51: The Birthday Party

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As soon as I got the information that I was going on a birthday party in Festac, I took my car to wash it at Volks along Badagry expressway.
I ordered them to wash both the interior and the engine as well. By the time they finished, the car looked like a new one. If it was possible, I would have carried the car on my head back to the house but unfortunately, I had to drive it through the dirty roads.

The birthday was supposed to start around 5pm. Our arrangement was that I would wait for Stella at the Abule Oshun bus stop. I got to the bus stop before 4:30 and waited at a restaurant. The restaurant was newly opened and served good food, therefore I used the opportunity to eat Breadfruit.

Stella arrived some minutes before 5pm and got into the car. I had intentionally pumped the car with cool gas from the air conditioner. Lionel richie was playing too. I knew Tuface and P Square were making waves then but the occasion called for a quiet song.

Stella sat on the passenger seat and fitted in as if the car was manufactured for her. She was wearing a black flowing gown which matched the car interior. She was also wearing a big round ear rings.
I took glances at her occasionally and made sure she knew I was looking at her. We drove through Badagry expressway and diverted to Festac through Alakija. We drove for about 100 meters and diverted right to the 2nd avenue. We drove for some minutes and turned left to the 5th avenue.
I didn’t know where we were going but I followed the direction provided by Stella.

We later diverted right again from 5th avenue to 51 road and stopped in front of a house. The gates were wide open. A few cars were packed outside, therefore I packed behind a mercedes 190.
It looked like the celebrant was from a rich or popular family.

Stella and I went inside the compound together. I wanted to hold her hand while we walked inside but she refused; I didn’t worry though, That opportunity would surely come someday if I exercise patience.
An Igbo proverb said that ” Aku fechaa Odalu Awo. ( the flying termite must surely fall down for the toad)”
There was quiet some gathering, mostly girls with flowing gowns and newly made hair styles. Every one of them was trying to impress the other and to be noticed too.
The party setting was outside the house.
We were ushered to the chairs at the right hand corner of the compound.
The DJ was playing a Tuface Idibia song while some people had already started drinking.

A lady came to us and asked what we wanted to drink. It seemed the toast had been performed before our arrival, therefore I waited for Stella to make a request before me.
The ‘Ladies first’ cliche was surely going to start with Stella.

She demanded for a Malt.
”Give me Malt please” I had said to the lady servant.
I didn’t want alcohol to interfere in that destined union.

The Celebrant came out to greet us. She was radiant and gorgeous on a red expensive gown. Stella had stood up to hug her, therefore I stood up too and shook her hand.
She looked at Stella and pointed at me while smiling. I figured she was asking Stella if I was the chosen one; the special one.
That was my best moment.
Stella had smiled back and said nothing. That very smile was enough for me.

Stella had suddenly introduced me as a friend and a tenant in their building. It was degrading but who cared? She could even call me her driver and I wouldn’t care either.
I had my silver ear ring on my left ear and my eyes were covered with a nice semi-dark eyeglasses which I had purchased back in Braga Portugal.

We later ate chin chin, fried rice and chicken. The Celebrant danced. Some people sprayed some money on her but I sat where I was told to stay. If Stella had gone to spray money on her, I would have probably done the same but since she sat there, I did too.

Eventually Stella produced a brown envelope from her bag. It contained some money. She said it was her own gift to the Celebrant whose name had been announced as miss Tina.

On our way out of the party, she walked to Tina and handed her the envelop, then we walked back to the BMW and drove away.

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