51. First Trial

I woke from my sleep sweating, the knock on
my door woke me up from
that dangerous dream, well thank God for
that person wey they knock my
door, i got up sluggishly from my bed and
walk to the door.
Me: na who they there?
Mum: open door.
At last shes back, i quickly open the door for
her, i took her things
and i dont know but it seems like there is a
kind of energy that enter
inside me as my mum enter inside house.
Mum: how everything?
Me: fine ma, how work.
Mum: work they there na God go save
person for this world.
She enter her room to arrange her things
while i scatter her bag,
searching for food, of course she must buy
something for, na me be
last and my mum no dey go out and come
back empty handed, i saw can
malt and bread, i took them from the bag
without even asking my mum
who own’s it, i sit at the cushion and feed
myself, then somebody
knock, i thought it was vareeth so i ran inside
and hide my malt, i
came back and ask “who is that”
Corp: ozila abeg na me,
Me: who be you.
Corp: corper.
Me: okay.
I open the door for him and usher him in.
Me: good evening sir.
Corp: how you they na.
Me: i they fine oh, this one wey you come my
house i hope am safe.
Corp: no mind me joor, my light no full so i
say make i check una own,
i wan shave.
Me: we nor get at all.
Corp: na wa oh, wetin they worry those yeye
NEPA self?
Me: abeg them no yeye oh,
Corper: haha you get person wey be NEPA so
I forget, how your mum?
Me: she they fine.
Corp: she don go shop.
Me: nah she dey inside house, anything?
Corp: i be wan ask her something.
Me: wetin be the thing.
Corp: no be lie you fit know.
Me: oya tell me na.
Corp: i think you go come outside later.
Me: yes i go come outside around seven.
Corp: better when you come na we go talk.
Me: alright no wahala.
Corp: okay bye bye.
He left and i begin wonder wetin him wan talk,
abi him wife don get
belle, e fit be oh.
Mum: na wetin him say happen? (from inside
Me: nothing oh.
Mum: make you nor go anywhere oh, i wan
go shop now, stay house and sell drugs.
Me: okay ma.
She cook rice then later leave me alone for
the house, i eat finish
then take my bath, when day don dark small
like around seven, i lock
my door and went outside to go meet ogijio
the carpenter and
corpersion, and guess what they are talking
about, yahoo yahoo things.
Me: una give evening (i greeted as i get
close to them)
Carp: Oz how far, the great oziegbe.
Corper: this guy they flez oh, na only him they
chop everything wey they house.
I sat with them on the long bench and we
continue gisting.
Me: guy how far about your yahoo stuff?
Carp: i don start na.
Corp: how much you don make.
Carp: i they owe them thirty thousand naira
Me: how manage?
Carp: i use am buy laptop.
Corp: nnekleputu.
First trial is not that bad is it?

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