54: The surprise introduction

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”How are you Daisy” I said with a fixed smile on my face.

She said she was fine and introduced her mother to me. We had shifted out of the way to allow the incoming and outgoing people walk through.

”Good morning ma” I said and waved towards the woman who was standing 2 meters away from Daisy and I.

”Mummy, I will come in the evening” I said and regretted it instantly.
I knew I could fail a promise I made to Daisy but making a promise to the mother was like a hook in the neck.

The worst part of the whole drama was that Stella had sat down and was looking back to know why I was not there already.

”Ok” Daisy’s mother said as they walked out of the Church while I walked up to Stella. A Woman had sat by Stella’s left side while the little brother sat on the right.

”Mummy excuse, this is my seat” I said to the woman.
One look at me told the woman that I was serious.
I was wearing a dark eyeglasses with ear ring inside the Church. Those were the kind of things gullible Africans believed that God should never allow in his house. Sometimes, they even see those things as something that came from the devil.

She stood up and walked out of the Chair. I sat down and looked at Stella. Her face wasn’t relaxed. It must have been my meeting with a Woman and a young girl who was all smiles.

”Who were they” the question jumped from nowhere.

”Not here Stella” I said as the begining of the new mass interrupted the tense atmosphere.

We had been ordered to stand up in anticipation of the incoming Rev. Father.

The new mass commenced as always…

We sat throughout the mass. When it was over, I broke the record of being the first person to attend two different masses at the same time and place.

Stella had stood up, grabbed her kid brother and walked out without even saying anything to me…

What! So all those time at the Church was for nothing.

I got angry too and walked past them near the Church gate and walked home.

The Ezes had attended the same 10:30 am too. The Youngest one had seen me and had ran up to me…

”Uncle, why did you stop coming to our place, is it because of what my mom said to you”. He had asked while holding my hand to meet up with my quick strides.

” no no no, I just stopped but I will come tomorrow” I said while keeping a fake smile on my face.

I got home and grabbed half bottle of whiskey on the table, poured some in my mouth and felt the hot flow down my throat.

If Stella wanted to play the jealous card, I was ready to deal with it however she wanted.

”Love is such a wonderful thing but if only we stop it from destroying us”

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