52: Advantage In Crime


Since my phone was off, i switched it on. I knew that Madam Philo would have been dialing the number to find out if we succeeded in clearing the Roma Immigration and Airport Police.

Inside a private room, Madam Silver, Angela, Mary and I sat and discussed.

“Angela” I said, “something just came up. One of you will stay in Rome here while the other will go down with me this night. This Madam wants to.. ”

I was still talking when my phone rang, it was Madam Philo.

She was almost shouting.
“I have been calling your number since one hour. Where are you?”

“Aunty I am still in Rome. There was a small trouble. The Police took Angela. They said the Passport was not her own” I said with a crying tone.

“Gawd” She yelled, “What about the other girl?”

I told her that she was OK and was with me.

“Aunty what am i going to do?” I asked.

She said we should first of all, start coming down to Castel Volturno.
“We will see what we can do about Angela later” She said.

When she cut the call, i continued what i was telling Angela.
I told her that she would now belong to Madam Silver.

“First of all, you will change your name immediately. You are even lucky because Rome here is better than where we are going. Don’t ever tell anybody you came from Libya. If anybody ever cared to know about you, tell the person you came from Spain to Italy. I will take Madam Silver’s phone number to be able to check on you occasionally. And for you Mary, if Aunty Philo ever asked you what happened, tell her that Angela was behind you at the airport but when you came out from the airport, you saw her being pushed into a Police car. You can start crying while telling her the story. Make it look real. If you ever say that we left Angela in this restaurant, i will kill you with witch” i said.

Mary was nodding like Agama Lizard as i told her the things i would do to her if she ever told Aunty Philo what i did.
I would have given her some money from the sale but Madam Philo would ask questions if she found money with Mary.

After more talks about the deal, Madam Silver agreed to pay 11,000 Euros. She was going to make double that money from Angela because she was pretty and young. Men wanted girls her age. I didn’t know why Italian men liked teenagers more than the more matured ones.

Before we went to the Roma Central to board a South Bound train, Madam Silver gave me 11, 000 Euros and her phone number. She said i could contact her if i ever have any other girl to sell.
She said she attempted to bring girls from Africa twice but failed and since then, she had decided to stick with buying them locally. She told me that she once bought a girl 9, 000 Euros and sold her for 14, 000 after four days.

Inside the train heading South to Napoli, i advised Mary more on how to go about the business i did in Rome. She understood everything i said but yet i wasn’t convinced she would not give me away.
The only way to reduce the pressure was to prepare and go to Nigeria.
If Madam Philo happened to find out what i did while i was in Nigeria, she would definitely call to threaten one action or the other. I would then change to another city whenever i returned. I would leave Castel Volturno and relocate to either Rome or Genoa, or even go back to Venice where i was sure i could start a new life.

I was glad that Mary understood what was required of her to say in the event that Aunty Philo probed too much. However, one could never be sure enough when the secret was with another person.

By midnight, we arrived in Napoli Centrale Station. Since i had a lot of money with me, i decided to go with a Taxi.

We drove straight to my apartment first. I needed to secure the cash i had with me before meeting Madam Philo. Knowing who she was, she could start a fight with me and could discover the money.

After settling down, i called Aunty Philo and told her that we just arrived and that i was at my place.
She thanked me and asked that i leave everything until day break.

Mary and I slept in my place. It gave me more time to lecture her on how to behave when she moved in with Aunty Philo.

“She is a good woman if she likes you but if she don’t, she could be troublesome. Whenever she got angry with you and start shouting, don’t talk back to her, don’t even say sorry to her, just keep quiet and listen to her. She would get tired and sometimes, she would even start to cry” I had said to Mary.

As early as 8am the next morning, Madam Philo called and asked me to bring Mary along.

We took our bath and took the public bus to were Aunty Philo lived.
She welcomed us with a bottle of champagne but regretted what happened to Angela.
She said she would try to locate where they took Angela.
Before i left, she gave me 1000 Euros for the work i did for her but i rejected it.
I told her that i would not have been who i was if not for her.
She was happy i acknowledged what she did for me.

As i went back to my place, i wondered if i should have accepted the money she offered me. I could have been in trouble in one of the airports. I could have even sent half of the money to Michael in Tripoli. If he said the truth about the amount of money she required to cross over to Italy, 500 Euros would have been more than enough.
However, i had mixed feelings about the sea travel.
We nearly drowned on our way to Italy when i came. I didn’t wish anybody that horrible experience, even my enemies. But then everybody had different destinies.

Back in my place, i called Michael in Tripoli and told him that i was back in Italy. He almost cried on the phone and asked me not to abandon him in Libya. He said it was God that sent me to him and that i should fulfil what God wanted me to do in his life.
I promised him that i would send him some money when i have good evidence that he wont be scammed out of the money i was going to send to him.

After the call, i sat on the Sofa and drifted into sleep.

I would have regretted it if i didn’t go to Libya.

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