52: Domitiana Whores – Day One

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Nobody cared about work that night. It was all about fight for the rightful owners of the territory. Even the men of the waring countries came to support their sisters.
Camerounian and Ghanaian men outnumbered Nigerians.
It seemed most of the Nigerian men in Europe at that time were mostly in the Northern countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They wanted money, unlike the men from Cameroun and other French colonized Countries.

However, the Nigerian girls stood their ground. They knew that if they were to leave the area for the Camerounians and the Ghanaians, it would be difficult to return there in the future.

Since Via Domitiana was a very long way, stretching almost 30 Kilometers from Naples (Napoli) across Castel Volturno, it was better that we the Nigerian girls, shifted a little down the road to stand.
Since the other group didn’t want us to stay near them, it was logical that they won’t disturb us much if we moved at least 500 meters of even 1 Km away from them.

The fight was still going on when i called Lilian out.

“Why don’t we leave them and go to another place?” I asked.
Her response was that there was no way they would succumb to the other countries.
“We are the first people to start work in this City. We cannot allow them to come here and claim any place”. She said.

I could easily find out that the war wasn’t only about those who came first, it was more of ego.

A major Riot had started through fight. People had started smashing rocks along the Domitiana highway. The riot Police had arrived and people had scattered all over the place.
It was a pity and shame that we had succeeded in attracting the Italian Police and it meant that nobody worked around that area for days to come.

As soon as the Police showed up, Lilian told us to find our way home. Everybody had started running to different directions.
It was difficult for Ayo, Trish and I to stick together but we eventually managed to run into a nearby street where we found a French Bar.

“Give us one bottle of beer” I said as soon as we entered the bar.
The Bar Manager didn’t understand English but he heard ‘beer’. He had come to where we sat and dropped three bottles of beer on the table.

I looked at him and raised one finger opposite his face “I said One Bottle”.
He looked at me and took two bottles back to the counter.

We could hear noises along the road and we feared that the Police could come into the bar. They didn’t come.

It was past midnight when we eventually got home.
Lilian had called and located us in the bar.

The cops had made sure that there was no work anywhere in the city that night. They had feared that the fight would spread to other areas where the girls worked.

Madam Philo was home when we returned. She had heard that there was riot in town and had called us to return home.
The Television in the sitting room was broadcasting a live coverage of the riot. Police could be seen pursuing people.
Some white Men, believed to be the Members of the deadly Casalesi Cult group could be seen loitering around the area. They were the grand owners of the land and worked with the Italian Mafia. They received money from the pumps and from the Madams.

“How did it go, what happened?” Madam Philo had asked when we returned.
Lilian told her what happened. She was in a better position to narrate the story very well since she had witnessed such riot in the past.

The following morning, two Madams visited us.
They Said they came because of the fight between Aunty Philo and Madam Gold.
According to one of them, Madam Gold was no longer in Police custody and had threatened to kill Philo if she didn’t release the two girls within 24 Hours.

We were told to go inside our bedroom while they discussed in the sitting room. But we still managed to put our ears to the ground to be able to hear what they were talking about.
Ayo and Tricia’s lives were on the line and it was important that we listened to their conversation.
During the previous night, we had discussed what would happen if Aunty Philo gave up the fight to hold on to the girls.

Ayo had threatened to run away rather than following Madam Gold. According to her logic, Madam Gold was probably going to be treating them bad, just for not waiting for her in the Pozzallo temporal camp. Tricia on the other hand wasn’t interested in meeting Madam Gold either. I also didn’t want them to go. They had become part of me.

“I did not force the girls to come here. They came on their own because they could not contact Madam Gold. I can not also force them out. If they want to go with her, that is OK but i cannot tell them that they must leave. If Madam Gold likes to fight, let her come and fight with me”.
That was Philo from the sitting room. Her voice had started going up.
We had guessed that the two women who came to plead with her, had said something she didn’t like.

Aunty Philo had continued shouting.
“How Much did she even spent on them, she can come and take her money back. I spent 3000 Euros bringing one baby here. I can also pay her 6000 Euros for the two girls if she like”.

Aunty Philo Spent about 3000 Euros crossing me from Lagos to Italy.
Why the hell were Madams demanding that we balanced 25,000 Euros before we could become free from them?

The moment i heard how much she spent on my head, it was very difficult to concentrate on what they were discussing in the sitting room.
In all fairness, the return on investment should not exceed 100 percent.
She could have even asked for 10,000 Euros.
The way we were going, there was no way we were going to be able to pay up that kind of money anytime soon.


I was still angry at what i heard when Ayo Suddenly opened our door and walked to the sitting room.
We heard as Madam Philo turned towards the room door and asked her to return back to the room immediately.

“No Aunty, I heard everything you people are saying about me and Tricia. We are not going anywhere” She shouted.

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