51: Silver, The Slave Trader


Michael didn’t follow me to the Tripoli International Airport. He said he was scared he could be asked some questions.

Before i left him, i gave him 50 Euros and asked him to change and use it for himself.
According to him, they sold Marijuana at the Murmur Ghadaffi Square every evening just to make ends meet.
I promised to remain in contact with him until there would be some way to cross him over to Italy.

At the International Airport, three of us matched as if we had British or American Passports.
I had instructed the girls to exhibit confidence and smiles at all times.
I was sure that the authorities hardly stopped confident travellers.

Most of the time i was stopped during traveling, it was because i behaved as if i didn’t know where i was going.

Three of us had cheap leather handbags. It was true that i was older than both of them but due to the African weather, two of them looked as if we were the same age.

We were naturally stopped by the immigration and since i was in front, i told them that we were traveling together.

They took my passport and asked where we came from.
I told them that we came from Italy and that we were returning.
They asked for the ticket i used when coming to Libya.
I opened my bag and brought out my ticket and handed it to the immigration officer.

After checking the ticket, they stamped my passport and asked Angela for her own Passport. She gave it to the man who stamped mine and without asking her anything, he stamped the passport and did the same for Mary.

The problem now lied with the Italian Immigration.
They were most likely going to pose a lot of problems for Angela and Mary.
As people who lived in Italy and had residence permits, they were required to understand basic Italian Language but since non of them knew nothing about the language, a drama was likely to ensure in Roma Airport.

The Afriqiya Airbus left Tripoli at 12:45 in the afternoon. We all made it to the flight. The girls were finally going to Italy after spending five months in Libya.

The problem was with the last line of action which was the Roma Airport. Aunty Philo had told me back in Italy, to call Edna as soon as we were on board the aircraft.
The plan was that Edna would call her with the news that we have boarded. Madam Philo would then proceed to tell the original owners of the International Passports that it was time to declare them missing.
The owners would then head to the nearest police station to declare that their International Passports were stolen. That way, they wont be in any trouble if the Italian Police found out that Angela and Mary were not the owners of the Passports.

It was true that Mary and Angela were not the owners of the travel documents but they looked close to the owners.
Such arrangements has been happening for long all over Europe.
It seemed that white people found it difficult to differentiate between look-alike blacks because when we got to the Roma Airport, Angela and Mary were Simply stamped out of the airport and into the city of Roma.

Due to the high traffic of visitors to the Vatican City, the Italian Government instructed the immigration officials not to be hard on visitors.
This information was never revealed to the general public but then nothing known to humans could be hidden forever.

Out of the Roma Airport, we found an African restaurant in the middle of the city and entered to eat.

The girls were very excited to the extent that the woman who owned the restaurant found out that they just arrived.
Madam Silver came to our table after giving us food.

“It looks like you people just came to Italy” She said.

Angela and Mary nodded while i kept quiet.

“That’s nice” Madam Silver continued, “Is your Madam in this Rome, i want to talk to her”

“I am their Madam” I said.

She looked up at me and laughed.
“I am not Joking my girl, i want to speak to your madam”.

“If you have anything to say, talk to me. If not leave us alone here” I said.

The kind of answers i gave her made her believe that i wasn’t a rookie in the business.

Madam Silver left us back to where she usually stay in the restaurant.
When i went there to pay for our foods, she asked me to sit down.

“I don’t mean to undermine you but do you truly mean you are a Madam. I mean it is difficult to find a girl of your age who is a Madam here in Rome” She said.

“Well i don’t live in Rome and i just returned from Africa with the girls. We only stopped to eat here” I answered.

“I want us to do business. That’s why i asked for their Madam” she continued.

When i asked the kind of business she meant, she told me that she wanted to buy the girls from me.

My heartbeat increased as soon as she said that. I haven’t thought about that possibility.
Of course people did that in Italy. It was just a matter of finding a suitable lie to tell Aunty Philo.

“How much do you want to pay for them?” I asked.

“We have a price for new girls here in Rome” She said.

After i persuaded her to tell me, she said she could pay 10, 000 Euros for each of them.

10, 000 Euros, that was the next best thing that would happen to me after the money i stole from Ano in Milan.

“Here is how it is. It was my former Madam who sent me to Africa to bring the girls. They are not mine but i no longer work for anybody, i have papers and i work for myself. What am i supposed to tell her if i sell the girls to you?” I asked.

“That’s easy, we do it here all the time. Tell her that the Immigration controlled them and took them away. She wont do anything” She said.

As she talked, my mind focused on what i could do with 10, 000 Euros. It would definitely be enough to take me to Nigeria and sustain me for atleast one month. It seemed that i had finally found out how to make the money i needed to go to Nigeria.

“I will sell one of them to you. It wont be fair to leave my Madam empty handed. She spent a lot of money in bringing the girls to Europe” I said.

Madam Silver smiled and Nodded.

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