53: No Place Like Home


2006 was the year.

After returning to Holland to spend two weeks, i made 5000 Euros and returned to Italy. I didn’t go to Norway again, i transported drugs three times to Italy.
On one of the deals, i was required to take drugs to Milan.
Due to what happened between me and Ano in Milan, i was scared at first and i had to tell Basil that i wasn’t going there.

After convincing me that Ano wont see me, i decided to go to Milan. I had boarded a train to Paris Gare Du Nord and from there, i entered another train to Milan.
According to Basil, Ano or his friends wont see me if i entered Milan at night.
For that reason, i wasted a few hours in Paris Gare Du Nord before entering the 6:41pm train to Milan.
The distance was about 650km,  just like Lagos to Onitsha but with the high speed TGV train, it just took four and half hours to hit Milan.

I had arrived Milan some minutes before 11pm. It was already late in the night but the ever shinning street lights made things look like we were still in the afternoon.

I had worn jean trouser and jean top jacket, blue face cap and sports shoes.
It would be impossible for anybody to know that i had drugs inside my stomach.

As i alighted from the train with a few more black people, i wondered how many of them also had drugs with them. Everybody was going his or her way but something told me that almost all of us blacks in that train from Paris were on something illegal, that was the fate of African immigrants in Central Europe.
Since there was no job for us, there was no way we could have avoided illegal business.

Luckily for me, i didn’t run into Ano. I even wondered if he could recognize me if he saw me. I had grown a little bigger since we last met and coupled with the fact that i covered half of my face with a cap, it would have been difficult for him to notice me.
But it was better that he didn’t see me at all.

I had left Milan Central Station and took a cab to where i discharged my wares, then i took the first train out of Milan the next day.
The good part of traveling around central Europe was that i got to do that with buses and trains; no more flying through airports.
Airports were big security risks for drug carriers like me. We liked it more with trains.

With trains, we sometimes stopped in a small city and took cabs to our destinations. Nobody asked about resident permits and other documents.

With the last 5000 i made in Amsterdam, i decided that it was time to go to Nigeria.
After sending money to clear my car from Apapa Wharf, i sent another money to my uncle to rent an apartment for me in Lagos.

When he called and said he secured a two bedroom apartment in Adeniran Ogunsanya area Lagos, i sent more money to buy some household items for the place.

The place was ready before i bought an Air France ticket to Lagos.
After every expenses, i still had over 10,000 Euros left.

When i called Basil and told him that i would be traveling to Nigeria in a few days, he asked that I come to Amsterdam and fly from there.

There was no need doing what Basil said. I have heard in the past, about people who were ready to go home to Nigeria but decided to do one more deal. That last deal was what got them arrested.
Since i had already made every arrangement i needed, i wasn’t going anywhere near Amsterdam. The last business Basil was going to propose could land me in prison and i would blame myself every single minute i would spend in whatever prison i was locked up.

A day before my travel to Nigeria, i took the flight from Napoli to Paris and lodged in a hotel near Charles De Gaulle airport. I would have made it on time if i decided to fly from Italy to Paris on that same day of my travel to Nigeria, but i didn’t want to take any risk.

I had two bags with me, filled with clothes, jewelry and shoes. I had bought enough cheap items to give to people back in Edo State. Some of the friends i had back in Ekpoma were still there in the Village. I was not only going to flash my fresh skin and car to them, i was also going to give them clothes and shoes.

One of them was in constant contact with me. Her name was Juliet, she was my pet daughter back in Secondary school.
Juliet was in Class 4 in secondary school when i left for Italy. She had graduated from Secondary school long ago but due to that demon called JAMB, she spent three years at home before finally securing Admission at the Lagos State University. She was the only old girlfriend that knew i was coming home.

On the morning of my travel to Nigeria, i left the hotel room as early as 8am and went to the airport. Due to the size of Charles De Gaulle Airport, it took me more than twenty minutes to find where the Nigerian Bound Aircraft was waiting.

We were supposed to leave Paris by 11:45am, therefore the boarding started as early as 09:30 that morning.

By 11:30, we were already seated and being prepared on how to jump out if the aircraft crashed into the sea. The TV monitor overheard showed us how to fix the oxygen tubes on our noses in the case that the Cabin lost pressure, whatever that meant.

At exactly 11:45 am, the Large Airbus left Paris Charles de Gaulle into the bright sky.

Since my seat was near the window, i watched as the red roofs littered all over Paris and disappeared slowly.

Twenty minutes later, the Aircraft disappeared into the white sky and no one could see the ground again.

A few minutes to 6pm, we landed at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport Lagos Nigeria.

Maria James has returned from her journey to Europe. It felt like yesterday as i recalled how life took me from Lagos to Burkinafaso, Niger Republic, Libya, Italy etc and back to the same Lagos.
It would almost be unbelievable for people to believe that at my age, i had gone to all those places and returned without scratch.

After Clearing immigrantion, i saw my uncle waiting for me. We hugged as he took one of my bags and walked to the park where the Dark-Red Toyota Rav4 waited for us.

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  4. Welcome home Maria

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