53: The missed calls

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Missed call Number 2: Zainab, 4times.

I called her back.
”Why weren’t you picking my calls, I hope there was no problem” she had said.

”I forgot the phone and went to Festac” I had said. I told her that I was sorry and asked how she was doing. She said she was fine but have missed me so much. She wanted me to come pick her up the next day but I gave her an excuse that I was going to Ibadan for a business. I promised her that we will meet again during the coming week.

Missed call number 3: Olabisi 3times.

I didn’t call her back. Even if I was there when she called, I wouldn’t have picked the call. I knew it was dangerous to avoid calls from such girls as they could easily decide to come to your place to find out why but it was a gamble I was ready to take on.

Rest of the Missed calls: 080628449**. Unregistered.

I called it back and a girl picked it.
It was Amaka Eze.

”Hey you called back. Guess what, I have a phone now. My mom just bought me a phone. Its so sexy and new” she said in less than 2 seconds.

”Chiamaka, its good that you have a phone but please I want you not to harass me with it. If you disturb me with it, I will be forced to tell your parents” I said slowly.

”Who cares, you can tell them” she said.

I had heard enough, therefore I cut the call and left it on the table.
As soon as I grabbed the bottle of whiskey on the table, the phone rang. It was the 17 Year old terrorist again.

”Why did you hang the phone on me like that” she demanded.

”I am with my girlfriend here and she doesn’t like me talking to women. Please stop calling me” I said and cut of the call again. This time, I switched the phone off.

I picked up the new phone and wrote a message for Stella.

”Hey Angel, today was my best since many years and I wish to have such dates everyday. What are you doing?” I wrote and send it to her.

Some moments later, she replied. She wrote that she was afraid i could break her heart. She also wrote that she liked me so much and still didn’t know if she would be able to date me or not.

I wrote back and promised her I would never broke her heart.
That was the normal promises of newly met lovers. Its general all over the World.

I drank some moderate quantity of whiskey, watched some TV programmes and slept right there on the sofa. I woke up around 2 am and went to the room.

I woke up by 7am the following morning and thought of how to spend the day.
I wanted to see Stella’s face again, therefore I prepared for Church. I didn’t know which mass she would go but it was a Sunday and I was surely going to meet people at the Church.

I decided to walk to The Church on foot since I didn’t want Amaka to see my car. I had a feeling she would hang around my car if she saw it at the Church.

The entire Church time was boring to me as usual. As a catholic, we had a simple same way of conducting Masses.

Start the mass with some songs,
the Rev Father comes in,
He started by waving his hand and saying ”May the lord be unto you”.
He chants some incantations,
Two people reads the the Sunday’s bulletin messages,

the Rev Father reads the Gospel and
explains the meanings of what he and the previous two readers had read.
Then its time for Holy communion and offering.
Some announcements and the Mass was over.

Come to Church the next Sunday and its all the same except that the Readings comes from different Bible books.

I waited for Stella Patiently at the entrance of the Church until it was a few minutes to the end. Then I saw her. She was coming to the Church and not going out. I had mistakenly and unknowingly attended the 9am mass which ended at 10:15am while Stella was just coming in for the 10:30am mass.

She was with her younger brother.

”Hey, you came to Church today” she said.

”Yes, but I just came now” I answered as I made the sign of the cross signifying the end of the 9am mass.

”Lets go inside the Church then” she said as she walked beside me with her little brother who was looking at me suspiciously.

What! Another hour and many minutes to sit down and listen to the same routine of worshiping God all over again? What can these women not do to us in the name of love.

We walked in to get seats at the front as people walked out of Church at the same time.

There she was! Daisy with a woman suspected to be her mother.

I slacked back a little to make things look like Stella and her kid brother wasn’t with me.

I also prayed that Daisy would just walk past me without saying a word.
A prayer God, in his infinite mercy, decided not to answer right there in his own house.

”Hello” Daisy said as soon as they walked up to me…

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