51: Nowhere to run

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Chapter 51: Nowhere to Run.

Fifteen minutes after our escape from the hotel, i called Augusto. He said the Police had given him a fine ticket of €63 after witnesses claimed that he was the one at fault for blocking the Peugeot car. I told him to follow the Peugeot and find out where it was going. He agreed after i told him that he will get extra €200 from me when i return.
By the time i finished talking with Augusto, we were already heading to Savona. The city between Sanremo and Genova in the Liguria region of Italy.

While we were on the highway, i told Ngozi where the cab will stop her and that Naomi will be waiting for her at the Marseille station.
“Baby girl pay attention. The border between France and Italy is still far ahead but I will stop before the town and go back to Genova. There is about €4000 in the bag. First of all, make sure you don’t forget the bag in the car when you get to Marseille. Secondly, don’t bring out the money while you are still inside the car. It is important that the taxi driver don’t know there is money there. Naomi will be waiting for you at the station where the taxi will stop you. Your phone battery has charged enough already” I said as i pulled the phone out of the car charger cord and gave it to her at the back.
“When i get down from the car, you will come to the front. Don’t take the bag with you, leave it at the back where it is but don’t forget it. I will be alternating my simcards between France one and Italy one. If you call and don’t get me on the phone, don’t worry, i will be fine and i will call you as soon as i could. I am going back to Italy to finish the fight i started. If i don’t do it, Maria will find us in France and she could take us unawares. I don’t like watching my back everytime. Remember to call me as soon as you crossed the border, i will be waiting near the border until i am sure you are in France” I said. She nodded but from the look on her face, she was scared. I urged her to be strong since the border was open unlike when the Euro Zones were separate.

We got to Sanremo Bus Station and stopped. I walked out of the car and Ngozi entered the front seat. I made a hand sign for Simeone to call me when he returned to Genova. I gave him half of his money and gave the balance to Ngozi to pay him when they get to Marseille. I made him see the money i gave to Ngozi and made him understand that it was his balance. He needed to know that his money was available. The border town was some few miles away from where i stopped.
I stood in one place and watched the cab accelerate away from me. As it moved further away from me with my little girl inside it, i wondered when i would see her again. I wondered if i will even see her again. I was going back to start a war with dangerous people and i had no plan whatsoever on how i would defeat them. The only advantage i had was that they didn’t know i was still in town; i was also alone. I loved fighting alone. Things hardly get complicated whenever i fight alone. As the tail light of the cab varnished into the darkness, i walked up to the platforms at the train station. The time was 11:42am. The last trains in most European cities usually left after midnight. The issue was that Sanremo was not a major city. I was going to check the time table anyway. There were also a few taxis around the station but i wanted to check out the trains first. Trains were cheaper and safer for me since i already knew that the thugs had a car; they can’t follow trains since the train routes were usually in the bush.
As i checked the time table on the signpost standing on one of the platforms in Sanremo Station, i saw a vehicle stopped outside the station very close to where i had stopped earlier. The light bulbs showed a silver Peugeot. I became alerted. I was the only person on the platform. It signified that the last train for the day had already left Sanremo. It also showed that i was vulnerable. Naturally there were lights on the platforms which made it easier for anybody to see me.
Augusto had told me that the thugs had a Silver Peugeot car. Whether it was the thugs or not, i needed to hide first and find out later. I blocked the outside view with the signpost and watched with the corner of my right eye. As i watched, three of them came down from the Peugeot and walked towards the only open bar in the outside of the station; it was only a matter of time before they return and peharps, check out the platforms as well. I wondered why i didn’t jump into a cab and drove back to Genova as soon as Ngozi and Simeone left. I would have been halfway back to Genova. I had enough money with me, the €12,000 i stuffed inside my belt hole was still there. Another €1500 was still in my wallet. I could have easily paid any amount to get back to Genova but unfortunately i didn’t know they were going to be at Sanremo station. As the thoughts flashed past my mind, the phone in my pocket started ringing.
Damn! Why didn’t i put the phone on vibration alert only, the last thing i needed was a ringing phone.
”Hello” i said without looking at the phone screen to find out who was calling.
“My friend, its Augusto. They are in Sanremo Station. I followed them there. I am going back to Genova now. You will pay me my €200 remember” the voice said.
Great, Augusto was in Sanremo too.
“I am in Sanremo, where are you now”? I asked.
He said he was near the entrance of the station and didn’t want to enter the station since the thugs could recognize him.
“Don’t go, i can see them here, just wait for me there, i will be with you in a few minutes” i said.

The Jacket i wore had a hood cap connected to the neck. I pulled it over my head and walked down from the platform. I bent my head and walked like a junkie looking for cheap drugs. The thugs had checked out the bar and was coming back to their car. I walked past their car and cornered right towards the entrance.
”Hey you stop” it was one of the thugs.
I took off.

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