53: Domitiana Prostitution – Sxs In The Bush

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Work started at Via Dominzia, known to the English world as Domitiana Way.
The Long highway that stretched from Napoli to Castel Volturno and Beyond, was the biggest African Prostitution institution in the World.
More than Half of the African women in the entire Southern Italy worked there at one time or the other.

I sat alone in the bush, recounting how it all started. My friends were all gone; Ayo and Tricia.
A woman named Madam Gold had vowed to either kill them or report them to the Police as illegal immigrants. As a result, they had left the city and traveled up North to another City called Udine.

The war between the Nigerian girls and the other African girls had escalated to the extent that at a time, it became a matter of which people came out first.

Any day the Nigerians showed up first, they would occupy the busiest area and the same was the case for the other countries who had teamed up to be able to fight the numerous Nigerian prostitutes in town.

At a stage, the time of our arrivals started heading towards the day time. The Other countries would arrive by 7pm and the next day, we would show up 20 Minutes before 7pm, just to make sure we took the busy area.
At a stage, we started coming out by 6pm. Then it got to 5pm and kept moving until African girls started standing on the road by 12 mid day.

We had small mattresses that we kept in the nearby bushes. Two or three girls would contribute money to buy the mattress and kept it in the nearby bush.
When a customer shows up, we would take them to the bush to have quick sex.
We also started coming to work with plastic chairs and umbrellas.

The Domitiana highway was an eyesore to the World. As a result of numerous young African girls, the Price of sex had gone down to 10 Euros for a Quick one.
Tourists from all over Europe who found out what was happening, eventually started showing up. They would pay us and follow us to a nearby bush where we kept our mattress under a tree.
Sometimes, our friends would be using the mattress and we would be forced to stand and wait for them to finish before making use of the bed.
The dignity of African women was thrown to the dogs. We turned ourselves to the lowest level of human existence.
Our Madams didn’t care, all they wanted was their money.

Caserta in Castel Volturno was just a Ghetto. It was estimated that about 50,000 of the population of the small city were Africans. The city had been overridden with the Negro race. And we had turned it into what the Italian authorities didn’t know what to do about.
Italy was a corrupt country in European Standard. They were not as rich as Germany, England or France. They concentrated too much on Rome and Milan. For that reason, the small cities, especially those down South had turned bad.

My first day in the bush was a disaster. Before that day, i was used to following men to their hotel rooms or even homes, but on that very day, the customer who came to me said he was from a place called Casablanca in Morocco. He said he was on a visit to Italy and that he had heard about the stories of the Nigerian girls in Napoli. He had decided to verify what he heard and had managed to find himself in Castel Volturno.
He spoke English but not so well.

“Hello, how are you?” he had asked.
I was sitting on my plastic chair along the road.
I had just finished crying after remembering how Madam Philo pushed me out to the street.

“I am fine” I answered him.
I had stood up to discuss with him because, another girl was approaching.


He asked how much for a quickie and i told him it was 15 Euros.
He shook his head and attempted to walk to another girl who was not far from us.

“Pay 10 Euros” I almost shouted.
It was a shameful thing to do but there was nothing else i could do. Our dignities had been sold out for money, the shame in us had disappeared and we were just living like robots.

He returned and asked where my bed was.
I pointed towards a nearby bush and asked him to follow me.

Melissa was my new friend. She had come to Italy through the air.
I didn’t know how her own Madam did it but she told me that she had a visa and passport.
Although she came with a Nigerian International Passport, her visa was gotten through Ghana and she had left through Ghana with Alitalia Airline.

I met Melissa when Ayo and Tricia ran to Udine.
I was looking for a bedmate one afternoon when i heard that she was also looking for one.
Bedmates were two or more people who contributed money to buy a small mattress which they kept inside the nearby bush for quick sex with their customers.
That was how Melissa and I contributed money and bought a Mattress.

My first bush customer had followed me to about 50 Meters away from the road where we kept our mattress.
As i dropped my bag and began to remove my clothes, we could hear people talking along the Domitiana highway. That was how close to the highway we were about to have sex.
The silly act reminded me of people in the village who used to go to the bushes for quick sex.

Casablanca watched as i pulled down my underpants and hung it on a small grass. My very short skirt was left on since it was just a quickie.
Lilian had told me never to remove the skirt since the government authorities could show up in the bush anytime.

“Remove your cloth quickly” I said to him as i brought out a condom and opened it with my teeth.

I watched as he pulled out his trouser and exposed a yellow manhood that looked like a ripe African Banana.

Few seconds after i rubbed the manhood, it got strong. I didn’t wait for it to get too strong before i slipped the condom on it.
We were not in a bedroom where we were required to play or suck the manhood to get it to a pleasurable level. We were there for a very quick sex and it would be silly to play romance in the bush.

“Where is my money?” I suddenly asked.
We were also told to make sure that we get our money first before doing anything.

It was all survival of the fittest game in Italy.

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  1. Are you not exposing these women too much.
    I know what they are doing is not good

  2. Did he show there face, @ Eliana let assume they stand close , you cant recognize any of the pix, @ Zuby Thanks for the update. Really sordid ……..

  3. okey madu:
    Did he show there face, @ Eliana let assume they stand close , you cantrecognize any of the pix, @ Zuby Thanks for the update. Really sordid ……..
    All the pix can be found on the net…………….

  4. No more updates?

  5. God!!!..just imagine what human beings have been reduced to. Imagine the image Nigeria potrays.All the way from morroco this man had been hearing of nigerian ladies..our men there are no better..all drug pushers and scammers
    We Need A Change! We Need It Fast

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