been with a woman as well and we laughed again.

All through our conversation, juliet kept quiet. I felt that she must have know Austin from somewhere. But i would definitely find out eventually.

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